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Opening in Early November, 2014


About the APEX Awards:
An annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media

Business, nonprofit, agency and freelance communicators can enter APEX to win awards for their best writing, publications, campaigns, programs, design and media.
Communications Concepts, Inc. sponsors the APEX Awards, and advises professionals who write, edit and manage business communications, on best strategies and practices. 


Get ideas from top APEX Award Winners:

See judges' comments about—and links to—many of the APEX 2014 Grand Award Winners (and the previous year's as well). The links will let you view many of the Grand Award Winners' works.


See APEX web, ePub and social media winners:

Take a look at some of the interesting electronic winners from recent competitions.

Order additional APEX Awards:

If you won an APEX Award, you can order additional APEX Award Certificates for deserving staff, freelancers and vendors. You can order exact duplicates of your original award certificate, or you may customize the additional certificates with the names of supporting staff, vendors or clients.

Just print out and complete the Additional Certficate Order Form and fax or mail it. (If you prefer, you may scan the completed form and marked-up photocopies of your certificates, and email them.)

Need a receipt for your entries? Simply use the Generate Receipt link. You can print it immediately on your office printer.

Display your APEX Awards

If you won APEX Awards, either this year or in previous years, you're entitled to display them in your print and online publications, and on social media, such as your Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Download your APEX logos in GIF, JPG or EPS file formats.

See the list of APEX 2014 categories:

Categories will change for next year's APEX Competition, APEX 2015. The new categories list will be announced in November, 2014.


Favorite Sites
We hope you'll find some of these sites—among our favorites for writers, editors and communicators—useful. If you can recommend a favorite site of your own, please let us know what you like about it.

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? -- A phobiaphile has created a site devoted to information about our fears, scores of which you probably didn't even know existed. Odds are that you suffer from at least one of the following. 1. Agyrophobia 2. Bufonophobia 3. Chaetophobia 4. Deipnophobia 5. Euphobia 6. Frigophobia 7. Glossophobia 8. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia 9. Iatrophobia Don't know? Check your phobia vocabulary: 1. Agyrophobia -- fear of streets or crossing the street 2. Bufonophobia -- fear of toads 3. Chaetophobia -- fear of hair 4. Deipnophobia -- fear of dining or dinner conversations 5. Euphobia -- fear of hearing good news 6. Frigophobia -- fear of cold, cold things 7. Glossophobia -- fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak 8. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia -- fear of long words 9. Iatrophobia -- fear of going to the doctor or of doctors For a list of hundreds of phobias (with definitions), go to http://www.phobialist.com. If you want to impress people with your phobia vocabulary, you can buy a t-shirt with a shorter list on the back.


News...APEX 2015 to open in early November, 2014. 

APEX Award Winners have been announced for APEX 2014, the 26th Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence.

If you need an additional receipt for your entries, please complete the easy online receipt form.

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The judges comment on the APEX® Awards, as well as writing, editing, publishing and media topics.


See top award-winning APEX entries below.

Howard University Annual Report 2010-2011 -- Howard University, Washington DC ... "Beautifully done, with appealing visuals and very interesting narrative flow -- not always found in an annual report format, where you're obliged to include a vast range of constituents. Here, the inclusion is deft, and does not interfere with the impact of the report."

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