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Smart Publishing
Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc., Alexandria, VA
"A top drawer client newsletter and one that will be read cover to cover. Copy is interesting, the content is actionable, and the distinctive design and layout reinforce the message. What else could you ask for?"

December 17, 2010, Tron Issue
Steven Clark, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
"The visuals -- from cover to spreads -- are, well, out of this world. Photography to match, all making a nice backdrop for the crisp, interesting features and shorts."

Natural Gas & Electricity
Isabelle Cohen-DeAngelis, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ
"This newsletter continues to impress, with superb, in-depth analysis delivered in well-researched, well-written articles that are 'center of the bullseye' for their technical audience, but also interesting and informative to a lay audience. Top level work."

SecurInfo Information Security Awareness Newsletters
Lisa Lapointe, Terranova Training Inc., Laval, Qc Canada
"Hits all the important points, but concisely. Doesn't talk down to people, but doesn't oversimplify. It's simply first rate technical copywriting."

AICPA Insiders Redesign
AICPA Insiders Team, American Institute of CPAs, Durham, NC
"This clean, appealing design offers top-notch readability and easy-navigating functionality. Effective framing of text and deft use of white space complete the package."

Mark Thomas, The National Shooting Sports Foundation, Newton, CT
"Punchy, interesting and concise copy. Well-written, well-illustrated and well-presented editorial. Content makes this weekly e-letter a winner."


Magazines & Journals

On Investing, Winter 2010
Custom Solutions From SmartMoney, New York, NY

"Superb, well-researched features offering easy to grasp financial advice, reinforced with useful sidebars, charts and graphs -- all combine to make this a 'must read' magazine."

Orange Magazine
Riley Brandy, Imagination Publishing, Chicago, IL
"Visually stunning. You wind up starting to flip through the pages before you even know what the magazine is all about. Striking photo and illustrated spreads work well on matte paper stock, making the interesting features and interviews legible and easily read."

Toyota Connections Spring/Summer 2011
Laura Wall & Brian Cook, Pace Communications, Greensboro, NC
"A near perfect blend of top drawer photo and illustration spreads combines with very interesting, involving and well-written feature articles to keep readers 'hooked' from cover to cover."

The Pohly Company, Boston, MA
"Absolutely stunning photo spreads are reinforced with clean, attractive typography and intelligent use of sidebars, callouts and decks. A first-rate design.

SilverKris November 2010
SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, Singapore
"This magazine is a work of art. Sumptuous spreads showcase lush photo arrays. Interesting headline schedules and crisp, contemporary typography complete the design package, and the total design makes the magazine a pleasure to read."

BergerWorld -- Disaster & Emergency Services: Preparedness, Response & Recovery
Warren Miller & Karen Kramer, The Berger Group of Companies, Morristown, NJ
"Appealing spreads and top drawer photography -- including the impressive foldout center spread -- make a functional background for well-written articles on the company's current emergency preparedness projects. Readers come away impressed with their scope and substance."

McKnight's Long -- Term Care News
McKnight's Staff, McKnight's Long -- Term Care News, Northfield, IL
"This magazine packs a lot of tightly written features and shorts in a dense but very appealing layout, with lots of first-run research and views, all reported in a lively, interesting style. Attractive layout uses sidebars, pull quotes and decks to make the text easier to read."

Civil Engineering Magazine
Anne Elizabeth Powell, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Va
"Striking photo spreads, superb illustration and functional charts reinforce the clear, interesting and very readable features and departments. A magazine where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

American Spirit
Edith Rianzares, Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC
"This is a spectacular magazine on so many levels. The use of typography is almost an art form in itself, photography is world class, and the feature articles are captivating."

Hallowed Ground
Mary Koik, Civil War Trust, Washington, DC
"Dynamic interesting design from cover to cover. Superb illustrations, including infographics of major battles, excellent choice and cropping of archival photos, and extensive use of sidebars -- all combine to make this a wonderfully illustrated tour de force."

50th Anniversary Issue -- Ruffed Grouse Society
Anna Stubna, Ruffed Grouse Society, Coraopolis, PA
"Top-drawer coffee table material. The photo spreads, illustrations and type all blend together to create a visual feast."


Magapapers & Newspapers

March 2011 Cardiology Today
Eric Raible, Cardiology Today, Thorofare, NJ
"Clean, readable content -- not easy in a technical, medical publication -- with straightforward content presentation in attractive spreads, combine to make this a very readable magapaper for its specialist audience."

Emergency Medicine News
Lisa Hoffman, Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY
"The research is compelling, the layout is clean and legible, and the spreads showcase well-written, interesting features that hold the readers' attention. An excellent magapaper."

Sandia Lab News
Sandia Lab News Team, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
"Engaging writing -- very much 'on point' for employees -- and high quality, captioned photos make for an interesting read with topics ranging from 'in house' topics to Sandia's impact on the community. Nicely done."

AAP News March 2011 issue
Anne Hegland & Staff of AAP News, American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL
"This magapaper is all about news in the profession. A clean, readable layout with functional decks and intelligent use of subheads frames the 'editorial well' -- which provides well-written, interesting features and shorts."


Annual Reports

Graybar 2009 Annual Report
Timothy Sommer, Graybar, Maryland Heights, MD
"Dynamic use of pull quotes, illustrations and photo montages (of both current and 'founder' staff) complement the tightly written, interesting copy to make this annual report more than just an SEC filing."

MSA Annual Report 2010
Lockheed Martin C&SS, Richland, WA
"Text heavy, but this very attractive, square format, spiral bound annual report makes deft use of white space, clean typography and striking infographics to create an appealing, easy read."

A Community of Care -- St. Joseph's Health Care London Annual Report
Amanda Jackman, St. Joseph's Health Care London, London, ON
"This impressively produced annual report features striking spreads, with elegant typography and very effective use of photo silhouettes, pull quotes and sidebars -- all to display the interesting narrative, which focuses the reader's attention on healthcare success stories from the viewpoint of patients and practitioners."

UPMC 2009 Community Benefits Report
UPMC Marketing Communications, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA
"Excellent, full use of the interactive Web medium to showcase their Community Benefits Report. Smart use of concisely written profiles of people and programs. A clean, contemporary design, with effective pull quotes, reinforces the strong content, and helps get the message across."

The Way We Work: 2009-2010 Report to the Community
Megan Schade, New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
"Strikingly beautiful illustrations frame this very interesting hospital annual report. The theme is how the hospital works and how it provides healthcare to the community--- and the major components were presented through superbly written stories, each a case study. Absolutely first rate."

Share the smile -- 2010 Report to the Community
Peel Board Communications, Peel District School Board, Mississauga, ON
"Bright, uplifting and lively design -- with liberal use of pastel spot colors and excellent photo spreads -- frames the well-written lively copy which does a solid job of involving readers, who come away with a clear sense of exactly what the school system is doing, and why."


Brochures, Manuals & Reports

PCRA Welcome Kit
Jill Mahnane, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., San Francisco, CA
"The previous Welcome Kit was good. The new one is better. Much better. It's designed with an excellent flow. Content is clear, well-organized and concise. White space is effectively used to frame the content, while illustrations and infographics are functional -- they reinforce the copy. An excellent way to welcome new customers."

Michael Mazanec, RED GmbH, Krailling, Bavaria, Germany
"A good deal of intelligent thought, a lot of planning and much common sense (how refreshing!) went into this company's sustainability report. From environmental and climate protection to the work environment and social responsibility, they really have hit the target."

Kohl's Spring 2011 -- In the Know
Time Inc. Content Solutions, New York, NY
"No schlock here! This is a classy, elegant, upscale brochure. Very appealing, very effective and very, very good for the image of the brand."

How to Turn Your Retirement Savings into Retirement Income
Greg Spears, Vanguard, Malvern, PA
"An important idea, clearly and simply presented, this is clean, simple design, with clear, persuasive copy, focused on making a single point, making it very well, and getting people to pay attention. What a financial brochure should be."

Life Gets Better Marketing Brochure
Country Meadows Retirement Communities, Hershey, PA
"Appealing photos, a crisp, attractive layout and concise, persuasive copy carry the day for this set of brochures, which will convince you that life does indeed get better at Country Meadows."

Manage Your Practice Well, Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, MBA
Yvonne W. Pover, Skardon Pover, Inc., Alexandria, VA
"This well-written book is a superb 'soup to nuts' practitioner's guide. It's thorough, practical and offers extensive, useful advice. Definitely a must read, and one you'll want to keep on your bookshelf."

The California Pacific Heart & Vascular Center's Guide to Heart Health Services
Rob Seide, Marketing Department, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
"An impressive package filled with mini-brochures and pocket- or wallet-size guides to portion size, food labels, cholesterol and more. Well-written. Well-illustrated. A very useful guide."

CUES Golden Mirror Awards -- Call for Entries
CUES Marketing Department, Credit Union Executives Society (CUES), Madison, WI
"Almost missed it. Very clever take-off on Advent calendars, with a thematic photo and blurb behind each die-cut door. The rest of the brochure also is first rate, with a simple yet effective theme (crumpled up paper drafts) reinforcing the 'enter your best ideas' headline and carrying through to the fold-out brochure."

AFP 50th Anniversary 'Scrapbook'
Jacklyn P. Boice, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Arlington, VA
"Fascinating use of archival photos and documents in this very well-designed and written association history. Excellent timeline and a superb spread of historical items (each labeled!) round out the publication."

Pocket Program: National Leadership and Skills Conference
E. Thomas Hall, SkillsUSA, Leesburg, VA
"Everything about this pocket-size conference program is designed for easy use, with clear organization of the information for quick, on-the-fly access. The dimensional maps are first rate, while screens and spot color are used very effectively to separate and define content elements. What a conference program should be."


Electronic & Video Publications

2011 Lincoln MKX Product Launch DVD
Kristen Smolen, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
"It's an intriguing narrative in video form, with a script that does an excellent job tracing the development of a new vehicle, presenting its many new features and contrasting it with the competition. The visuals are top drawer, while the narrative is precisely tuned to the needs of its (sales staff) audience."

City of Baltimore Testimonial Video
Nicole Durham, Great-West Retirement Services, Greenwood Village, CO
"Employees (not actors) talking to other employees, make the case for a deferred compensation plan. Very authentic. Covers all the talking points without appearing stilted or scripted."

Freedom Flex MultiMedia
Jackson National Life Insurance, Denver, CO
"Low key, persuasive and very effective interactive presentation. The scripting is fast-paced but not rushed -- with useful visuals to reinforce the copy. You come away from the presentation wanting to reach for your phone to call an advisor. Impressive."

Merrill Lynch Advisor
John von Brachel, Merrill Lynch, Pennington, NJ
"Effortless navigation, crisp, clear, useful features and impressive depth of resources makes this an exceptional site for investors. Hard to think of what else you'd want."

Coal is the Future; Peabody is the Partner video
Peabody Energy, St. Louis, MO
"From the sound track to the dynamic, lively videography, this well-scripted narrative makes a persuasive case for coal as a major part of meeting future energy needs. Very, very effective."

TD Ameritrade Investment Education Campaign
Donald Winters, TD Ameritrade, Omaha, NE
"Takes a complex financial topic and makes it straightforward and easy to understand. A financial home run."

Bob's Excellent Presentation Adventures
Adele Sommers, Ph.D., Business Performance Inc., Atascadero, CA
"Edgy, clever multimedia show. Nothing boring here. It's a real attention grabber -- and keeper. The interactive training segments force the audience to participate and to think. A very well-thought out training approach."

Biorenewable Research
Barbara McBreen, Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ames, IA
"Shows what you can do without a Hollywood budget, but with creativity, imagination, skill and enthusiasm. A first class video, with excellent visual technique and persuasive commentary."

Mensa For Kids Educational Resources: Online Activity Plans and Lesson Plans

Web Services Team, Mensa Education & Research Foundation, Arlington, TX
"Brilliant lesson plans -- wonderfully written and illustrated, and crafted to get students involved."

Advanced Instructional Tools

Terry Simzer, Upper Canada District School Board, Brockville, ON
"Wow! An impressive video presentation of impressive classroom technology. 'We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!'"


Web & Intranet Sites

Department of Defense Education Activity -- Students at the Center website
Kris Kurtenback, Collaborative Communications Group, Washington, DC
"Impressive, superbly organized, extremely well-structured site, deftly targeted to its intended audiences."

Robyn Leung and Julianne O'Daniel, Illumina, Inc., San Diego, CA
"Impressive site design and organization makes navigation easy. Extensive in-depth content helps the company tell its story -- and showcase its technology and resources in a compelling, persuasive way."

Internal Medicine News

Kathryn DeMott, Internal Medicine News, IMNG, Rockville, MD
"And outstanding site -- tightly organized, comprehensive, and with clear understandable copy that is both interesting and informative."

InterWorks, Inc. -- Company website
InterWorks Web Team, InterWorks, Inc., Stillwater, OK
"The staff bios -- each with a professional grade photo showing the staffer's key interests and a link to the staffer's blog -- says it all. They really haven't cut corners anywhere, whether in time, effort, or expense, to showcase their employees. It's a world-class site for that reason alone, but the striking, bold home page and the simple elegantly designed navigation -- not to mention the on-point copywriting -- put this site over the top."

Astron Solutions.jobs
Jennifer Loftus, Astron Solutions, New York, NY
"This is a comfortable, casual, low-key, 'shirtsleeves' site. The YouTube videos are great descriptions of what the different jobs entail --as told by the folks who do them or know about them. It's deliberately not a buttoned-down, corporate-looking site. It is warm, inviting and very, very effective."

Driving Dynamics website
Driving Dynamics, Inc., Newark, DE
"A major improvement, and a superb website. The passion shows. It's clean, well-organized, interesting, and packed with useful, often eye-opening material."

HR 360
Tom Ceconi, HR 360, Inc., Stamford, CT
"This massive site is packed with virtually everything you can think of for the HR professional. Their slogan is, 'It's like having a mini-HR department at your fingertips.' So true. Navigation is clear and easy, while content is in-depth, well-researched and well-written. The introductory videos in many of the main sections are an added bonus."

Intranet (InfoZone) Redesign
NCI Holdings, Inc., Boca Raton, FL
"A lot of thoughtful planning, user research and principles of Web usability went into this first rate site redesign."

SIGNAL Magazine website
Helen Mosher and SIGNAL Staff, SIGNAL Magazine, Fairfax, VA
'Packed with interesting and useful content, this resource-rich site is easy to navigate, well-written and very informative."

Chip Boyd, Society For Technical Communication, Fairfax, VA
"The new and improved site is indeed new and improved, starting with a much cleaner and more effective home page -- with good attention to eye flow and navigation. The rotating banner heads (almost billboard-style ads) really grab your attention, and focus it on the big headlines. The drop down menu bar is fast and well-organized, and gives visitors quick access to the site's superb, in-depth content. If you're a technical communicator and you can't find it here, we're not sure where you'd look."


Campaigns, Programs & Plans

The Do-It-Yourself Workbook
Bill LaViolette, I&MI Media, Les Issambres, France
"Intelligent design shows through in this marvelously labor-saving workbook module. You simply enter your meeting requirements and get customized PDFS which you can store and modify in your online workbook. Will you keep visiting the site? It's certainly likely!"

IEEE Long Term Care
Marsh U.S. Consumer, Urbandale, IA
"Clear, effective and compelling presentation of important information. Well-researched, well-organized and well-written."

Retirement Education: Plan, Save, Invest, Retire
Linda Yoakum, FedEx Corporation, Memphis, TN
"It's all here -- the logic, the 'how-to', the intended outcomes. Clear interesting copy, and effective visuals -- especially the charts and graphs -- do a superb job of getting the points across to employees through a series of four newsletters. Well done."

Comcast Benefits Guide
Andy Schultz, IFRACTAL, Philadelphia, PA
"Very clever the way they use graphic devices -- everything from heads to sidebars, charts, arrows, the works -- to grab readers and give them nicely 'chunked', easily digestible copy, along with catchy instruction to get through it."

Transamerica's Total Plan Management Program
Transamerica Retirement Services, Los Angeles, CA
"An impressive retirement system management program -- comprehensive, well thought through and meticulously researched, it makes a very complex financial system both understandable and manageable. You could not ask for more."

Telling Amy's Story
Norris Murray, DAWSON + MURRAY + TEAGUE Communications, Dallas, TX
"A very thorough and well-publicized campaign employs powerful videography and copywriting to make its case -- persuasively -- to the public."

Arthritis Today Body Part Look-Up Tool

Arthritis Today, Arthritis Foundation, Atlanta, GA
"A very intuitive visual (outline of the human body) invites readers to click on a body part (shoulder, knee, hand, etc.) which rolls over to a short description and a summary page describing the impact of arthritis on that particular joint or area, as well as treatment and 'work-arounds.' Very appealing to all age groups."

"Excellence Matters" Magnet Campaign
Bonita Brodt, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
"You feel as though you know these people. The staff 'Excellence Matters' profiles are beautifully done, with striking photo montages and long captions to tell their stories. Brochures and Web pages reinforce the campaign, which is a win-win-win for hospital, staff and the community they serve."

Ontario Nurses' Association 2010 Campaign -- Valuing Registered Nurses
Peter Birt, Ontario Nurses' Association, Toronto, ON
"Very, very, very clever campaign casts nurses as MVP baseball players, complete with 'baseball'-style cards sporting their performance records -- 2009: 263 shifts, 3,168 patients served, assisted in saving 73 lives. Pretty good stats, which reinforces the campaign's theme: 'If only RNs were valued the way pro athletes are.'"



The Role of the Nurse in Combating Human Trafficking
Maureen 'Shawn' Kennedy, American Journal of Nursing, New York, NY
"Written with passion, this unique, in-depth, well-researched feature is an excellent, thorough tutorial on a grim topic for busy nursing professionals."

Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan
Thomas L. Singleton, PBS&J, an Atkins company, Tallahassee, FL
"A terrific soft-cover book. While its purpose is to present a management plan, the crisp, focused writing and superb, informative illustrations and infographics combine to make this a very readable and compelling tutorial for the layperson as well."

Financial Education Articles
Pioneer Services, Kansas city, MO
"Extremely well-written series with concise, nicely 'chunked' copy, including plenty of subheads and bulleted lists. The reading is easy and the advice is first-rate."

Is Your Bond Fund a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
Chris Abbruzzese, Arnerich Massena, Inc., Portland, OR
"Dense financial topics, including the use of derivatives in bond funds, are presented with striking clarity in a well-written, easily understood feature article. And excellent example of top-level financial writing."

ACK! -- American Careers for Kids
Barbara F. Orwig, Career Communications, Inc., Overland Park, KS
"From 'A Message to the Busy Teacher' in the Teacher's Guide to the superbly written student magazine and activity book, this is an exceptionally well-crafted and written career guide which speaks directly to its core audiences -- teachers, students and parents."

PhotoMedia, Fall 2010 -- "Louie Psihoyos: Weapon of Mass Construction"

Gary Halpern, The PhotoMedia Group, Inc., Seattle, WA
"In this outstanding magazine for photography pros, the visuals are superb, but the feature articles are equally top-drawer. The Psihoyos interview is a case in point. It's a fascinating human interest piece that draws you in and keeps you reading to the end -- a warm, compelling story, punctuated, of course, with some wonderful photos by the interviewee."

Special Needs: Treating Patients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Cathy McNamara, Academy of General Dentistry, Chicago, IL
"Crisp, interesting writing based on solid research data, and with excellent use of sidebars, makes for a successful article, geared precisely to the needs of its intended professional audience."

Live Your Best Life
Boe Workman, AARP, Washington, DC
"Persuasive and from the heart. An excellent and compelling speech."

Hammer, Brush, & Sickle
Robert F. Black, American Society For Engineering Education, Washington, DC
"Well-researched in a place -- North Korea -- not known for easy access to information, this is a hard-hitting article on a not always pleasant topic, but the author carries it off with finesse and a crisp, lively writing style."

"2010 in Politics: A momentous -- and moneyed -- year"
Mark Tarallo, senior reporter, CEO Update, Washington, DC
"'Year-in-Review'-style writing, done very, very well. The copy is lively, interesting and moves well -- not always easy to do when your text is heavily peppered with quotes and legislative/regulatory references. An outstanding example of deft copywriting."

International Educator Magazine's series on International Development and International Higher Education
Christopher Murphy, NAFSA: Association of International Educators
"These moving, in-depth features tell gripping stories of deprivation and solutions. They really capture the attention of the audience."

"Keep My Neck Stable!"
Valerie Hunt, National Athletic Trainers' Association, Dallas, TX
"What a compelling story of training that helped a recent athletic training grad avoid paralysis. The copywriting is riviting and keeps the reader involved from start to finish."


Design & Illustration

"Ahead in the Cloud" Advertorial
Erik Mausser, Bloomberg L.P., New York, NY
"Clever illustrations and effective use of quotes, sidebars and screens combine to create visual interest and make for easy-reading copy -- the key function of good design."

Cerner.com Web Standards
Cerner Marketing, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO
"Well thought out, carefully crafted, and a very clean, elegant design, this is a first-rate graphic standards manual for the Web."

Howard Magazine

TMG Custom Media, Washington, DC
"Old design -- good. New design -- cutting edge. The spreads are striking, with beautiful, deftly-cropped and positioned photos, a dynamic headline schedule, and full use of callouts, captions, decks and screens. A first-rate design."

Fall 2010 U.S. Trust Capital Acumen

U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Creation, New York, NY
"The advice is first-class, the writing is clear, easy to grasp and interesting, while the layout both attracts the reader and reinforces the content. What more can you ask for?"

2011 Pella Architectural Design Manual

Technical Publications Group, Pella Corporation, Pella, IA
"This is an extremely well-designed manual set. The technical quality of illustrations is outstanding, and product photography, illustration and text work in harmony to create very accessible manuals for diverse professional audiences."

ASCD New Member Calendar
Reece Quinones, ASCD, Alexandria, VA
"A functional calendar -- as calendars should be -- but it also is exceptionally well-designed, with attractive, world-class artwork. A combination that works."

2011 iBeat Cancer Calendar
Will Henderson, Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, IN
"Edgy. Clever. Interesting. What else can you say about a calendar in which Cancer survivors take on the personas of the famous in often startling ways? From 'South Pacific' to Elvis and Beyonce, these survivors bring it on."

Stealth Fighters
Candice Taylor, Military Officers Association of America, Alexandria, VA
"Declassified combat maps and photos are superbly used to create wonderful photo spreads. They help tell the story and do a terrific job of reinforcing the text. Definitely A+ work."

Your Best Ideas, REALTORtm Magazine, April, 2010

Isabella Matthews and Julie Fournier, National Association of REALTORStm, Chicago, IL
"Simply gorgeous. Every element in these layouts is in synch -- photography, illustrations, typography. Everything contributes to a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts."

ASU Magazine: Robots Robots Everywhere
Robert Cao-Ba, ASU Alumni Association, Tempe, AZ
"Very appealing spreads with a nicely evocative 'retro' tone in the clever robot illustrations. The headline schedule reinforces the retro 'look and feel' of the spreads. A very creative approach."

2011 Calendar
Maureen Wisener, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA
"A very simple design, but a very persuasive result. Each month showcases a photo of a different patient, each with its own pull quote testimonial. The testimonials are very compelling and the result is an exceptional marketing piece, disguised as a calendar."

SWE Magazine - Fall 2010 Redesign
Connie Conklin, Society of Women Engineers, Cleveland Heights, OH
"Excellent before, superb after. A clean, crisp, classy new design -- from the striking Contents page up front to the deftly understated Closing Thoughts column at the back. How unusual, and refreshing, to have the CEO's column at the end of the issue, rather than the beginning. Quick, someone call Ripley's! The new design appeals, with well-chosen, well-cropped photos, legible type and a very effective headline schedule. The individual design elements blend together to produce an outstanding magazine design."


Special Publications

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Interactive Easel
Marc Sirockman, Artcraft Health Education, Flemington, NJ
"Clear, concise copy and reinforcing illustrations work exceptionally well together, making this an excellent display -- and an excellent teaching tool."

Dominion's First Century: A Legacy of Service
Dominion Resources, Inc./ CorporateHistory.net/ CDI, Inc., Richmond, VA
"The design is superb, with varied and interesting spreads (making full use of historical, archival photos and illustrations) and very intelligent use of captions to help move the reader along. There's a real history here, and the copywriting tells it well."

Aeropostale 2011 Annual Enrollment Clickable PDF
Andreau T. Blanchard, Mercer, New York, NY
"An excellent and very intuitive online enrollment guide walks employees through a complex process with great clarity. Well-organized, well-written, well-designed."

2010 US Open Tournament Magazine
USTA / H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA
"Striking design from cover to cover. Photo spreads are spectacular, and, of course, pro-level -- including superb photos on the double Contents pages. Feature writing also is top-notch...very interesting, very readable. The issue really engages readers and keeps them hooked until the end."

Soap in the Veins: 50 Years at Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply

Marian Calabro, CorporateHistory.net LLC, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
"The story has a certain charm. Okay, it's a uniform and linen supply company, not Sea World, but the narrative and photos combine to create interest, and to tell a genuine story. This is not corporate PR fluff."

Van Cott - The Energy Issue
NewsLINK Marketing & Professional Publishing Services, LLC and Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy, P.C., Salt Lake City, UT
"A shrewd, in-depth analysis of energy strategies and regulations, with persuasive, world-class copywriting and an appealing, well-illustrated layout."

Haiti Earthquake Relief - One Year Report
Elena Thompson, American Red Cross, Washington, DC
"Stunning photo spreads and compelling news stories make this a unique crisis relief report. Truly world-class."

Today's Challenges - Tomorrow's Solutions - The Power of NIU

Kathryn Buettner, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
"Research projects -- each with a concise, interesting, narrative overview of the program, its goals, and results -- combines nicely with a look at the faculty members behind each project. All presented in a very appealingly designed large-format booklet."

Binghamton Research: A Shot of Innovation

Rachel Coker, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
"An impressive publication, offering world-class design and superbly researched and written features. Readers are drawn in -- from the 'sketched' cover illustration (including the nameplate) to the varied spreads where crisp copy translates science to plain English. Neatly done."

Celebrating 73 Success Stories
Dave Bourne, The Scarborough Hospital, Scarborough, ON
"Very well done booklet lists 73 success stories in a visually engaging layout, using nicely 'chunked' short copy block and lots of photos and illustrations to keep readers interested and moving along -- wanting to check out each of the 73 stories. Very clever."

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