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Entry deadline: February 1, 2018

Note: The APEX 2017 Call for Entries for APEX 2017 is now closed.
The APEX 2018 Call for Entries will open November 1, 2017.
The APEX 2018 Entry Links below will active at that time.

APEX 2018 Online Entry Q&A 

Q: How do I sign up, for the first time, to enter APEX 2018 online?
A: It's pretty straightforward. 

  1. Go to the APEX ONLINE ENTRY site, here: ENTER APEX.
  2. Click on the word REGISTER at the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Enter your email address and click the SUBMIT button.
  4. After you do so, it will bring you to the 'Contact Person' page, to fill out your contact information. It also will ask you to type in a User Name and Password. Pick a name and password you'll remember, and make a note of them. 
  5. Be sure to click SAVE. That way, you can return to your data on the site whenever you wish. Just click the LOGIN button on return visits.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Contact Person will receive any APEX emails or mailings, including award notifications. The Contact Person is not necessarily the Award Winner (if you win). The Award Winner (if you win) is the person you list on the Entry page (when you click the 'Add Entry' button). The Award Winner can be you, other staff, an organization or a client.


Q: How do I add entries?
A: Here's how to place your entries in competition:

  1. Click on the ADD ENTRY button at the top, which brings you to the ENTRY page. 
  2. Enter the exact title of your entry.
  3. Enter the Main Category (e.g., Newsletters) and the sub-category (e.g. Most Improved Newsletters).
  4. Fill out the Name, Title and/or Organization fields. (If you win an award, this information will appear on your award certificate.)
  5. Click the SAVE button.

    More than 1 entry?
    Here's a shortcut to save some time when adding more entries.
    After you've finished your first entry, 
    • Click on the REVIEW/PAY/SUBMIT tab at the top.
    • Then click on the 'COPY' icon to the left of your first Entry Title. (This will copy over your first entry.)
    • Now change any elements to fit the new entry -- title, category, staff name(s), uploads.  Then click the SAVE button.

Q: Can I list more than one staff person?

A: Yes, this is optional. 

If you wish, you can list maximum of two additional colleagues who worked on your entry. Just click on the ADDITIONAL STAFF/COMMENTS tab at the top, and enter their name(s) and job title(s). Note: Should you win an award, it will include their names, but it will mail to the Contact Person listed on the 'Contact Person' page.

Note! If you're submitting an entry for a client, list their name and company under Entry/Entrant Information, on the Add Entries page.

Q: Are comments required?
A: No, comments and descriptions are definitely not required for your entries. You may, however, provide brief comments if you wish.

Q: How do I upload my entries?
A: Just follow these steps:

  1. Upload your entry by clicking the UPLOADS tab at the top. You can either provide a URL link to your entry, or upload a file such as a PDF*, Word or text file, video, graphic file, etc.
  2. To upload a file of your entry, click the SELECT tab, and then choose either to UPLOAD a FILE or list a URL. If uploading a file, click the BROWSE button. Then go to the file on your computer, choose it, and it will appear on the File Upload screen. An UPLOAD bullet will flash during the UPLOAD and the UPLOAD progress bar will gradually fill.
  3. Click the UPLOAD icon and your file will upload. A progress bar and blinking orange button will display as it uploads. When it's uploaded, your upload icon, file name and file size will appear.
  4. You can VIEW your uploaded file by clicking on the file icon or the Magnifying Glass icon). This DOWNLOADS a copy to your desktop. If you change your mind, you can DELETE it (red X icon).
  5. *A note on PDFs. If you have a large number of PDFs per entry, you may wish to combine them into a single upload file -- either within your Acrobat application, or by using Adobe's online service or one of a number of free and commercial websites.  Another option: Instead of uploading PDFs, provide a URL, if your entry can be viewed online, as a link or with a PDF viewer, such as Issuu, which allows you a maximum upload per document of 500 pages and 100 MB.


Q: How do I pay for my entries online, and submit them for judging?
To pay for your entries: 

  1. If you're on the UPLOADS page, click the REVIEW/PAY/SUBMIT tab.
  2. If you're on another page, click the VIEW ENTRIES/PAY tab at the top. Click the PAY ONLINE button and provide your credit card details. Once you pay, you'll receive confirmation and an automatic email receipt. The entry fee is $179 per entry. If you need to pay by check (offline), click the PAY BY CHECK button.
  3. After paying, and uploading your entry(ies), you still must 'SUBMIT'* your entry(ies) for judging. To do this, click the VIEW ENTRIES link at the left. Check the STATUS column. If any entry shows SUBMIT), just click the SUBMIT button. If any entry shows 'Incomplete', click on that phrase.

    This will take you to a new page showing a 'requirement not met' link. Click on that link to see the missing item(s).
  4. When you complete the misssing item(s), just click the SUBMIT button. Once you do, the 'STATUS' column on your VIEW ENTRIES/PAY page will show 'SUBMITTED' for all entries. Only 'submitted' entries will be included in the judging.
Note: If you want to review or edit your entry before submitting it, click on the VIEW ENTRIES/PAY link at the top. Review or edit your entry (by clicking the PENCIL [edit] icon at the left to make changes or add urls/uploads), then click the SUBMIT button.
*Be sure to upload your entry file(s) or provide an entry URL on the Uploads page BEFORE you submit your entry for judging. Once you submit your entry, you will not be able to go back and make changes.


Q: Do I have to enter online?
 Yes. Just use the ONLINE Easy Entry Form to:

  1. Enter your information online.
  2. Upload your entries online — including dozens of file formats, such as text files, pdfs, photo files, videos, websites, graphic files and more.
  3. Pay for your entries online.
  4. Save a password-protected record of your entries online.
  5. Receive an automatic, email receipt for your entries.
  6. Eliminate the need to fill out entry forms by hand.
  7. Avoid the need to pack your entries and the cost to ship them.


Online Payments

APEX News...APEX 2017 Award Winners Announced!

The 29th Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence Competition Winners have been announced.

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Online Payments


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See top award-winning APEX entries below.

Recycle Moore -- Brent Wheelbarger, Trifecta Communications, Moore, OK ... "This recycling campaign is just too funny -- complete with kids' crayon pages (space aliens saying, 'Take us to your litter!') and green 'Let's Talk trash' wristbands. There's more of course -- well prepared multimedia materials, inclusive environmental videos and handouts from t-shirts to cloth grocery bags. An effective campaign. Even the title contributes, with its play on words, 'Recycle Moore.' Get it?"

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