APEX 2002 Grand Award Winners

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Wholesale Today - November 2001 - Keep the Torch Burning

Donna Patane, Director of Employee Communications, Costco Wholesale, Issaquah, WA.
"Powerfully done. Movingly written, attractively designed. Superb combination of emergency communications and letting employees express their feelings."




Inside ENSCO
Wanda Ragland, Editor, ENSCO, Inc., Springfield, VA.
"This beautifully done, clean, elegant, well-written newsletter makes good use of attractive photo spreads, intelligent, informative captions and sidebars, a succinct style, and interesting layouts to pull readers in and keep them reading. No easy feat for an employee newsletter; this one is first class."




Fishbowl eNewsletter - Launch Issue
Scott Shaw, CEO and Founder, Fishbowl, Inc., Alexandria, VA.
"Brilliant effort. Superbly designed e-mail newsletter offers succinct, substantive articles, links to related articles on other sites. A very 'on point' site that knows its audience and how to reach it."




Learning Circuit
Mark W. Estes, ABC, Senior Communications Strategist, Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ.
"Clean, appealingly illustrated, professional-looking newsletter zeroes in on its demanding target audience -- teachers -- and delivers the goods. The crisp design and clear, lively are perfect for the audience, while the focus and content are based on extensive research, including well-planned reader surveys and focus groups. Management drew careful conclusions from the data and overhauled the newsletter accordingly."




@StatCan Electronic Magazine
Communications Division, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, ON.
"A really sharp online newsletter. Interesting quotes, well-written, on-point articles, clean, attractive layout and illustrations, easy navigation. One of the best articles we've read on dealing with 'scents' in the workplace, great photo galleries, book reviews, witty ... it just doesn't get any better."




Arlene McCrehan, E-News Specialist, Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Bethesda, MD.
"Superb layout, headline and summary -- what an online intranet newsletter should be."




The NRMC Pulse
Cecelia Hughes, Editor, Navapache Regional Medical Center, Show Low, AZ.
"A succinct, inexpensively produced and simply charming
newsletter. Its warm and inviting photos capture the adventures of the Home Health staff. These are people you'd want in your home."




Clifton Barnes, Director of Communications, North Carolina Bar Association, Cary, NC.
"Clean layout combines with concise rewritten summary blurbs to make this an extremely useful and usable
e-letter. Their slogan, 'News and information in 60 seconds' is right on."






Magazines & Journals

- November/December 2001

Carl E. Crider, Editorial Manager, Crider Associates, Encinitas, CA.
"Excellent, clear, to the point , precisely targeted to its audience of automotive service professionals. The article, 'The Fine Art of Selling Service' is a particularly good example -- perfectly segmented and presented in 5 easily digestible segments such as how to interact with customers and upselling. This is first class ."




Imperial Oil Review - Autumn 2001
Sarah Lawley, Editor, Imperial Oil Limited, Toronto, ON.
"A simply gorgeous publication -- beautiful illustrations and photography enhance clean, crisp, appealing spreads, which frame superb and world class feature stories."




Healthy Living - Winter 2002
Kate Grip, Editor, McMurry Publishing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ.
"From the attractive matte-finish paper to the beautiful photos, type wraps, headline schedule and spreads, this publication's design does a marvelous job of showcasing superbly written, informative, well-researched and useful articles. The striking cover design and nameplate are the icing on the cake."




Duncan Christy, Editorial Director, Sky Magazine, Greensboro, NC.
"Simply spectacular design, photography, illustrations and copy combine to create an engrossing read."




VARBusiness - Craig Barrett & You
The Staff of VARBusiness, VARBusiness, Manhasset, NY.
"Exceptionally clean redesign -- beautiful, interesting cover foldouts packed
w/information and visuals -- great headline schedule, clean layouts, appealing illustrations and photos and crisp, tight ."




Copley Press Magazine
Janet Sutter, Editor and Janice Gordon, Graphic Designer, Copley News Service, San Diego, CA.
"An exceptionally beautiful and readable design -- striking photography -- superb clean, active, interesting spreads and crisp, readable type."




ABA Journal
Danial Kim, Editor and Publisher, Chicago, IL.
"Crisp, tight layout, striking spreads, and very appealing heads, sidebars and photography convey a sense of excitement while the is top notch -- interesting and inviting."




Principal Leadership - March 2002
Jan Umphrey, Editor, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Reston, VA.
"This is a magazine that knows its readership -- in this case, school principals -- and targets their needs with professional-level, well-researched and presented articles. Clean, unobtrusive (a virtue) layout and type, well-chosen photos and appealing illustrations, captions and callouts all reinforce the excellent ."




9/11 - The Aftermath - Pennsylvania Township NewsÂ
Ginni Linn, Editor, Jill M. Ercolino, Assistant Editor, Abbey J. Porter, Associate Editor and Amy K. Harding, Editorial Assistant, Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Camp Hill, PA.
"Just superbly written, interesting and inviting copy. It tells the story with a crisp, smooth and unobtrusive style. A very gripping and moving read."Â




Real HealthcareÂ
Bruce Gipe, MD, Editor, Real Healthcare Magazine - NHCQA Publisher, North Hollywood, CA.
"Beautiful, lively, interesting layout shows what you can do with white space and clean typography! Attractive illustrations use adapted clip art with just black and one second color. But this charming design showcases superbly written, compelling articles that pull the reader in and convey substantive information on complex subject matter."






Magapapers & Newspapers

Consumers Energy
, Jackson, MI.

Weekly, September 17, 2001: Shockwaves Hit Home
Richard A. Matteson, Director of Corporate Communications
"This September 17th issue is packed with interesting, informative, well-written articles on Consumer's Energy staffers responding on 9/11, and mobilizing to strengthen security and help those affected. A superb issue."




Orthopedics Today (link to International Edition) 
Orthopedics Today Staff, Slack Inc., Thorofare, NJ.
"An impressive level of research and depth of coverage marks the reporting in this publication. Excellent and superb technical photography make this complex topic both interesting and informative."




Spotlight on Safety
Debbie Frazier, Editor, Mine Safety Appliances, Pittsburgh, PA.
"The is riveting
-- crisp, succinct, interesting storytelling with a personal experience for every job site risk. The 9/11 narrative is especially powerful ."




Will Henderson, Jr., Director, Public Relations/Marketing, Cardinal Health System, Inc., Muncie, IN.
"This very attractive, well-designed magapaper is an order-of-magnitude improvement over the previous version, with clean, attractive spreads. The copy uses personal stories to illustrate specific health services -- a very
effective technique."




UMDNJ Research
Publications Staff, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ.
"Beautiful, smoothly flowing spreads, first-rate photography and illustrations, readable type, lively intelligent on very complex topics -- all blend together to make this one superb magapaper."




City Savvy
Cynthia Sax, Public Information Officer, City of Houston, Human Resources Communications Division, Houston, TX.
"Bold, appealing spreads, clean legible type, interesting photography and copy."




X-38 Special Edition X-Press - July 31, 2001
X-38 Team, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA.
"Dynamic layouts, spectacular photos, lively, informative -- all combine to make this a first-rate magapaper, one any organization would be proud of, regardless of staff size or budget."




Inside TVA - January 15, 2002
Nancy Cann, Specialist, Editorial Services, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN.
"Very well-written magapaper features interesting, fast-paced, very inviting and very clear copy, which doesn't intrude on the story."






Annual Reports

Bechtel Hanford, Inc. Annual Report (2.4mb pdf)
Esprit Graphic Communications, Inc., Kennewick, WA.
"Beautiful, clear, functional illustrations, crisp typography, attractive spreads and photos and compelling copy all come together to make this an exceptional annual report."

Energy East Annual Report 2000
Rita D. Saunders, Manager, Corporate Image, New York State Electric & Gas Corp., Binghamton, NY.
"Clean, elegant classic design makes maximum use of striking, beautifully chosen and cropped black and white and duotone photographs. Text and headline typography complement the layout, along with appealing, creative use of gray tones and burnt salmon spot color. Excellent copy and captions round out the entry."

Infonet Annual Report 2001
Margaret Yasuda, Creative Director, Mimio Design Inc., Pasadena, CA.
"This very effective and striking annual report design looks like a working report -- the cover evokes a manila folder (but higher quality). From the brad-fastened financial highlights on the inside front cover, to the tab dividers for each section, to the purposely-informal photos and illustrations, to the 'typewriter-style' courier text font used in the fold out 'mega sidebars', this is just a very cleverly and effectively designed annual report. It is highly organized, but in a way that reinforces instead of distracting from the message. Simply outstanding."

Stearns Bank N.A. 2001 Financial Report
Amy Johnson, Assistant Marketing Director, Stearns Bank N.A., St. Cloud, MN.
"This bank annual report tells the story through the experiences of its customers, who build their businesses -- with the bank's help. Very, very effective. Clever use of customer success stories to illustrate each category of bank loan -- from SBA loans to leasing. Superbly done. Photos are the 'real deal', featuring customers, not models. Attractive graphs help tell the story. A very readable annual report. Bravo!"

2000 Annual Report
Catherine Zaharko, Director, Web Services & Corporate Relations, Catholic Healthcare West, San Francisco, CA.
"Striking, elegant design and typography. Beautifully chosen and cropped duotones, compelling copy and superb storytelling describe the hospital's mission through the experiences of its patients -- a commonly used theme in nonprofit annual reports, but in this
annual report, done in a very creative, imaginative way."

MCC Annual Report 2000/2001
Mark Beach, Director of Communications and Julie Kauffman, Designer, Mennonite Central Committee, Akron, PA.
booklet -- great layout and photos -- nice photo spreads -- effective use of 'black space.'"

Water in My Community
Joan P. Huwiler, Communications Manager, Regional Water Authority, New Haven, CT.
"Using children's drawings to illustrate annual reports is getting to be something of a cliche, but this water authority pulls it off very effectively. The kids draw the many uses for water (e.g. to make concrete, to wash your pet, to wash your hands), while handwritten (looking) text tells you why, for instance, washing your hands is so important. These handwritten notes become extended captions and are very well done. In between the kid copy, the authors slip in stuff for grownups -- the balance sheet, cash flow statements, etc., and an overview of how the water authority is doing. A very readable and cleverly designed annual report!"

AAPL 2001 Annual Report
Le'ann P. Callihan, American Association of Professional Landmen, Fort Worth, TX.
"Annual reports as calendars are becoming commonplace, but AAPL's is a work of art -- superb photography merges with tightly written copy and attractive illustrations, graphs and charts to tell the story. This one will hang on
members' walls, telling the story month after month. Exceptionally well done."

Public Affairs Review
Wes Pedersen, Public Affairs Council, Washington, DC.
"In this incredibly creative approach, the Public Affairs Council incorporates the annual reports for two
organizations into a journal format. The result is an extremely well-designed, highly readable and interesting publication. An exceptionally effective communications piece."

Brochures, Manuals & Reports

Abbott Diagnostics Division, Abbott Park, IL.
Club Drugs Educational Brochure Series
Jill Staszak, Product Advertising Manager,
"Brilliant, superbly written and designed to appeal to the only audience that counts -- young adults faced with drug choices. Very attractive, easy reading (but very informative) and interestingly illustrated brochures. Aces!"

RH Ventures Brochure
WilliamsRandall Marketing Communications, Terre Haute, IN.
effective graphic 'napkin' device becomes a unifying theme throughout -- top quality design and copy, including eye-catching, hand-written captions."

MerckWorld Special Report - Merck People at Ground Zero
Jacqueline Barrett, President, Jacqueline Barrett Design Inc., Oceanport, NJ.
"What a story! Superb, compelling narrative -- the aftermath of 9/11, seen through the eyes of Merck volunteers and rescuers. Gripping."

Beyond 50: A Report to the Nation on Economic Security
Melanie Alden-Roberts, Art Director, AARP, Washington, DC.
"An impressively researched report superbly presented in a readable, interestingly written and attractively illustrated format. Beautiful graphs and illustrations and very clean typography complements the clear, unobtrusive copy. An exceptional softcover book."

Stream Steward Restoration Guide
Drue Deberry, Manager, Conservation Projects,
American Forest Foundation, Washington, DC.
"Exceptionally well thought out, illustrated and photographed guide. Takes the reader step-by-step through the process. A very easy-reading manual."

Facing Fear: Lesson Plans and Workbooks for K-12
Marlie Grilli, Editor/Project Manager, American Red Cross, Washington, DC.
"An impressive, comprehensive educational series. This superbly written and organized curriculum supplement teaches a complex and difficult subject in a way that empowers students at all
grade levels."

Baltimore Jewish Community Study Brochure
Marketing Department, The ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.
"A marvelous presentation of a population study. Brings the raw numbers alive with warm, compelling , inviting duotones, spot color highlights and a very appealing "photo album" design theme. The is from the heart. Combined with the design, it makes this brochure hard to put down."

PSIA / AASI Core Concepts for Snowsports Instructors
Linda Crockett, Education Director, Rebecca Ayers, Production Management and Helen Young, Designer, Professional Ski Instructors of America, Lakewood, CO.
"Beautifully illustrated manual uses a dynamic, interesting layout, clean readable type, crisp copy and clear technical illustrations to convey its teaching points. Exceptionally well done."

Putting Miracles in Motion: How Seeing Eye Dogs Are Trained
Melissa Campbell, Manager of Public Relations, The Seeing Eye, Morristown, NJ.
"This exceptionally well-written and organized booklet thoroughly explains how Seeing Eye dogs are trained -- with superb photography, on-point captions and clear, interesting text -- a top-level publication."

Video & Electronic Publications

Bush Brothers'
Susan Merrell, Communications Coordinator,
Bush Brothers & Company, Knoxville, TN.
"You'd think it would be difficult to make a story about a 'bean' company interesting. But this one is -- a warm, compelling story of a company whose roots lie in the desire of its founder to create a prosperous enough enterprise to employ his children close to home."

Bcom3 Pre-IPO Stock Options ToolKit
Sarah Chambers, Frank Roche, Beth Briggs,
William M. Mercer, Inc., New York, NY.
"Very effective, state of the art multimedia CD -- cutting edge graphics."

Business Designer 2.0 Demo
Rick Sapir, Senior Technical Writer, WebGain, Inc., Raleigh, NC.
"Superbly organized illustrations and very well-written copy. An extremely effective and powerful tool."


Office of Public Affairs, Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA.Â

"Quick, lively, interesting, packed with intelligently captioned photos (the captions alone tell the story), fast-paced copy and an appealing layout. The site is everything a college site should be."



Public Information Brochure

Tamra McKinney, Director of Public Information, Henrico County Public Information Office, Richmond, VA. 

"Very effective behind-the-scenes look at the work of a public information office shown by looking over the shoulder of PIO staffers doing their jobs. Very powerful personal impact. Real people doing real work. PSAs teaching non-communication staffers to write usable news releases, and covering media relations and placement, and proofreading. Clever background music -- 'Taking Care of Business' -- ties the story together."



Slips and Falls

Team Resources, BayCare Health System, Clearwater, FL.

"Well-scripted, clearly presented makes a mundane but important topic interesting. Techniques for minimizing falls are very effectively presented."


Welcome to Mansfield University

Public Relations Department, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA.

"A very effective student recruiting offers compelling student commentary. graphy focuses on student-teacher interaction -- the caring of the faculty and friendships among the students shine through. This effective also showcases the university's resources and physical plant."




Web & Intranet Sites


Site Selection Magazine on the Web, www.siteselection.com

Jack Lyne, Executive Editor, Interactive Publishing, Conway Data, Inc., Norcross, GA. 

"Exceptionally well-written. Takes full advantage of Web resources -- graphics, links, etc. Shows you can


"write long" on the Web -- if it's done right. This is."



HostingTech Web Site, www.hostingtech.com

Bruce M. Waldack, Founder & Publisher, HostingTech Magazine, Alexandria, VA.

"Blazing fast, extremely clean design, intuitive navigation and maximum use of state-of-the-art Web technology make this site a winner. 'Subscribe' pop up windows, 'Email this link to a friend' options from any page are just two examples. Packing the site with dozens of well-written articles on every aspect of Web hosting doesn't hurt either. An outstanding site."




Imagination Publishing Web Site, www.imaginepub.com

Imagination Publishing, Chicago, IL. 

"This is one crisp, tight, cleanly-executed Web Site. Fast loading, tightly written in Web-friendly short chunks. The site displays a very imaginative and persuasive portfolio of client projects."




Dallabrida & Associates, San Francisco, CA.

"Wow! This is flash done right. Superbly easy intuitive step-by-step demos walk you through newsletter production. Exceptional site graphics, layout and navigation. Very thorough download options. All in all, a very user friendly site."



The Jones Day Web Site Home Page, www.jonesday.com

Joe Altobelli, Graphic Design Manager, Dan Baraona, Multimedia Production Assistant and John Fish, Client Partner (Hubbard One), Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Cleveland, OH. 

"Great caption-like mouse-over summaries -- thumbnail briefs of what you get if you continue -- very, very Web paradigm! Nice home page, dynamic without too much motion. Very attractive horizontal layout."



City of Virginia Beach Web Site, www.vbgov.com

City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA.

"Superbly designed site -- super fast, excellent navigation, structured to give extensive useful information to visitors, residents and companies. Very well done."



Rush Web Site Home Page, www.rush.edu

Rush Publications Staff, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

"Crisp, elegant simplicity, in a superbly organized home page -- effective mix of administration links at the side, affiliation links at the top, 'news' links in the center and topic links at the bottom really work well. This is an exemplar of what a Web Site home page should be."



Shands.org Redesign

Shands HealthCare, Gainesville, FL.

"In depth research and evaluation mark this site makeover. Superb navigation (e.g. drop down menus stay dropped down) and integration of massive copy and resources into useful, easy to access data for site visits, create a top-level site experience."



Washington International School Web Site, www.wis.edu

Celia Luxmoore, Director of Advancement, Washington International School, Washington, DC.

"Simply superb organization and navigation on this Web Site. Fast, clean design packed with photos and easily readable text chunks. Packed with easy-to-get-to information and resources. This is a textbook example of a site designed with the user in mind."



City of Tacoma Environmental Services Site

Farmer, Community Relations Officer, City of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA.

"Clear, simple pictographic way to present site information to a consumer audience. Superbly implemented, attractively designed, crisply written."



Campaigns, Programs & Plans


AT&T Fall Enrollment - Benefit Decisions 2002

Richard Cash, Consultant, Aon Communication Consulting, New York, NY. 

"Attractive, striking, eye catching, extremely legible with clear and a superior readable layout. This is an exceptional example of employee benefits communications."



Welcome to Our World - New Hire Orientation Materials

Human Resource Development, FedEx Express, Memphis, TN. 

"Very effective new employee orientation package -- makes the mundane both interesting and important -- effective and print materials make the key points about needing employees to welcome and support new staffers. Very, very well done."



Budget and Debt Management Program

Gregory Spears, Editor, The Vanguard Group, Valley Forge, PA. 

"Superbly written and illustrated guide gives clear simple instructions in an extremely well-organized, readable layout. Excellent graphics and typography combine with effective use of white space to enhance the copy's prudent advice."



Medicine - On-Time Plus Campaign

Shana Harris, Senior Associate, Warschawski Public Relations, Baltimore, MD. 

"Extremely effective, superbly planned, written and executed campaign to publicize (and increase sales of) a pharmacist's drug management system. Bravo!"



Overnight Lite - Digital Color Survey

Steve Johnson, President, Copresco, Carol Stream, IL. 

"Impressive, well-organized and thought through, customer surveys result in customers 'buying in' to the printer's choice of digital color printing equipment. Customers received side-by-side comparisons of type, photos and artwork prepared using contending equipment. They voted 2-to-1 for the model Copresco then purchased. An effective customer communication strategy.



Your Future, Your Choice - Retirement Planning Month

CalPERS, Office of Public Affairs, California Public Employees' Retirement System, Sacramento, CA.

"Useful calculators, motivating (to save) case histories and a wealth of information on investing and retirement presented in a well-designed, well-written, interesting format. This is what corporate retirement communications should be."



Community/Family Preparedness Workbook and Employee Emergency Planning Practices

J. Robert Johnson, PEM/CEM, Emergency Manager, City of Sterling Heights, Office of Emergency Management, Sterling Heights, MI.

"Small budget, big impact! Shows what you can do with black and white. Very effective "What to Do" flip chart gives instant access to quick steps to take in any of 12 different scenarios -- from power outages to terrorist threats. An excellent example of emergency planning and communications."



Administration Manual

Communications Team, HOOPP, Toronto, ON. 

"This administration manual is a paradigm of employee personnel manuals. Superbly organized and laid out, with clear readable type and illustrations, copy is informative and interesting (hard to do in this genre!). This is an extremely thorough, in depth and superbly done manual."

LCRA Retirement Choice Project

LCRA Employee Services Department, Lower Colorado River Authority, Austin, TX.

"This impressively organized and detailed campaign shows all the earmarks of an effort to help employees make the best decisions about critical issues. An exemplary benefits communication campaign.




Response to Terror: Sandia Emergency Responses to the September 11 Attacks




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