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Dear Reader,

Success in communications takes more than being creative. You need to get consistent, visible results. And that takes skill.

Where can you turn for reliable help?

To Communications Concepts. In this catalog, you'll find publications, programs and services to help you:


  • Advance your career, level of responsibility and income.
  • Increase your influence with management.
  • Improve your writing, editing and publications.
  • Strengthen your control of vendors.
  • Build a file of invaluable resources.

    Since 1984, Concepts has focused on helping business writers and communicators create high quality publications. If you write, edit or manage business publications, let Concepts help make your job easier and more rewarding.


    The Concepts Staff

    Special Reports (ORDER FORM)
    Concepts special reports help professional writers and communicators create high quality publications. They offer practical advice on writing, editorial and communications topics.

    WRITING ARTICLES: From Prewriting to Rewriting
    Polish your writing with proven methods and techniques employed by expert writers and communicators. Make your copy sparkle, exceed your readers' expectations, and improve the readability of your publications -- both print and online.

    This WRITING Report covers six key areas:
    1. Interviewing;
    2. Organizing;
    3. Getting started;
    4. Choosing your words;
    5. Putting words together;
    6. Rewriting.
    Special Report 20 gives you insider tips and strategies used by the pros, each chosen from the best of the Writing That Works Archive, to help you reach you publishing goals.
    Special Report No. 20. 32 pp.
    Price: $25.00

    WEB Publishing: What's Working for Writers & Editors
    Let this special report #19 help you adapt your writing, editing and publication management skills to the Web.

    Learn how to integrate the new medium --efficiently -- into your production system. Discover how to meet the expectations of online readers. Improve the readability and usability of your Web and intranet sites, and your online publications.

    This WEB Publishing Report covers four key areas:

    1. Writing for the new medium;
    2. Juggling print and online publishing;
    3. Designing for usability;
    4. Marketing online.
    Special Report 19 includes proven methods and techniques used by leading Web Publishing experts, each chosen from the best of the Writing That Works Archive to help you quickly and effectively reach your online publishing goals.
    Special Report No. 19. 36 pp.
    Price: $25.00

    Writing for the WEB
    Ease your move from print to the Web with the help of more than a dozen successful writers. They advise on four vital areas:

    1. Adapting to an online role, including nourishing old writing skills and adding new ones;
    2. Modifying your style, including rewriting print for online reading;
    3. Changing structure, including putting in links;
    4. Writing email, including writing promotional messages.
    Special Report 18 includes proven ideas, methods and techniques used by leading experts, selected from the best of the Writing That Works Archive.
    Special Report No. 18. 16 pp.
    Price: $12.00

    Professional SHORTCUTS to Effective Writing
    Sharpen your professional writing and editing instantly--with our exclusive report... Professional SHORTCUTS to Effective Writing. Improve your writing instantly with over 500 results-oriented examples that let you:
    • Write reader-centered copy
    • Prune pompous phrases
    • Organize your writing
    • Use simple words to replace big ones
    • Cut hundreds of windy expressions to one or two words
    • Keep sentences short
    In minutes, you can pick up and use:
    • 5 quick ways to focus on readers' needs
    • 11 overly long phrases replaced with one word
    • 6 ways to strengthen weak verbs
    • 275 short words that sharpen clumsy writing
    • 4 secrets of writing strong sentences
    • How to get rid of awkward word "doublings"
    • 18 everyday words that replace "corporate-ese"
    • 4 "spoken" transitions to replace "bookish"
    • ones 4 one-syllable words that cut out legalistic jargon
    • 5 "positive" ways to make "negative" phrases persuasive
    • 3 secrets of organizing your writing before you start
    And more.
    Price: $3.00

    Quick Reports (ORDER FORM)
    Concepts reports offer useful advice and practical methods for business writers and communicators.

    Quick Reports: No. 1 Meeting the Annual Report Challenge
    Find out how other communicators keep their annual reports fresh, streamline production, use video, control costs and stay current with the latest production and design trends.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 2 Employee Newsletters
    Company takeovers, downsized staff, upgraded technology and the fear of one or all have damaged the already imperfect relationship between management and employees. In many organizations, good channels of communication have become not just desirable but crucial.

    This report concentrates on improving communication through a long-time tool, employee newsletters. Concepts editors interviewed experts on all aspects of newsletter publishing, and on how they are supplementing their publications with nonprint tools.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 3 Magazine Production
    Magazine publishers are using advanced technology to increase efficiency and enhance creativity. This special report looks at how staff members on two magazines, Rotor & Wing and OS/2 Professional, accomplish both goals.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 5 Independent Contracting
    They go by many titles -- consultants, freelancers, independent contractors. And their ranks seem to be multiplying as seasoned communications pros and rookie editors and designers alike, are cheerfully setting up shop in their home offices. This report looks at costs, entrepreneurial personality issues, and ways to get and keep new clients.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 6 Working With Printers
    Partnerships with print suppliers and effective project planning are the keys to print quality. Learn stress-free ways to save time and money on your print buying through project planning and selecting print suppliers who work for you.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 8 Media Relations
    As competition for consumer and trade editorial space grows more intense, communicators have to become more savvy about getting press coverage. One tenet from Media Relations 101 that hasn't changed over the years is that you should know your stuff before you contact the media. That means understanding what the publications in your field cover, what news events influence your industry and how your company's product or service fits into the mix.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 9 Editorial Time Management
    Long hours and hectic schedules are facts of life for publication staffers and newsletter editors. But you can make life easier by learning to use your time more effectively. This report suggests ways to control your schedule and make the best use of your day.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 10 Effective Technical Writing
    (Making the abstract concrete for your readers)

    You may understand quantum physics, but the closest your readers have gotten to it is an episode of "Star Trek."

    Sooner or later, we're all faced with the situation of explaining what we know to someone who hasn't a clue. If the topic is changing a tire, the process is fairly straightforward. But what if the topic is much more complex -- something intangible that can't easily be demonstrated? How do you tap into your readers' basic intelligence to bring the murky into focus?

    In this report, you'll learn the choices to make and the pitfalls to avoid.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 11 Career Planning Strategies
    The industry is changing -- are your skills changing with it? Business leaders say corporate communications has never been more important. Meanwhile staff positions are being cut from the payroll. But that doesn't mean you can't stay employed.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 12 Special Report on Usage
    In Concepts' Fifth Annual Usage Survey, respondents resist singular their, split on four other issues.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 14 Special Report on Pitching Management
    Whether your communications budget has been pared to the bone or not, your organization's executives will be more supportive, financially and otherwise, if you can convince them that your ideas will benefit the company. This report offers tips on how to develop and deliver presentations that will persuade upper management that your ideas are winners.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports: No. 16 Effective Brochures
    Everybody's doing it (producing brochures, that is). A recent survey of Graphic Design USA readers revealed that 83 percent count brochures and collateral as their most frequent assignment. This percentage falls in line with respondents to Writing Concepts' recent survey, 81 percent of whom produce brochures.

    So, if everybody's doing it, what makes one slim jim better than another? That would be planning, copywriting and design-the three steps that turn a brochure into a marketing workhorse.
    4 pp.
    Price: $5.00

    Quick Reports
    Order all 12 Quick Reports for $48.00 (Save 20%!)
    64 pp.
    Price: $48.00

    Note: Quick Reports 4, 7, 13 and 15 are no longer in print.



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