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Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll link to the organization's main Web site and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change and revision by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

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The Smart Life
Donald Bilodeau, Ariad Custom Communications, Toronto, ON
"Extremely helpful, usable information presented in concise, well-written articles, in a very appealing and easy reading e-mail newsletter. An excellent example of what an e-mail newsletter should be."

Driver's Seat
Susan Pack, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.,Torrance, CA
"Staff newsletter can be stuffy affairs, but this large format newsletter avoids that fate with appealing spreads, interesting photos nicely captioned, and a succinct mix of short stories and longer pieces. Legible type with plenty of leading and a nice quality matte finish paper completes the package."

Tech Talk
Allyson Corcoran, Elisabeth Villarroel, Veterinary Learning Systems, Yardley, PA
"A top-drawer e-mail newsletter, with a clean, appealing layout and a smooth flow of articles -- well illustrated and written. The home page draws readers in with a varied mix of main topics, 'news bites' and one-off items sure to get your attention."

Natural Gas & Electricity
Isabelle Cohen-DeAngelis, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ
"Written for a technical and professional audience, this newsletter nevertheless delivers an editorial product that is lively, informative, and easily grasped by technical and lay audiences alike. The layout is clean, typography is legible, and copy is readable -- all of which a newsletter should deliver. This one does."

Disney Newsreel
Steven Clark, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
"A written tour de force from Disney. The WALL*E lead and visuals are superb, while the varied spreads throughout add interest to the crisply written, informative features."

ASCD Express
Carole C. Hayward, ASCD, Alexandria, VA
"What an e-mail newsletter should be. A well-designed front page offers short items and quick summaries of key articles. Click-throughs bring you to partial articles with a further click to the full article. Neatly done. These folks have obviously thought through how people actually browse, navigate and read online. All this and as much background detail and as many links as you could wish for."


Magazines & Journals

BergerWorld - Cultural Resources: Preserving the Past, Planning the Future
Warren Miller, Karen Krammer, Berger Group Holdings, Inc., Morristown, NJ
"A striking composite photo cover leads the reader into a series of beautifully crafted photo spreads. Clean typography and deft placement of illustrations complete the package."

American Spirit - January/ February 2009
Hammock Inc., Nashville, TN
"A very elegant and a very inviting design, with each gorgeous spread a unique layout and each a pleasing surprise to the reader. Masterful use of headline schedules, type, callouts, sidebars, illustrations and photography -- all first rate -- make this a coffee table-grade publication."

TABLE Magazine (Holiday)
John Carpenter, MCM Communications, Pittsburgh, PA
"The layout is beyond exquisite - with superb photography and illustration, and spread after spread, each strikingly different, each pulling the reader into the interesting, exceptionally well-written features."

NACS Magazine
The Pohly Company, Boston, MA
"A superb makeover from the bold, uncluttered contents page to the gorgeous spreads and blend of first-rate typography and illustration -- all supporting well-written, interesting and useful feature articles."

Parks 2008
Time Inc. - Content Solutions, New York, NY
"Definite coffee table material, this is one spectacularly beautiful magazine. Layouts are superb, photography is stunning, illustrations are exceptional, and the features --- very well written and very interesting --- tie it all together."

Investor, June 2008
T. Rowe Price, Owings Mills, MD
"Its not a simple task to convey complex financial advice to the average person, but T. Rowe Price's Investor magazine does it very well - with a blend of appealing visuals (including superb infographics) and well researched and very readable features and shorts. Readers will come away both informed and motivated."

Amtrak - New York By Rail
Thomas Martinelli, Martinelli-Slocum Publishing, Poughkeepsie, NY
"Beautiful spreads make the most of photos and typography. In-depth captions involve and interest the reader, and reinforce the inviting copy. A wonderfully appealing travelogue."

PhotoMedia - Spring 2008, People and Places
Gary Halpern, The PhotoMedia Group, Inc., Seattle, WA
"Yes, it's a photography magazine -- well, really, a photographer's magazine, it's that good, but the story lines offer superb, focused writing. They blend wonderfully with photo spreads to tell the whole story with words and extraordinary visuals. A world-class magazine out of a small office shop. Not bad for the first issue after a total redesign and size change."

Civil Engineering Magazine - January 2008
Civil Engineering Staff, American Society of Civil Engineers,
Reston, VA
"News, reviews, in-depth special reports and full-length feature articles (all thoroughly researched and written in an interesting, inviting style) make the issue a must read, an informative read, and almost a monthly seminar. Top-drawer."

Cleveland Clinic Magazine

Glenn Pierce, The Magazine Group, Washington, DC
"Interesting and particularly useful features are reinforced with top-drawer photography in clean uncluttered, spreads offering readable typography and a bold, simple headline schedule. Top design. Top copy. Top magazine."

Hallowed Ground
Mary Koik, Civil War Preservation Trust, Washington, DC
"A major -- and successful -- overhaul, this much improved magazine offers superbly written, very interesting features, showcased in attractive photo spreads with interesting use of illustrations and archival materials."


Magapapers & Newspapers

Ocular Surgery News - January 25, 2009
OSN Staff, Ocular Surgery News, Thorofare, NJ
"This large-format magapaper is packed with copy and visuals, but uses white space judiciously to let the layout "breathe." Photography is functional -- as it should be in a news publication for medical professionals. Feature articles are thoroughly researched and written in an informative, interactive style."

Passenger Transport
Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc. for American Public Transportation Association, Alexandria, VA
"This much improved magapaper offers clear, readable spreads and a blend of informative, well-written features and shorts. The resulting package catches the eye and involves the reader -- exactly what you want."

Sandia Lab News
Lab News Team, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
"This magapaper never fails to disappoint, with its effective blend of research news and employee information and advice. Copy is crisp, interesting and casual - just the right tone for an employee magapaper."

City Savvy - Fall 2008
HR Communications, City of Houston, Houston, TX
"It's not easy making trash recycling and other GREEN topics interesting, but City Savvy pulls it off, with appealing features, a friendly, informal writing style (just right, we think, for an employee audience) and a clean, functional design that takes full advantage of the large magapaper format."

Happy Anniversary NASA and NASA's 50th Anniversary (X-Press companion editions)
Dryden Flight Research Center - Strategic Communications, Code T, Edwards, CA
"Key achievements, the NASA Dryden people who drove those achievements, and the aircraft, spacecraft and other craft they developed to reach those achievements -- are all presented in a compellingly written, interesting magapaper format, which takes full advantage of the large spread format to showcase both human interest and technical features -- each very readable, and each reinforced with superb photography."


Annual Reports

Loyola University Chicago - Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing - Transforming Nursing 2008
ABS Graphics, Addison, IL
"Vision, programs and achievements are all exceptionally well presented with attractive, dynamic spreads and interesting, readable copy. A wealth of successful stories deftly woven into an overall theme. Top-drawer."

Georgia Chamber of Commerce - Annual Report 2008
Michelle Allario, MacDUFF Publishing, Atlanta, GA
"An elegant, crisp, businesslike look sets the stage for this appealing, horizontal-format annual report. Attractive, interesting spreads employ clean, readable type, striking photography and succinctly written copy to convey the chamber's report to members. A very professional effort."

Chicago Loop Alliance - 2008 Annual Report
Nicolas Titze, Adaptive Easel
"Wow! Less really is more. This small, square-format annual report makes striking use of photos, captions and callouts to really make the layout pop. It's hard to make the often mundane content of a typical annual report interesting, but this is not a typical annual report. Each spread offers something new and interesting, while reinforcing the report's overall theme."

2007-2008 Annual & Community Report
Joe Stuhlmueller, Rutland Regional Medical Center
"From the stunning pastel watercolor used for the front cover to the appealing spreads and photography, and the effective use of visuals to present the financial statement, the report's design works well to reinforce the clear, tightly-writtent copy. Just the right tone is struck."

Working Knowledge - 2008 Annual Report of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Carol Whatley, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn, AL
"Targeted to key opinion leaders, this strikingly designed report grabs the reader's attention with concise, interesting copy, superb and varied photo spreads, and deft use of personal stories keyed to each individual program. The goal is to convey successful, practical solutions. Mission accomplished!"

A Healthier Harris County by Design
Corporate Communications, Harris County Hospital District, Houston, TX
"Spectacular, large photo spreads really get readers' attention. The communications staff went 'large' for impact, and it works. Crisp copy, clean typography and clever illustrations reinforce the 'Healthier by Design' theme. Well done."

United Way/Centraide Ottawa - 2007 Annual Report
Communications & Marketing, United Way/Centraide Ottawa, ON
"A clever, well-chosen visual theme (a ball of thread) ties the pages -- and the story told in this well-written annual report -- together. A very creative and very original presentation."

Freedom to Speak: 2007 CID Report to the Community
Kimberly A. Readmond, CID - Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis, MO
"This square-format booklet offers a crisp, lively annual report design with very readable type and richly varied photos -- all perfectly shot and cropped to frame the text and give the layout a level of fluid movement rarely seen. The editors have taken full advantage of the photos with long, substantive captions and well-written, interesting copy."

Annual Report of the Dean 2008
Bruce Swart, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL
"The law school is all about people -- well, okay, lawyer people, or attorney people, if you insist -- and programs. This report effectively showcases both in an elegant, appealing horizontal layout. Many such reports become laundry lists of VIPS and repositories for statistical data. This one is not. Oh, it does highlight an enormous number of people, programs and stats, but does so while telling a very interesting and informative story of the law school's progress during the year."


Brochures, Manuals & Reports

Unlocking Value: Entergy 2007 Sustainability Report
Alex Scott, Entergy, New Orleans, LA
"A very clever, retro design theme uses old movie poster styles to showcase corporate goals of value creation and sustainability."

2008 KMB Passenger Liaison Group Report
Susanne Ho, KMB, Hong Kong
"An interesting publication. This company listens to its customers -- seriously listens. They meet with customers, hear their suggestions, and either attempt to act on them or explain the problems in doing so. An excellent publication and a superb example of smart, top-drawer customer relations."

National Institute on Aging Exercise Guide
Monica Snellings, Megan Riordan, Jessica Blanchard, Levine & Associates, Inc., Washington, DC
"An exceptionally well organized, well written and well designed guide which makes optimum use of succinct 'chunked' copy, sidebars, bulleted and numbered lists, and clear, functional photos to convey each exercise in an appealing, inviting manner."

Updates and Strategies for the Management of MDS, CLL and MM
Karen J. Abbas, RN, MS, AOCN, Meniscus Educational Institute, West Conshohocken, PA
"The field of medical research does not lend itself to snappy presentations, full of glitz and glamor. And so with this presentation -- part powerpoint, part printed manual, part electronic files. But the presentation is well planned, well illustrated and well written. The result: Clear, effective communication to the target audience -- which is exactly what you want for this kind of campaign."

CSAA Team, Pace Communications, Greensboro, NC
"A dramatic improvement over an already excellent travel guide. Beautiful spreads, gorgeous photo layouts and attention to typographical elements blend seamlessly to create a superior design, which makes editorial's job that much easier."

Act! - 2007 PBG Corporate Responsibility Report
Paula S. Davis, The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) Corporate Communications, Somers, NY
"A very smart way to leverage a compliance report by presenting it in a print (and Web) magazine format. Targeted to customers, staff, potential employees, investors and government, the report focuses on Pepsi's sustainability strategy and specific steps to implement it. Each area -- whether water conservation or reducing waste -- is its own case study, often featuring Pepsi staffers involved in making it happen. Top drawer "Green" design, with interesting, involving copywriting and a very easy flow through the publication."

On the Level
Bill Nicholson, PRM Consulting Group, Roswell, GA
"Most such employee benefits guides are rather dull affairs, often hard to decipher. This one's different. A lively, attractive design invites you in, where clean layouts, clear typography and easy-to-grasp charts and graphs convey essential information. Top Notch."

Pediatric Health Care Coalition Manual
Education Division, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY
"This inexpensively-produced, black and white, spiral bound manual offers a wealth of well-researched resource information in a clear, well-organized format. A very useful publication."

Picture Yourself at St. John's -- 2009 Viewbook
Caren Batzer, St. John's University, Queens, NY
"The old viewbook was first rate, this new one even better. A simple, bold 'flashcard' design is all photos. The pictures tell the story, with headlines and the briefest of text. They know their audience well -- on the go high school seniors being pulled in a hundred different directions. They're pressed for time, but this interesting viewbook will grab their attention and get the point across -- quickly. The point? To 'picture yourself at St. John's.'"

Men's Health Services
Gene Canton, Lake Hospital System, Painesville, OH
"Superbly written brochure brilliantly comments with it target audience -- men who should be taking better care of themselves. An inviting layout and a pop-out pocket guide round out the package."


Electronic & Video Publications

Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging
David Burton, Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center, Silver Spring, MD
"A superb publication -- impressively researched and written. An extra bonus: It's available in print or online as either a fully illustrated htm file or as a PDF. Choices! But in any format, it's a winner."

The People Place
Robin Hicks, Aon Consulting, Winston-Salem, NC
"An interesting example of how to convey helpful advice to employees. This 'Daily Living' Web site offers readable and informative case studies and staff comments on everything from finding old friends to planning retirement. Clever. And once staffers are reading the comments, they also see links to the company's health and savings plans, other benefits, and online health assessment. Careful focus on the needs and interests of the target audience is evident here."

Overview on Sexual Harassment
Ramanathan Srinivasan, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Teaneck, NJ
"Very well designed training presentation blends informative scripts with effective visuals to cover a rather complex topic in a clear, non-patronizing manner."

Rollover RX
Jackson's Marketing Group, Jackson National Life Insurance Company, Denver, CO
"Interesting 'man (and woman) in the street' interviews highlight key points about 401(k)s. The producers take complex financial subject matter and break it down into easily-understood individual points. These video shorts are not only well-researched, but they're also very clear and effectively scripted and presented. The presentation is brief but powerful and thought-provoking."

2010 Lincoln MKZ Web-Based Training Course
Kristen Smolen, Ford Motor Company, Retailer Education & Training, Dearborn, MI
"Smooth flowing training course does a top-notch job of keeping the sales staff's attention with nicely segmented reviews of the new vehicle's features and benefits. Videography and editorial are first-rate, while the interactive features are seamless and intuitive. What more could you want?"

Swift Laboratory for National Security
Lockheed Martin - Creative & Strategic Services, Richland, WA
"A grim topic, handled deftly, with interesting videography and a crisp, positive, informative script. In the process, this video makes a persuasive case for using the organization's services -- which is, after all, the whole point."

Seven Savvy Secrets of Job Winners
Dr. Jan McCormick, FullCircle Career Services, LLC, Springdale, AR
"A very well thought out video series takes you through the key do's and don'ts of the job search. Good writing, good videography and the authors' competence shows through."

Staying Power & Wounded Warrior Diaries
Lt. Jennifer Cragg, Linda Kozaryn, Department of Defense, Alexandria, VA
"It's about people -- dozens of them. All with a story -- each superbly and compellingly told. Many of these are stories about coping with, and overcoming, adversity but the simply outstanding content and videography grab your attention and keep you viewing and reading to the end."

Business Tips Newsletter
REALTORtm Magazine Staff, REALTORtm Magazine, Chicago, IL
"A very appealing business newsletter delivered electronically, and making maximum use of the format. Good flow, readable, well-organized copy and an attractive, inviting layout. A mix of well-researched features, short stories and extensive links to more useful news and features round out the issue. Top-drawer!"

ALot2Lose Public Service Announcement
The Century Council, Arlington, VA
"Short and sweet, this powerfully scripted PSA makes its point clearly and effectively. A first-rate effort."

Help Mikey Make It Out - Interactive Teaching Tool
Jack I. Dinaburg, Prevention 1st Foundation, Inc., Pittsford, NY
"Superbly done interactive video is clearly scripted with excellent clarity of graphics and text."

Web & Intranet Sites

UnitedHealthcare Federal Enrollment Web Site
Misty Ladner, United Healthcare, Edina, MN
"How to find the right plan -- it's an important job, and many people can use good advice on how to go about it. This much improved site does a thoughtful job of guiding visitors through the process. The navigation structure is top rate, moving you easily through the steps you need to take, complete with clear demos to show you how. This is a practical, functional, usable 'how-to choose' site, with infographics, charts, and downloads describing each plan."

Your Path to Retirement Security Starts Here - www.retirementplans.vanguard.com
The Vanguard Group, Inc., Valley Forge, PA
"The writing is crisp, interesting and involving. Complex topics are made clear, and readers come away with a sound understanding of key financial issues and the basis for informed decision-making. A superior financial Web site."

Colleen Holland, Joseph Connelly, VegNews Media, San Francisco, CA
"A bold, striking layout greets you on this site's home page. Excellent use of visuals, white space, and nicely leaded text makes an effective design statement. You wind up wanting to explore. Interesting, thought-provoking articles, blogs and videos keep you there."

Market of Choice Web Site - www.marketofchoice.com
CAWOOD, Eugene, OR
"A spectacular visual treat. Who knew food could be so appealing. Top-notch site navigation, well written, informative and interesting copy, and a very attractive overall look and feel for this Web site."

East Rockhill Township Web Site - www.eastrockhilltownship.org
Michelle Noonan, Lindsay McKeighan, Word Work Communications, Lansdale, PA
"An inviting Web site. Very well designed. Fast. Intuitive navigation -- you never get lost. Crisp, concise copy. A very businesslike site, very well presented. As a taxpayer, this is the kind of site you'd want your local government to have."

Beatrice Livioco, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, Bethesda, MD
"Striking visuals and interactive graphics reinforce the well organized copy -- all framed in an easy-to-navigate format."

MSAA Home page - www.msassociation.org
Communications Department, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Cherry Hill, NJ
"Very nicely designed home page offers visual interest and easy access to all key areas of the site. Design and legibility are keyed to the specific needs of the intended audience, making the page layout all the more effective."

STC Washington, DC Chapter Web Site - www.stcwdc.org
Cynthia A. Lockley, Society for Technical Communication Washington, D.C. Chapter, Adelphi, MD
"Good gods! This isn't a site. It's a universe. The depth and range of data and resources are enormous -- yet the clarity of presentation, speed and ease of navigation are first rate. All the latest technical upgrades, too. Nicely done."


Campaigns, Programs & Plans

How to Build a Fit Company
Debby Clark, American Specialty Health, San Diego, CA
"Crisp, lively copy showcased in striking, appealingly designed spreads. The publication is a guide to the company's resources and services. It's part catalog, part corporate capability book, and is very effective at both, with superb photography and illustrations reinforcing the well-written story."

AAA - 2009 Open Enrollment
Lori Block, Mark Mathson, Buck Consultants, San Francisco,
"A very well organized campaign with beautifully (but functionally) designed and clearly written materials. Readability is Job One. Nicely done."

New England Carpenters Benefit Funds: Well Beyond
Segal Communications, The Segal Company, New York, NY
"Elegant simplicity, functional, clear design and crisp, effective copy are all the hallmarks of this very well thought out booklet. It is at once concise and complete."

Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2008 Total Compensation Statement
Audra Monschein, Watson Wyatt & Company, Cleveland, OH
"Clean. Elegant. Concise. This publication does an exceptional job of communicating complex benefit information with extreme clarity. Typography, graphics and white space combine with concise copy to make this benefits package easy to grasp."

MADOFF TEAM, Holtz Rubenstein Reminick, Melville,NY
"Outstanding example of smart PR. They took the ball and ran with it. First rate campaign. Touchdown!"

Year of the Frog
Jane Christyson, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, OH
" An interesting and well thought out campaign generates awareness and motivates the public -- kids in particular -- to help solve the problem (extinction of many frog species) through a citizen science program and other activities."

Selfless Choice Saves Four Lives
Bonita Brodt, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
"A dramatic story of an eight-way kidney exchange -- the stuff of legends, or TV hospital dramas -- only this one's a real life drama with a surprise hospital staff volunteer donor, powerfully told in print and video."

Making My Way
Communications Team, Peel District School Board, Mississauga, ON
"This high-impact campaign showcases successful students with everything from posters to bookmarks. Well written copy gets the essential points across, reinforced with an edgy, top-drawer graphic design."


Transparency in Healthcare: A Site to Behold
The Cerner Copywriting Team, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO
"A fascinating and thoroughly researched analysis of a successful program to implement medical transparency. The writing has a nice pace, is clear and precise, and makes complex subject matter exceptionally well understood."

Member Connection (Note: Link is to current issue's Member Connection column, not the earlier, award-winning column.)
T. Foster Jones, Steve Fisher, Costco Wholesale, Issaquah, WA
"An endless variety of shorts -- each of them tightly written, but interesting, fast-paced and compelling. They keep you watching your mailbox, waiting for the next issue."

SMART Plan - Two Paths to Investing for Retirement
Marketing Department, Great-West Retirement Services, Greenwood Village, CO
"Crisp, easy-to-grasp copy gets the points across so that the reader easily understands the somewhat daunting financial topics. Effective use of decks, subheads and sidebars helps make the content more 'digestible.' Well done."

Global Warming
WordSouth Public Relations, Inc., Rainsville, AL
"A very interesting read, and a very clear and effective presentation of a distinct viewpoint. Readers come away better informed and motivated to learn more."

Commander in a Hard Hat
Connie Eckard, ABC, Fluor Hanford Communications, Richland, WA
"This superbly written feature blends personality profile, company activities and a bit of education on the different types of wildfires into one smooth flowing, compelling article."

Bark Beetles -- Impossible to Eliminate, Expensive to Endure
Lisa Strid, WREN Magazine, Gillette, WY
"An interesting presentation of a technical topic. Clearly written, easy to read and easily grasped -- even by a lay audience."

Health Care Reform: The Seven Deadly Myths
Jonathan Peterson, AARP, Washington, DC
"A powerful speech -- tightly written, with a clear focus and well-segmented copy -- pervasively makes its intended points, marshaling facts and arguments, but not overwhelming the listener with them."

Grief, Grit and Grace
Bob Black, American Society for Engineering Education, Washington, DC
"An intensely emotional story -- told with powerful imagery and an eye for detail. A superb example of the writing craft."

Arthritis Today's Surgery Series
Mary Anne Dunkin, Terrie Heinrich Rizzo and the Arthritis Today Editors, Arthritis Foundation, Atlanta, GA
"We can't think of a clearer series on what faces you when having joint surgery -- knee or hip replacement, for instance. The articles are thoroughly researched, well organized and interesting. The topic has certainly been covered before, but here it's covered very, very well."

Up by Roots: Healthy Soils and Trees in the Built Environment
International Society of Arboriculture, Champaign, IL
"Impressive, written and researched, this guide serves as a lengthy but superb 'bible' for all things about trees and soils in the urban environment."

Farmer's Market - The Lawrentian
Mike Allegra, The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ
"A charming, witty article profiles with marvelous imagery. You come away with the story of the man, but also his life's work and the interaction with the larger economy and government. A lot to cover in one feature article but handled in such a way that readers come away understanding both the life of a modern day farmer and the particular farmers' life."

In Iran, Three are Unjustly Imprisoned for Helping Underprivileged Children
Brad Pokorny, Baha'i International Community, New York, NY
"A grim topic -- the unjust jailing of educators -- handled with crisp, powerful copywriting. The reader's attention is captured with the first sentence ("The idea is to help poor children, not land in jail.") and held to the last."


Design & Illustration

Monya Keane, EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, MA
"Lots of interesting activity in these layouts with nicely readable, chunked copy, deft use of frequent sidebars (large and small), silhouetted photos, decks and readable typography. The designers pack the space with information, yet make sparing use of white space to give the impression of openess. An absolutely first class design."

Downtown Rochester Brand Experience Document
Funk/Levis & Associates, Eugene, OR
"A classy but inviting urban identity program showcased with appealing icons and logos in an exceptionally well designed 'Brand Handbook' for city leaders and stakeholders."

"5-Star Rated Orthopedics" Billboard
Kelly Mack, Southwest General Health Center, Middleburg Heights, OH
"A very simple message, delivered with a very, very clever visual -- which is the message. Marvelously deft!"

SilverKris English (May 2008) - the Travel Magazine of Singapore Airlines
Custom Publishing Staff, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, Singapore
"The spreads are just spectacular, with exceptional vibrancy and a marvelously intense color range. The selection and cropping of photos is first rate, and the melding of typography, illustration and photography is outstanding. All combine to make the issue a delight for the reader."

"Service & Stability" Ad
Janel C. Patti, The Marcus Group, Inc., Little Falls, NJ
"A very smart, very timely strategy. People, your customers, are scared. Time to reassure them. No other banks lending? Hey, we're lending. We're here for you. Been doing this for 170 years. We'll be here for another 170 years. Very smart, very effective advertising."

"Get Junged" Marketing Campaign & Collateral
Paul G. Feith, Paul Gregory Media, Naperville, CA
"A very effective, absolutely top-drawer identity campaign to put this painter on the map. From the perfect 'paint splat' logo to the 'GetJunged.com' theme and Web site, and the collateral promotions, this use of identity materials is first-class."

Anaheim Public Utilities - Top Sustainable Accomplishments
G. Ray Merchant, Anaheim Public Utilities, Anaheim, CA
"A stunning design. The round booklet is rare and attention-getting, and visuals easily tell the story with few words but superior infographics."

Under 21
Marine Corps Community Services Marketing Branch, Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan
"Clever mirror-image magazine. 'What's Hot?' is the front cover, 'What's Cool?' is the back cover. Color tones match the two themes. Copy is catchy, engaging. Visuals are edgy and hip. Nicely targeted to its 'under 21' audience."

36 Things We Love About NC State
Molly Renda, NC State Alumni Association, Raleigh, NC
"A striking and powerful series of spreads tells the story in the best way possible -- with words and pictures blended together and reinforcing each other. No opportunity for a caption is missed -- or wasted. The photo spreads will wow you. A first-class design."

From 'The Professional Skier' to '32 Degrees'
Wendy Schrupp, American Snowsports Education Association, Lakewood, CO
"A superb redesign -- a new, contemporary look but with careful attention to the details. No devils here. Spreads are meticulously crafted to capture readers' attention, with lively, well-written copy to keep their attention through a balanced blend of shorter, 'chunked' copy items and longer features. In all, a top-level magazine."

From Research to Reality
Connie Conklin, Society of Women Engineers, Cleveland Heights, OH
"A striking spread -- powerfully yet simply designed with elegant, legible typography and an interesting, dynamic use of photos to make the spread 'pop'.


Special Publications

Providing Independent Living Support: Training for Senior Corps Volunteers (and Facilitator's Guide)
JBS International, Inc., Aguirre Division, Burlingame, CA
"An incredibly complex, multidisciplinary training program -- presented in an exceptionally clear manner. Copy is crisp and easy to grasp. Layout is simple, functional and effective. A very well researched, organized and presented training guide."

Good Faith Estimate Form
Kleimann Communication Group, Inc., Washington, DC
"Forms can be a nightmare of confusion. Most are thrown together, lack coherence and are poorly designed. This one, however, is superbly designed and is a model of clarity both in format and content. After loan applicants complete the form, the should have a very clear understanding of the loan's terms and costs."

Plaquemines Parish Emergency Guide
Alexandra Winters, Sides & Associates, Lafayette, LA
"Beautifully designed and illustrated, this guide is legible, readable and interesting. The thoroughly researched topic is presented in a clear, well-organized and well-written format -- down to the legible maps, and simple yet clever infographics showing the intensity of the different hurricane categories. Exceptionally well done."

2008 US Open Tournament Magazine
USTA/H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA
"Absolute top-drawer photography, layout and copy. The visuals -- especially the photo spreads -- pull you in, and the lavishly illustrated feature articles keep you there. A first class publication from cover to cover."

Barnett Shale - Winter 2009
Bill Wax, Wax Custom Communications, Miami, FL
"Striking spreads, with beautiful illustrations, typography that helps the editorial (rather than simply using the copy as building blocks to showcase the designer's inspired layout), and interesting, persuasive copy -- all combine to make this a powerful advocacy vehicle."

Architectural Design Manual

Technical Publications Group, Pella Corporation, Pella, IA
"A massive and striking set of manuals offers crisp, businesslike design with a clear, straightforward, superbly illustrated presentation. The wealth of technical information is both well organized and effectively targeted to its intended audience. Niceley done."

SalesTalk Special Edition - Spring 2008
Carl E. Crider, Crider Associates, Encinitas, CA
"An obvious labor of love, this special edition blends sharp, lively spreads and a compelling narrative to showcase the marque's history. The mix of current and vintage photos reinforces the trip down memory lane. A definite keeper."

The Ruff Guide to Science
Borgna Brunner, WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA
"This invitingly designed kids' guide to science offers exceptional clarity of text and visuals to guide young people through a range from chemistry to engineering. Along the way, children are introduced by the 'Ruff Ruffman' character to supporting resources and to scientists from astronomers to volcanologists (Pierce Brosnan in 'Dante's Peak', anyone? :-). Superb."

Solar Today: Get Started 2009
Seth Masia, Solar Today, Boulder, CO
"It's a supplement, and very much a directory, but it reads like a magazine --with appealing, well-written features and attractive spreads. Typography is legible and photos are functional, not placeholders. The idea, well executed, is to focus the reader's attention on content, not packaging."

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Phi Kappa Phi Forum -- Fall 2011 -- Peter Szatmary, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Baton Rouge, LA ... "The photos are well chosen and striking, but the heart of this theme issue is a series of intensely written essays, profiles and remembrances about the day. The stories are fascinating and well told, while the analytical pieces are thoughtful and thought provoking. Very well done."

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