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News...APEX 2015 Call for Entries has closed 

Judging is now in progress for APEX 2015, the Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Results for the 27th Annual Competition will be announced in July.

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www.mcknights.com -- McKnight's Staff, McKnight's Long-Term Care News, Northfield, IL ... "You could get lost in this homepage, and happily so. It's huge, and the visually interesting layout (nothing 'trick', mind you) contains an enormous depth and range of topics as you scroll down the very long page. In theory, so much data on a home page shouldn't work, but it does. Each story offers both a functional, descriptive head and a short deck to give readers a quick sense of the article. Pros in this field can keep their finger on the pulse just by skimming the homepage. But, of course, many drill through to read the full articles -- the whole point -- and other site resources, easily tapped via the drop down menus."

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