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Special Publications

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The Power of Love

Adam Pitluk, Director, American Airlines Publishing, Fort Worth, TX

"The writing pulls you into this story. You're swept along with copy that's interesting, compelling, and — at the risk of overusing cliches — insightful. The writer does a wonderful job of showing readers the 'real' Michael J. Fox, with some particularly engaging anecdotes. You come away from the feature with a much better understanding of the interviewee and the disease he's fighting."


Pay Cuts for Electrodiagnostic Testing Could Propel Neurology Work Force Crisis

Fay Ellis, Editor, Neurology Today, New York, NY



Shining a light on hoarding disorders

Anita Symonds, Nursing2014 Editorial Staff, Forensic Nurse Examiner, Nursing 2014, Philadelphia, PA

"Meant to both inform and educate, and aimed at a professional, medical audience, this in-depth article is a very inviting one to read. The copywriting is excellent, employing examples that lead the reader into the feature, and then presenting well researched facts to keep the reader hooked as the article progresses from a look at who hoards, the risks of hoarding, and then on to practical steps in identifying, treating and providing ongoing care. It's almost a tutorial in feature article form."


An open letter to the Washington, D.C. council about “Redskins”

Cliffton Barnes, Columnist, CapitalSportsNC.com, Cary, NC

"It takes a certain amount of 'grit' to go against the prevailing, politically correct view, but this writer does so, with a well researched, well reasoned and compellingly written editorial. Bravo!"


Leadership Lessons From An Elite Warrior: Q&A with The Way of the SEAL author Mark Divine

Robert Lerose, Freelance Writer, Uniondale, NY

"This hard-hitting interview with a tough author gets right down to it. Nicely 'chunked' copy delivers terse advice — useful strategies readers can deploy to align their work life with what's important to them. Lots of specifics, in a short, easily digested format."


Defending New Orleans

Robert L. Reid, Senior Editor, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA

"The new (and evolving) hurricane defense system around New Orleans is an enormous, complex engineering challenge. This special report brings great clarity to the subject. While written for its intended audience of civil engineers, it also is a very readable article for a lay audience. It's a long feature — actually a special report — but is very well researched, with technical data presented with well organized and interesting copy."


Combat Zone to Classroom

Melinda Swenson, Web Content Specialist and Feature Writer, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

“This superb, in-depth feature article offers marvelous vignettes, one after the other, each of them putting the reader there. Each narrative within the article tells the story of a returning veteran making the transition from combat to studies at Colorado State University. Each is moving, powerful and told with remarkable clarity and intensity.”


Is Your Bank Socially Savvy?

Thomas Healy, CRCM, Matt Burton, ABA Bank Compliance, Washington, DC

"A very well written and thought-provoking analysis of social media issues affecting the banking industry, coupled with useful, practical advice for banking officials. This one's a keeper."


Targeting credit unions is a problem for everyone

Credit Union Association of New York

"A simple, clear, powerfully persuasive message, delivered with crisp, concise, well-argued copy. Who could ask for more?"


Food For Thought

Kaylen Tucker, NAESP, Alexandria, VA

"A cogent, compellingly written feature, well researched, with plenty of persuasive examples. The article is very well organized and written in a clear, interesting and logical way, which can't but help motivate the reader to action. A top notch example of the writing (and editing) craft."


Bravery in Boston

Jaimie Siegle, Editorial Specialist, Jordan Grantham, Communications Manager, Nadia Hill, Editorial Intern, National Athletic Trainers' Association, Dallas, TX

"A moving and compelling story, told from the perspective of the medical team present that day, and geared to an audience of athletic trainers, this powerful feature article transcends the particular audience to appeal to a much wider readership. The copywriting is crisp and factual, but the copy invites you in and holds you until the very end. It's that good."


Go Teach, How to Handle the Blips in Your College Application

Phi Delta Kappa International, Bloomington, IN

“Crisp, concise writing and excellent examples strengthen this well thought out and clearly structured feature article. The advice in each section of the article is sound, with the overriding theme tying it all together. Very well presented.”



Design & Illustration


2014 Masters Journal

Augusta National Golf Club / H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA

“The photo spreads — not least the full photo spreads of individual holes at the Augusta course — are simply spectacular, as is the creative editing of individual photographs. Golf is often viewed as a rather staid sport, but these photos of individual players and groups of players capture a dynamism that can rival the Super Bowl. The wonderfully executed contents spread, the Phil Mickelson ‘leap’, and the deft use of spot color to enhance the full-spread Arnold Palmer shot (Arnold and his golf club in color, the spectators and green in black and white — very effective) are just a few samples of top level photography and photo editing.”


Civil Infographic

Lockheed Martin, Richland, WA

"A large, well designed and impressive infographic covers the company's capabilities and current program status in a concise and visually clear way. This is one very well organized design, with maximum information delivered in a very clear format. Absolutely top drawer."


Disney twenty-three, The Art of Mary Poppins - Winter 2013

Matt Walker, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA

"The illustrations are simply stunning. Beautifully rendered, in many ways, they are the story. From the progression of characters to the storyboards, you see the creative minds at work, and you picture the final product as they picture it — through their work."


Wells Fargo Conversations Winter 2013 - The Millennial Mind

Wells Fargo Private Bank, Pace Communications and Dante Terzigni, Greensboro, NC

"This striking and very beautiful illustration perfectly captures the essence of the 'Millennial Mind'—no easy feat. It is a simple design concept, perfectly executed to draw the eye, convey the visual point with great clarity, and then move the reader, through the flow of the illustration itself, on to the headline of the article to the right. Very deft. Very effective."


Trade Show Executive's Research Roundup

Kathleen Maloney, Creative Director, Trade Show Executive, Oceanside, CA

"It's a little 'Monty Python', but it really works, using an assembly line-like visual theme to unify the presentation across spreads. The data is extensive, and can tend toward the 'dry', but here, the combination of clear, effective visuals, color coding, and generous use of white space combine to make the data package interesting, dynamic and digestible. Very skillfully done."


The 25 Greatest Law Novels…Ever!

Brenan Sharp, Senior Designer & Visual Web Editor, Allen Pusey, Editor and Publisher, ABA Journal, American Bar Association, Chicago, IL

“A design home run, this superb multi-page spread is packed with evocative vignettes from old movies — each a clever take on a major movie portraying lawyers in action. From Anatomy of a Murder to The Caine Mutiny and To Kill a Mockingbird, they’re all here. Visuals, typography and photos work wonderfully in these compact chunks.”


Darfur in Transition

Albert González Farran, Photographer, African Union - United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), El Fasher, Sudan

"The photographer's 'eye' is on display here. Dynamic, emotionally powerfully, moving photos and spreads each with a story to tell, wonderfully cropped, artistically presented in color and black and white. You simply won't be able to put this book down until you finish viewing each photo and reading each caption."


At the Helm

Rose Richey, Art Director, Military Officers Association of America, Alexandria, VA

"Beautifully cropped, richly saturated photographs take the lead in these feature article spreads, with a bold head, and decks and callouts cleverly displayed in a way that evokes pre-computer type cut and pasted onto camera-ready art boards. The black and white type elements contrast strikingly with the full color photos. A very powerful design statement."


Real Life: Home—Cold Weather, Warm Home

Isabella Mathews, Designer, REALTOR® Magazine, Chicago, IL

"Showcasing your home for sale in winter is truly making lemonade out of lemons. This spread deftly captures the mood of the season with color and illustration. The photo montage of snowy homes evokes old time snapshots from the pre-digital age (for those of us who were around then :-) and reinforces specific points made by elements in the text. Very effective. This is design in service to content, which is as it should be, rather than design for its own sake, which you often see. The secondary theme — keeping pests out while drawing buyers in — is cleanly handled across the bottom of the spread, a nice touch. It's separated, yet still nicely integrated with the rest of the spread."


July/August 2013 Highroads

Jill Schildhouse, Editor-in-Chief, AAA Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

"A stunning, shimmering photo of a reflection (in a pool of water) of a mission church tower, inverted, makes for a striking, attention-holding cover. Minimalist text frames the dominant photo, which is the message. Simple. Dramatic. Effective."


Watkins Glen Photo Spread

Rose Mattrey, Graphic Designer/Photographer, Jane McGrath, Senior Creative & Design Manager, AAA Western & Central New York, Buffalo, NY

"The spread consists of a single photo, which covers most of the spread, except for a bit of text, a bold headline which matches the enhanced color of the pier gazebo. This striking photo — with marvelous sight lines reminding one of an early Italian Renaissance painting, and skillful post-processing — really powers the spread."



Special Publications


SilverKris - August 2013

Tay Dora, Editor, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, Singapore

"The online app version of this excellent magazine takes full advantage of the electronic experience. Navigation is easy, fluid and interactive. You can scroll, tap and slide your way through the spreads, with plenty of sidebars available with a touch, as well as nicely imbedded video clips. Photography and spreads are stunning, while the copy is first rate — engaging, crisp and interesting. You really could not ask for more."


Shaping the New World of Healthcare

Bottom Line Marketing & Public Relations, ThedaCare, Milwaukee, WI

"This very visual booklet makes superb, liberal use of infographics throughout, as well as of concise, tightly written copy, with sidebars, decks and callouts to clearly explain the topic and services provided. A top drawer publication."


A Year of Surprises - 2014 Calendar

Marilyn Barnett, President/CEO, MARS Advertising, Southfield, MI

"An unusual marketing calendar, beautifully illustrated and packed with interesting facts and mouse-over links, including links to free contests you can enter, to — for example —win a spiral ham. Just a very appealing, attention getting (and keeping) marketing vehicle disguised as a calendar."


Korean War: 1950-53, 60th Anniversary

VFW Magazine, Kansas City, MO

"Stunning archival photos are very effectively chosen, cropped and displayed in this lengthy anniversary edition. A lot of research is also evident in the extensive feature articles, all of which are readable, punchy and very capable of keeping the reader's attention. Captions and decks are quite well done and exceptionally informative. Illustrations and infographics are first rate. Hard to put this one down. It's a keeper."


Great Care Close to Home

Sabrina Divell, Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Janet Gunn, Director, Communications & Annual Programs, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Impressive layout, creating very readable segments -- each a profile of a patient health issue, coupled with staff solutions. Readable, visually appealing, and it drives the point home. Editorial and design work very well together to achieve an effective communications strategy."


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