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APEX 2020 Awards Categories 


Choose from among 100 categories under 12 main headings:   

Newsletters | Magazines, Journals & Tabloids | Annual Reports | Print Media | Electronic Media | Social Media | Apps | Websites | Campaigns, Programs & Plans | Writing | Design & Illustration | One-of-a-Kind Publications

1. Print (entire issue-content & design)
2. Electronic & Email (entire issue) (includes Web & PDF newsletters)
3. Custom-Published (entire issue)
4. Writing (entire issue)
5. Design & Layout (entire issue)
6. 1-2 Person-Produced (one or two people write most copy, edit and lay out)
7. Most Improved (enter one "before" [1/1/16 on] and one "after" [1/1/19 on] issue)

Magazines, Journals & Tabloids
8. Print (entire issue-up to 32 pages plus cover)
9. Print (entire issue-over 32 pages plus cover)
10. Electronic (includes Web & PDF magazines)
11. Custom-Published
12. Writing (entire issue)
13. Design & Layout (entire issue)
14. 1-2 Person-Produced (one or two people write most copy, edit and lay out)
15. Magazine Series (includes [up to 3] issues on a single topic or theme)
16. Green (includes energy, environment, climate & eco-friendly topics)
17. Most Improved (enter one "before" [1/1/16 on] and one "after" [1/1/19 on] issue)

Annual Reports
18. Print (up to 32 pages plus cover)
19. Print (over 32 pages plus cover)
20. Electronic (includes Web & PDF annual reports)
21. Design & Layout
22. 1-2 Person-Produced (one or two people write most copy, edit and lay out)

Print Media
23. Education & Training
24. Marketing & Public Relations (includes media kits)
25. Organization Capability & Identity Materials (includes corporate and nonprofit materials)
26. Employee & Benefit Materials
27. Financial & Investment Materials
28. Meeting & Event Materials (includes conferences)
29. Catalogs, Directories & Guides
30. Books (enter eBooks in Category 33, Electronic Publications)
31. Special Purpose (includes special reports)

Electronic Media
32. Education & Training
33. Electronic Publications (includes Web & PDF publications, including eBooks)
34. Multimedia (includes interactive & non-interactive multimedia)
35. Webinars & Slide Shows (includes PowerPoint)
36. Video Media (including YouTube, Web video and video published on disc or other media)
37. Green (includes energy, environment, climate & eco-friendly topics)
38. Special Purpose

Social Media
39. Social Media Sites (for social media and networking sites other than Facebook, e.g., Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.)
40. Facebook Sites
41. Blog Content (editorial content of the entire blog)
42. Best Single Blog Post
43. Best Series of Blog Posts (includes [up to 3] posts on a single topic or theme)
44. Special Purpose

45. Business & Financial (includes Productivity apps)
46. Health & Medical
47. Education
48. Design & Graphics
49. Social Networking (includes Social Media apps)
50. Special Purpose

51. Websites (entire site, including content and design) (includes microsites)
52. WordPress Sites (sites created or hosted with WordPress)
53. Home Pages
54. Site Design & Illustration
55. 1-2 Person-Produced (one or two people write most copy, edit and lay out the site)
56. Financial Websites
57. Special Purpose
58. New
59. Most Improved

Campaigns, Programs & Plans
60. Education & Training
61. Marketing & Public Relations
62. Public Service (includes government, nonprofit and corporate programs in public information, charitable & community improvement areas)
63. Employee & Benefit Communications
64. Financial (includes investment & retirement topics)
65. Health & Medical
66. Events & Meetings (includes conferences)
67. Special Purpose

68. Education & Training
69. Marketing & Public Relations
70. Feature Writing
71. How-to Writing
72. News Writing
73. Interviews & Personal Profiles
74. Regular Departments & Columns (Enter either your single best Column or Department, or enter a series of [up to 3] columns or departments.)
75. Editorial & Advocacy Writing (includes letters to the editor)
76. Financial & Investment Writing
77. Health & Medical Writing
78. Speech & Script Writing
79. Technical & Technology Writing (includes help files and FAQs, as well as writing on technology and science topics)
80. Green Writing
81. Writing Series (series of [up to 3] articles)
82. Special Purpose (includes reports and manuals)
83. Best Rewrites (enter before and after)

Design & Illustration
84. Design & Layout
85. Illustration & Typography
86. Infographics
87. Covers
88. Spreads
89. Photography (single photographs, photo illustrations & photo spreads)
90. Identity & Graphic Standards (includes logos and stationery)
91. Print Ads & Advertorials
92. Posters, Displays & Calendars (includes signage & exhibits)
93. Best Redesigns (enter before & after)

One-of-a-Kind Publications
94. Print
95. Electronic (includes Web & PDF publications)
96. Custom-Published
97. Education & Training
98. Health & Medical Publications
99. Government (city, county, state, national and international)
100. Green (includes energy, environment, climate & eco-friendly topics)


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