*Fill out the Easy Entry Form online, upload your entries online, and pay online.

Need a receipt for your entries or additional certificate orders?
Simply use the Generate Receipt link here. Just fill out the simple form and print it immediately on your office printer.

How can I order more award certificates?

I'd like to order additional* APEX Award certificates for my staff, co-workers and vendors who contributed to the winning entries. What's the easiest way to do that?

Here are the two simplest ways:
1. Photocopy or use the APEX Additional Certificates order form on the outside back cover of the printed 24-page booklet, Announcing the Winners of APEX 2016 (pdf). This booklet mails to all APEX participants.

2. Click on the APEX 2016 Additional Certificates Order Form (pdf) to download and print it out. You can mail the order form with payment, or fax it with your credit card authorization to 703/643-2329.

(If you prefer, you may scan the completed form and marked-up certificates, and email them to info@ApexAwards.com with your credit card payment information. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.)

Payment must accompany your order. Certificate orders cannot be phoned in.

Use either form to order additional certificates for co-workers, supporting vendors or clients.

You can order exact duplicates of your original award certificate, or you may customize the additional certificates with the names of supporting staff, vendors or clients.

*Note: One Award Certificate is sent to the entrant at no charge, as stated on the entry form. To order additional Award Certificates -- at a charge of $15 each -- please use the APEX 2016 Additional Certificates Order Form.

If you'd like to order additional certificates for the previous year's APEX Awards, please use the APEX 2015 Additional Certificates Order Form (pdf).

Ordering Tip: The easiest and best way to order
is to photocopy the original certificate and clearly write in the new names you want to appear on the certificate -- of contributing staffers, vendors or clients. Then simply send the photocopy with your order form and payment.

Mail the order form with payment, or fax it with your credit card authorization to 703/643-2329. (If you prefer, you may scan the completed form and marked-up certificates, and email them to info@ApexAwards.com.)

Payment must accompany your order.


Certificate orders cannot be phoned in. To ensure accuracy, please mail or fax your certificate order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Can I send a check or credit card payment for my certificate order? Yes. Please enclosed a check or credit card authorization if you mail your order, and a credit card authorization if you fax your order.

To whom should I make the check payable?
To Communications Concepts, Inc.

If you pay by credit card, the charge for your entries in the APEX Awards, sponsored by Communications Concepts, Inc., will appear on your credit card statement as "APEX AWARDS CONCEPTS", or something like "COMM CONCEPTS/APEX" or they may simply display some variant of Communications Concepts, Inc. or APEX.

Do I need your federal I.D. number?
Typically, you don't. Since Communications Concepts, Inc. is a corporation, you are not required to obtain a 1099 tax form from us.

And since Communications Concepts, Inc. is a corporation, you are not required to obtain Concepts' federal I.D. number in order to send an APEX entry fee, order additional certificates or purchase special reports or services.

To minimize identity theft, we do not publish our federal I.D. number.
Canada GST-exempt.

How can I publicize my APEX Awards?
Certainly. You can publicize your winning APEX Awards with announcements in print media, on your website, blog, social media and through emails. You also may link to the APEX Awards website and display the APEX logo.

I won an APEX Award. Can I display the APEX logo in my winning publications and Web sites?
Yes! APEX Award-winners receive a printed logo stat with their award(s). Award winners may also download the APEX logo in gif, jpg and eps formats.


APEX News...APEX 2017 Entry Deadline extended to March 1st, 2017...

A note to our customers and APEX participants -- Good news!  We've decided to extend the entry deadline until March 1st, so if you haven't had a chance to prepare your entries, you now have more time to get your entries in, and we look forward to receiving them.

If you've already entered, we very much appreciate your early participation.  But if you haven't yet entered or completed your entries, or would like to submit additional entries, we hope you'll find this extension helpful.


Please enter APEX 2017 at our secure entry site:


You also may receive updates and alerts via our free email newsletter.


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• If you wish to recognize participating staff and vendors for previous APEX winning entries, you can order additional APEX Award certificates.
• Award winners may download the APEX logo to display on their websites and in their publications.

• APEX entrants automatically receive an email receipt upon payment for entries. However, if you need an additional receipt for your entries, just complete the easy online receipt form.

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Great-West Retirement Services Participant Website Redesign -- Kedra Hood, Great-West, Greenwood Village, CO ... "These folks know their audience -- employees with at least some computer literacy. The website's home page has an iPad/apps look to it -- very effective, very well organized. The site is rich in in-depth content, well illustrated and clearly written -- with extensive 'help' sections to advise on financial planning, portfolio construction, retirement goals, and much more. It's a top-notch site, whose redesign is superb.

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