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Language Tips
Baxter Publishing, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
"A very well-researched and written weekly e-mail newsletter helps its Dutch English-speaking audience understand the idioms and culture of different countries. Where else can you learn what yard sale early birds are? Or how to address business correspondence? Well-written, professionally done. On target. All in all, this is a superb e-mail newsletter."

Institutional InsightsTM
Kay Fahlstrom, Senior Marketing Manager, Charles Schwab, San Francisco, CA.
"A very clean, simple but elegant design says 'quality' and nicely showcases tightly-written, interesting articles. The authors have created a very effective platform for financial communications."

Dallas Children's Hospital Web Site for Parents
Children's Medical Center of Dallas and Health Ink & Vitality Communications, Yardley, PA.
"Exceptionally well-crafted, this online newsletter offers warm, inviting visuals, a clean attractive layout, top-drawer graphics and tightly written interesting and well-researched articles, ideally formatted in 'web chunks.' A superior example of an e-letter."

Unitus Newsletter
Maggie Neilson, Vice President, Strategic Development, Unitus, Redmond, CA.
"Superb graphics, content and passion for the mission set this e-mail newsletter apart."

EMC.now, December 2003
Monya Keane, Senior Manager, Employee Communications, EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, MA.
"Nicely done, attractive newsletter -- beautiful, clean, organized layout with clearly written, appealing copy showcased with interesting use of heads, decks and pull quotes. What a newsletter should be."

Harvard Health Letter
Ed Coburn, Publisher, Harvard Health Publications, Boston, CA.
"Crisp, tight informed writing, clean, readable type and clear, well-captioned illustrations make this an outstanding example of the newsletter art."

REALTOR Online's Business Tips Newsletter
Kristin Paxton, Manager, Online Operations and Haley Hwang, Online Editor, National Association of REALTORS, Chicago, IL.
"Succinct, well-written articles -- and just the right number -- in a clean, attractive format, make this an e-mail newsletter that will be read."

Front Lines
Peter D. Birt, Manager, Public Relations, Ontario Nurses' Association, Toronto, ON.
"World-class spreads, photography and type. Compelling copy and effective use of sidebars, screens and illustrations round out this newsletter's impact.

Healthy Living E-mail Newsletter
Marketing and Public Relations Department, Somerset Medical Center, Somerville, NJ.
"An excellent example of the e-mail newsletterer's craft. Succinct summary paragraphs on the contents page link to interesting, concisely written articles inside. Clean. Simple. Elegant."

Magazines & Journals

Infiniti Competitive Edge, December 2003
Carl E. Crider, Owner, Crider Associates, Encinitas, CA.
"Beautifully and functionally illustrated, this issue features useful, well-selected photos and clearly written copy to help dealer personnel understand and explain competitive advantages of the brand. Nicely executed in a very appealing package."

The Green Sheet, Issue 03:10:01
Paul H. Green, Editor in Chief, The Green Sheet, Inc., Rohnert Park, CA.
"What's green all over -- with a green name -- and all about 'green' (the charge card kind)? Why, The Green Sheet, of course! This very well-written, black-ink-only-on-green-paper magazine features clean, simple, readable layouts and clear, well-informed writing to keep readers involved."

American Spirit, Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine
Hammock Publishing, Nashville, TN.
"Spectacular photography and illustrations, appealing heads and eye-catching decks combine with interesting spreads -- each different than the last, yet all coming together into a coherent whole -- to showcase fascinating articles, each marvelously written and superbly researched."

Workers Compensation Issues Report
Cheryl Budd, Chief, Corporate Communications Office, NCCI Holdings, Inc., Boca Raton, FL.
"This is a nicely done, clearly designed, well-written magazine with a unique -- and appealing -- layout and well-researched, interesting features. Well-designed charts and graphs aid the presentation."

T. Rowe Price Investor -- December 2003
T. Rowe Price and SmartMoney Custom Solutions, New York, NY.
"This appealingly designed magazine offers state-of-the-art financial advice, in well-written, interesting articles, using clear infographics to reinforce key points. An exceptional example of what good financial communications should be."

FMI Quarterly
Alison Weaver, Editor, Jerry Jackson, Publisher, Sally Hulick, Group Manager and Mary Humphrey, Designer, FMI Corporation, Raleigh, NC.
"Superb design, striking, museum-grade illustrations, top-level typography, clean, interesting heads and decks -- all working to showcase crisply-written research-based articles. The nicely readable contents page is icing on the cake."

Cleveland Clinic Magazine
The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.
"Beautiful, varied spreads, appealing, readable copy, first-rate type and effective use of screens and photos make this an inviting (and well-read) magazine."

Sandia Technology: Homeland Security
Will Keener, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.
"Superb spreads and photography, well-researched, interesting features and state-of-the-art information set this research and development journal apart. It's a real page turner."

USF Magazine
Office of Publications, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.
"Spectacular spreads, powerful photos, intriguing illustrations, well-written copy. A magazine where editors know their audience."

FDU Magazine Online, Spring 2003
Rebecca Maxon, Associate Director, Communications and Publications and FDU Magazine Online Web Designer, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ.
"Smooth as silk, this online magazine captures the essence of the print magazine and flawlessly translates it to the Web's idiom. Clean design, navigation, and legible layouts. Very effective Web copyediting."

Internal Auditor
The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc., Altamonte Springs, FL.
"Exceptionally consistent, strong, superbly researched articles make for an informed read on highly technical subject matter. Exceptionally well done."


Magapapers & Newspapers

Lowe's Lowedown
Clarissa Felts, Director, Internal Communications, Lowe's Companies, Inc., Mooresville, NC.
"This company newspaper talks to you. The stories are well-written, warm, inviting and interesting. Layouts are lively, varied and help pull the reader in. The center spreads are particularly dynamic."

PhotoMedia -- Spring/Summer 2003, The Art of the Landscape
Gary Halpern, President, The PhotoMedia Group, Inc., Seattle, WA.
"A marvelously interesting, appealingly designed and written magazine -- truly for serious photographers and one showcasing superb, world-class photographs and photo spreads. Captions take us into the photographer's mind, sharing their impressions about each photograph. Neatly done."

Sandia Lab News/Columbia
Sandia Lab News Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.
"This in-house magapaper is of, by and for the staff. Clean type and spreads, first rate photography, an editor's approach to captions (i.e., meaningful, related to the story, and it's okay to make them long if they contribute to the topic) and substantive, well-researched and written features make this a standout employee publication."

UMDNJ Research
Barbara Hurley, Director, University Marketing Communications, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ.
"Appealing cover photos and a useful, well-designed contents page are the opening to this very effective magapaper. Spectacular spreads and interesting photos and illustrations complement the text, which makes the technical subject matter come alive."

Center View, November/December 2003
Roger Goode, Graphic Design Coordinator, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH.
"A cleanly designed magapaper with bold yet elegant spreads, superbly cropped and placed photos, eye-catching heads and crisp, attractive sidebars and typography -- including nicely done callouts. Not bad considering it prints on plain, uncoated white paper."

AAW: Wright Now
PACE Office, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA.
"Beautiful design with striking large-format spreads and superb photos -- all well-captioned -- make a wonderful 'wrapper' for interesting well-crafted copy that tells a compelling story. If flight research is your passion, this is your magapaper. It continues to impress."

Annual Reports

Ronald McDonald House Charities 2002 Annual Report
Imagination Publishing, Chicago, IL.
"Warm, inviting, well-cropped photo spreads and succinct, interesting copy conveys the message compellingly well. The beautiful page layouts, typography and paper make this square format annual report especially appealing."

NOVEC -- 2003 Annual Report
Becky Whitelock, Director of Communications and Sarah Smarrelli, Publishing Assistant, Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC), Manassas, VA.
"This is a world-class annual report -- from the elegantly simple, yet inviting cover to the visually successful illustrations (including the nicely done contents page) showing NOVEC's territory, to the beautifully chosen, large photo spreads and very appealing typography -- especially the heads, decks and wonderfully informative (as they should be) captions. This design says 'wow' -- capturing the readers' attention and setting the stage for the message, delivered in clear, crisp form."

2002 First Banks, Inc. Business Review
Peggy Lents, President, Lents & Associates LLC, St. Louis, MO.
"Striking photo spreads, beautiful layouts and crisp, interesting writing -- including very effective and well-showcased customer testimonials -- involve readers and get the message across."

PREPARE ... RESPOND -- 2003 Annual Report
John Rodgers, Program Manager, American Red Cross, Washington, DC.
"This very clever annual report actually helps you prepare for emergencies. How about that? A potentially life-saving annual report from ... the American Red Cross! Top notch copy and graphics are icing on the cake."

2003 Annual Report
Audrey Graham, Creative Director, Arthritis Foundation, Atlanta, GA.
"A spectacularly gorgeous design. Dynamic spreads employ beautiful type and heads with appealing photography. Very effective use of spot color. Overall, the design is elegant yet not overdone."

Reece Quinones, Senior Designer, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA.
"An incredibly beautiful, spectacular design creates a warm, inviting and very interesting 'look and feel' for this annual report. Appealing calligraphic leads, photo illustrations which blend into the page, crisp typography and one intriguing spread after another -- all combine to showcase the message and carry the reader through this annual report."

Jefferson County Public Schools Annual Report
Sarah Haley, Graphic Designer, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY.
"A unique square format showcases a spectacular series of photo spreads, clean type, interesting heads and a very effective mix of black and white and color photos. It's a real page-turner -- not bad for an in-house production cost of 33 cents per copy."

Building Better Tomorrows Together
Marketing Department, Members 1st Federal Credit Union, Mechanicsburg, PA.
"Impressive illustrations, whose 'child figure' theme carries over to very effectively done charts. Excellent use of attractive typography and spot color reinforce the clean appealing look of this annual report, setting the stage for crisply written, on-point copy to complete the message."

2003 Annual Report
Chris M. Gent, Manager of Corporate Communications, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Kissimmee, FL.
"What a marvelously clever annual report design and great cover design, in which art imitates life. The electrical outlet looks so real we wanted to plug in a power cord. Simple clean powerful illustrations and spreads throughout. Nicely done. And, the strong design showcases on equally clever editorial strategy. Each spread focuses on a device -- security systems, CAT scan machines, computers that runs on electricity -- showing how they're used and KUA services related to them. A very creative and readable effort."

A Day in the Life of a Physician
Joanie Erickson, Director, Public Relations, NorthBay Healthcare, Fairfield, CA.
"An extremely clever narrative approach to the annual report. Interesting, dynamic spreads and photos reinforce the crisp copy to pull the readers in and let them focus on the heart of the organization -- the caregivers. A marvelously well-done publication."

Public Affairs Review
Wes Pedersen, Director, Communications and Public Relations, The Public Affairs Council, Washington, DC.
"A highly original annual report -- in the guise of a professional journal -- pulls it off with panache. The clean, appealing layout nicely frames interesting, well-edited features. An exceptional annual report."


Brochures, Manuals & Reports

Tech Lighting Consumer Catalog
ABS Graphics, Inc., Addison, IL.
"Striking design in this classy, elegantly designed and attractive catalog. Superb spreads, product photography, type and copy."

Wells Fargo Institutional Trust Image Brochure
Wells Fargo Institutional Trust Services and May Advertising and Design, Inc., Minneapolis, MN.
"Clarity of design is the watchword, with bold, simple spreads, top-drawer photography, legible type and quotation heads that tie the copy and photo together. An interesting design strikes just the right note as it showcases well-written copy. Exactly what you want for financial materials."

Blue Ridge Parkway -- America's Favorite Journey
K. Scott Jenkins, Graphic Designer, J. Scott Graham, Photographer and Elizabeth C. Hunter, Writer, Great Scott Design, Johnson City, TN.
"Interesting, well-researched copywriting, marvelous photography, illustrations and typography make this an exceptional 'coffee table' book."

CMYK Color: Visual & Digital References for Professionals
Gerald Fields and Gary Nichols, Authors and Designers, Metro Publishing -- Houston, Houston, TX.
"Superb research, clarity of writing, exceptional design, illustrations and photography. The result is world-class."

Yale University Divinity School Viewbook
Karen Healey and James Healey, Designers, Peapod Design, New Canaan, CT.
"Stunningly beautiful -- a rich tapestry of design, with elegant readable type, well-chosen, nicely textured photo spreads and crisp, inviting copy. An exceptional viewbook."

Baby Owner's Manual and Folder
Blue Ridge HealthCare Marketing Department, Blue Ridge HealthCare, Morganton, NC.
"Charming, well-written and appealingly designed with exceptional photography, this manual and folder do a first rate job of communicating essential information to new parents in a very effective and practical way."

Trees for Rock Hill
Ruth Whittington, Graphic Designer, City of Rock Hill, Rock Hill, SC.
"Superbly done. A marvelous -- and eye opening -- guide to tree care. Absolutely first rate."

For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Restraining Orders
Publishing Program, Legal Services Society, Vancouver, BC.
"Extremely clear, well-written and cleanly designed, this very effective booklet covers complex topics exceptionally well, making them easy to grasp. Very nice use of tables and a Q&A section to clarify content."

Stock Selection Handbook
Bonnie Jaye Biafore, Consultant, Montevista Solutions, Inc. for NAIC, Conifer, CO.
"Superbly written book makes complex investment topics clear and easily understandable. Lively, interesting copy walks readers through the topics while clean, readable type and attractive spreads and illustrations and functional charts reinforce the strong text."

Understanding the Early Years
Communications, Peel District School Board, Mississauga, ON.
"Its depth of research and clarity of written and illustrated findings are what set this special report apart from the crowd. Exceptionally well-done."

PSIA-AASI Adaptive Snowsports Instruction Manual
Linda Crockett, Education Director and Rebecca Ayers, Communications Director, Professional Ski Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard Instructors, Lakewood, CO.
"Text and photos blend exceptionally well in this superbly researched and organized softcover book. Crisp, well-written copy and clean spreads and typography make it a pleasure to use."

Coastal Remote Sensing
Alison Smith, Communications Specialist, PSGS at the NOAA Coastal Services Center, Charleston, SC.
"Technical photography at its best. This softcover, wide format book showcases marvelous photographs, each of which has a story to tell using remote sensing. Interesting, well-written copy reinforces the illustrations. A first rate publication."


Video & Electronic Publications

Turning words into action
Suzanne Burrows, Senior Account Director, Ariad Custom Communications, Toronto, ON.
"A simple, clear, powerful and intelligent message -- superbly packaged and delivered. This is what financial communications is all about."

Healthcare 101: What You Need to Know About Prescription Drugs
CalPERS Office of Public Affairs, Sacramento, CA.
"This excellent, clearly written and filmed video offers useful advice on evaluating and taking prescription drugs. An invaluable guide for consumers."

Toyota 4WD Simplified -- e-Learning Module
Timothy Clave and Titian Scholtemeyer, Producers, Major Media, Inc., Solana Beach, CA.
"Crisp, cutting edge graphics, simple navigation and clear, understandable lessons make this learning module a winner. Very effective, animated viewer-controlled illustrations."

HR Recruitment Video
LifeBridge Health Marketing Staff, LifeBridge Health, Baltimore, MD.
"Warm, inviting and candid, the interviews with a range of staffers create a reassuring message of 'welcome' to prospective staff. The producers clearly know their audience -- and how to reach it."

UTTC Student Orientation and Handbook
UT TeleCampus, Austin, TX.
"Superbly planned, excellent navigation, clear 'Web chunk' (i.e. brief) writing style makes this a very effective interactive site."


Web & Intranet Sites

Jim Sexton, Editorial Director, HGTV.com, Knoxville, TN.
"What's not to like? Elegant design, easy navigation, crisp inviting copy. It's an A-plus site, packed with usable information."

Lexus eShowroom
Elisa Liehr, President, Liehr Marketing & Communications, Inc., Rolling Hills Estates, CA.
"The old site was (also) excellent. The new one is superb. Clean, crisp design and copy, excellent navigation and wonderfully-integrated text, voice and video make it an interesting and painless learning experience for site users."

Janel C. Patti, Vice President, Design Services, The Marcus Group, Inc., Secaucus, NY.
"A marvelously planned and designed Web site. It offers quick easy navigation and is packed with extremely well organized and clear answers to every conceivable question. What an informational Web site should be."

Parthenon Publishing, Nashville, TN.
"Superbly well-organized, well-thought out, resource-rich site communicates with crisp copy 'chunks', clean design and clear, fast navigation. An excellent example of a clean site that seamlessly integrates massive amounts of information and numerous sub-sites. Well done!"

Brian Bush, Web Master/Designer, Nature Photographer Publishing Co., Inc., Lubec, ME.
"Superb writing and a passion for the craft of nature photography show through. Easy site navigation and clean pages packed with interesting features and useful information make this site a keeper. The beach photography article alone makes the site worth visiting."

Elizabeth Fordham, Principal, Quill & Ink, Houston, TX.
"What a marvelously written, cleverly thought out and superbly illustrated 'Web store' site. It not only showcases 'sassy' and imaginative note cards, but also some first-rate writing and some very helpful -- and humorous -- tips for note writing. An excellent plan for content and marketing make this a top-notch Web site."

Lehigh Valley Hospital
Sheri Rush, Director, Web Communications, Lehigh Valley Hospital, Marketing & Public Affairs, Allentown, PA.
"A massive site packed to the rafters with extensive useful information -- well-written, well-organized and well-designed for easy navigation and readability."

Region of Peel, Peel Health, Brampton, ON.
"A fast, visually interesting, succinctly written (perfect for the Web audience of high schoolers) and attractively designed site, all the elements of which reinforce the clear central message. A superb communications effort."

Westminster Presbyterian Church
Martha S. Burbeck, Newsletter and Web Editor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI.
"An elegant, efficient layout, clear, easy navigation and interesting, appealing and well-written content all unite to create a significantly improved, top-drawer church congregation's Web site."


Campaigns, Programs & Plans

Siemens "Choose Well, Use Well" Health Care Consumerism Campaign
George Thomas and Michelle DeViva, Communications Consultants, Mercer Human Resource Consulting, New York, NY.
"Superb design, photography and illustrations combined with clean typography, appealing dynamic spreads, and superior writing do an outstanding job of helping employees in choosing and using benefits. A benefits campaign exemplar."

The North American Coal Corporation -- Don't Be Scared of the Bear
Allison Raskin, Education Consultant, The Vanguard Group, Malvern, PA.
"A rarely undertaken campaign to show employees with retirement funds how not to panic in a bear market. Superbly researched, designed and written materials compellingly make the point."

Campbell Soup Company Benefits Enrollment Kit
Cataleno & Company, Moorestown, NJ.
"Often, less is more, and it certainly is for this enrollment kit, which uses brief, and exceptionally clear copy, excellent type and heads, readable layouts and enough white space -- that rare commodity -- to make the copy stand out. Functional illustrations reinforce the content. This is what a benefits enrollment package should be."

American Diabetes Association Publications Program
Peter Banks, Publisher, American Diabetes Association, Alexandria, VA.
"Consistently high quality in writing and design across a wide range of publications makes this an exceptional program."

B. Good, The Compliance Guy
Kimberly Minnick, Manager, Corporate Communications, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Newark, NJ.
"Clever, effective cartoons get the message across -- clearly and simply. Lots of humor. No preaching. The essence of good communications."

American Paint Horse Educational Outreach
Jerry Circelli, Director of Communications, American Paint Horse Association, Fort Worth, TX.
"This cleverly thought through campaign showcases the drama and romance of the American Paint Horse in a tailor-made 'Rangers and Outlaws' wild west show. Spectacular visuals. Crisp, lively copy. Sometimes, less is more. In this case, more is more. News media coverage was, of course, extraordinary."

City of Houston Total Publications Program
Cynthia Sax, Public Information Officer, City of Houston, Human Resources, Communications Division, Houston, TX.
"Exceptional depth and range of publications offering attractive design, top quality photography and tightly-written, interesting, well-researched copy."

"The New DAR"
DAR Public Relations Department, Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC.
"This comprehensive campaign showcases the new reality of the DAR through publications, member education and special events. Well-planned and targeted to key audiences, this is a model for creating a campaign to change a membership society's public image through open communication."

"Personal and Powerful" -- Fairfield University's Undergraduate Admission Package
Jill Caseria, Assistant Director of University Publications, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.
"What a remarkable array of publications -- one more spectacular than the next -- make up this admission packages. Beautiful photography and spreads, attractive typography, especially the heads, callouts and captions, all combine to showcase exceptionally well-written, persuasive copy. Each publication reinforces the first-class image of the institution. How an admissions package should be done."

"The Dune Book" (Note: links to 11.4mb pdf!)
Spencer Rogers, David Nash and Ann Green, North Carolina Sea Grant, Raleigh, NC.
"Superbly designed, extremely well-thought out campaign offers a wealth of well-written, beautiful and interesting features and resource material. One comes away from reading this material with a clear understanding of and appreciation for, the role of dunes in protecting against storm-induced erosion."



Book Beat: Two Shots and You Are Free
Robert Mogan, Freelance Writer, Hemispheres, Greensboro, NC.
"What an interesting story, powerfully told, in a review that may be as good as the book reviewed. The review grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the very end."

Zero Tolerance for Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment? Not at MSHA.
Ellen Smith, Editor, Mine Safety and Health News, Pittsford, NY.
"Thorough, well-researched, hard-hitting news writing involves readers with interesting copy. It keeps you reading until the end."

Back in the Race -- Palm Beach Illustrated, January 2003
Kevin Kaminski, Editor, Palm Beach Illustrated, West Palm Beach, FL.
"A powerful, moving story, compellingly told, superbly written."

Manifat Destiny
Henry W. Singer, Executive Editor, Slack Inc., Thorofare, NJ.
"Intensively researched and exceptionally well-written, this interesting, provocative piece holds the reader from start to finish. Nicely paced and organized, the feature is a prime example of the craft of feature writing for maximum impact."

Outreach Articles
Connie Totten-Oldham, Manager, Implementation and Outreach, U.S. Postal Service, Arlington, VA.
"Superb series of useful articles, well-researched, informative and well-written. Public service writing at its best."

Sweeping Around the World -- Europe
Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Author, American Proofreading Company, Bow, WA.
"A journey, a quest, an informed and educational look at how it's done in Europe. Compellingly-written, interesting features make superb stories, marvelously told by a first-rate story teller."

Presentation Series
Disney Newsreel, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA.
"A superbly written series on how to give visual presentations. Absolutely top-drawer."

A Journey into Darkness
Charles A. Miess, Columnist, Word Worth, East Aurora, NY.
"What a beautiful story, riveting, with powerful imagery and a warm, inviting style that draws you in and won't let you go. A marvelous example of wordcraft."

The Penn Stater Magazine, July/August 2003 -- "Brave Heart"
Tina Hay, Editor, Penn State Alumni Association, University Park, PA.
"A gripping, compellingly-told story, interesting, tightly-written, a superb example of the storyteller's craft."

Sex Offender Registry Raises Complex Legal Issues
Naseem Stecker, Staff Writer, State Bar of Michigan, Lansing, MI.
"Exceptionally well-written article takes an objective look at a difficult topic. Deftly handled. Interesting copy."

Korean War Series
VFW Magazine Staff, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kansas City, MO.
"Compelling, moving, fascinating. These are interesting stories, superbly written."

Cleaning & Restoration Magazine -- Saving the Irreplaceable
Patricia L. Harman, Editor-in-Chief, Cleaning & Restoration/ASCR International, Cockeysville, MD.
" A fascinating look at an emergency restoration project, told with warmth, passion and great human interest. Nor are the technical aspects slighted. They're covered in depth in a clearly understandable manner. Overall, an excellent, well-written and well-informed series."


Design & Illustration

Costco Wholesale Today -- September 2003
Dana Sullivan, Creative Director, Costco Wholesale, Issaquah, WA.
"A very effective use of cartoons, charts and text offers one of the clearest explanations we've seem of the reasons for healthcare cost increases."

The Ritz Carlton Magazine -- Stepping Out in Santiago
Randi Karabin, Creative Director, McMurry, Phoenix, AZ.
"Gorgeous typography, spectacular photography, appealing, interesting spreads and nicely executed illustrations make this a top drawer design."

Yards Ahead
Matt Petersen, Executive Director/Vice President, Meredith Integrated Marketing, New York, NY.
"Beautifully designed layouts -- striking spreads, interesting well-cropped photos, readable type, functional illustrations and eye-catching captions and callouts -- all blend into a dynamic yet harmonious whole. Nicely done."

Trade Show Executive Magazine
Mark Feldman, President and Joan Hamby, Managing Editor, Trade Show Executive Magazine, Inc., Torrance, CA.
"Everything speaks to ease of readability -- the spreads, paper choice, clean typography, readable heads and decks and appealing photos. They all tie together into a first-rate publication."

Executive Update -- October 2003 Cover
Bussolati Associates, Executive Update Magazine, GWSAE, Washington, DC.
"A clever, clever cover concept, superbly executed in an exceptionally striking photo illustration."

NAM Member Resource Guide
Irina Stepanova, Art Director, National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC.
"This superbly planned and organized member guide is beautifully designed, with clear, attractive typography and spreads. The Quickstart Guide and the Quick Reference Guide are particularly succinct and effective. A superior guide in its own right and a significant improvement over the previous, also excellent version."

Principal Leadership
Scott Harris, Senior Designer, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Reston, VA.
" A very striking, eye-catching illustration moves the reader's eye through the spread, which superbly showcases the copy. Slick (in the very best sense of the word)!"

Amazon Region Protected Areas (ARPA) Pocket Folder
David Ciommo, Graphic Designer, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC.
"Gorgeous photography combine with beautiful spreads, typography and illustrations to help tell a compelling story. An exceptional folder design."

Hughston Health Alert -- Volume 15, Number 4, Fall 2003 issue
Mary Kate Carlton, MSMI, Art Director, Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation, Columbus, GA.
"Beautifully rendered, exceptionally clear illustrations combine with crisp, attractive and very legible typography to help tell the story. Nicely done."

Building community ... every day
Seth J. Katzen, Director of Marketing and Communications, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, FL.
"Beautifully presented photos -- powerful, warm and inviting -- with clean, attractive text and layout."


Special Publications

Erie Insurance Multimedia Archive
Erie Insurance Group, Erie, PA.
"Superb visuals, photography and copy make this a top-quality, one-of-a-kind web archive."

My Ford -- Summer 2003 -- Special Centennial Edition
Rick Crossland, CRM Marketing Manager, Time Inc. Custom Publishing, New York, NY.
"Attractive, attention-getting spreads, interesting copy and a superbly-executed timeline section make this an outstanding special edition."

Engineering: Go For It!
Robert Black, Editor, American Society for Engineering Education, Washington DC.
"A powerful combination of appealing spreads, intriguing illustrations and top-notch layouts showcase interesting profiles of engineering students and their schools. If this won't motivate students to consider an engineering career they're just not paying attention."

MPM Foundation "Campaign for Mease" Fundraiser Booklet
Ray Cauchi, Manager, BayCare Creative Services, BayCare Health System, Clearwater, FL.
"Spectacular spreads and photography work well with effective screens, heads and illustrations to fill this large format booklet. Articulate, interesting copy drives the message home."

"Are We Ready?" -- Terrorism Response Campaign
Patrick Kane, Director, Marketing Communications, Conemaugh Health System, Johnstown, PA.
"An extremely well-scripted, realistic teaching aide for emergency response personnel. This interactive program presents 'real-life' emergencies and walks participants through each scenario. Very well-prepared."



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