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Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll try to link to the organization's main website and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change and revision by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

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Natural Gas & Electricity
Isabelle Cohen, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ
"This newsletter is on the cutting edge of trends in its field, from winter preparedness regs to calculating rooftop solar value to the electric vehicle's future, and a rare look at the 'ongoing metamorphosis' of terminology used by 'environmental doomsayers', from Global Warming to Climate Change to Climate Volatility. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, with well written, well researched and thought-provoking copy."

Leader of the Pack, Garage to Global 1962-2012
Mary Lerner, Director of Corporate Communications, Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, OH
"A charming and interesting look back at a company's history, making full use of wonderful, archival photos and illustrations, all of which enrich the well written historical account of the company's progress."

A SPARK Publication
Fabi Preslar, President, Larry Preslar, Creative Director, Amy Trainor, PR and Word Bird, SPARK Publications, Charlotte, NC
"A publication showcasing your customers is always a 'winner', but this one does it in style with a crisp, interesting layout, appealing spreads and striking photo arrangements and typography. Tightly written copy is bulleted, numbered and 'chunked' to create a quick-reading issue. And a cleverly designed, elegantly simple cover invites you in."

Meet Naturally
Kristin Dey Clarke, Director, Convene Green Alliance; Business Editor, Meet Naturally, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, Dunn Loring, VA
"Sometimes, less is more. This simple, two-column layout is short (one page) and easy to read. All the 'departments' are on the one page -- Meeting Planner, Innovations, What the Experts Say, Cool Tools. Each has a short feature or two, with links to read more, and plenty of related off-site links for readers wanting to read further on the topic. A very effective way to give your audience a quick monthly overview of the latest developments in the (sustainable meetings) field. Very Kiplinger-esque, and perhaps better."

Connection Newsletter - February 2013
Jill Galinski, Provider Communications Administrator III, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Rochester, NY
"Great e-alert summary and invitation to the full newsletter and newsletter articles via links. An excellent example of how navigation should work."
Dennise Brogdon, Managing Editor, Hughston Health Alert, The Hughston Foundation, Inc., Columbus, Georgia
"Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In this case, definitely, yes! The illustrations  are superb, and immediately convey health risks and medical conditions with exceptional clarity. Copywriting is concise, interesting and well presented with callouts, sidebars and captions."
Within Healthy Way
Donna Kutt Nahas, Publications Manager, South Nassau Hospital, Oceanside, NY 
"The older employee newsletter was quite good; the new one sparkles. It's not a big budget extravaganza. Rather, it's an economical, color laser printed affair with a an appealing, lively layout and crisply written, brief articles on a wide range of topics. The publication staff understand the key to employee newsletters -- keep it on point, interesting, and above all, keep the copy short."

Magazines & Journals

American Spirit - November/December 2012
Bill Hudgins, Editor, Jamie Roberts, Managing Editor, Hammock Publishing Inc., Nashville, TN and Edith Rianzares, Printing and Publications Director, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC 
"Fascinating, thoroughly researched features offer lively, informative reading, framed in beautiful spreads packed with stunning photos and striking illustrations. The editorial focus and overall design combine to create an exceptional magazine, a tour de force."

Thrive - Winter 2013
Lyn Hill, Vice President of Communications & External Affairs, New York Methodist Hospital, New York, NY
"Crisp, contemporary layout with dynamic, attention-getting spreads, which showcase interesting shorts and features, with plenty of sidebars, decks and 'chunked' copy to serve up the editorial in bite size helpings. A very effective magazine."

SilverKris - December 2012
Joanna Lee-Miller, Group Editor, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, Media Centre, Singapore
"Consistently high quality is the hallmark of this magazine. Each issue gives the reader an elegant visual tour. Striking, dynamic photos are well captioned and described. The layout is interesting, with varied spreads (which still maintain a consistent theme throughout) and carefully arranged, concise copy to keep the reader involved. The mix of short items and tightly written features play their part as well. The whole exceeds the sum of its parts."

Disney twenty-three - Spring 2012 Issue
Stephen Clark, Disney Corporate Creative Resources, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
"Exceptional design and layout. Hard to believe it's a magazine; it almost has the look and feel of a coffee table book. From the beautifully rendered front cover silouhette -- reminiscent of the hand-drawn frames from old Disney cartoons -- to the stunning illustrations and clever use of archival art and photos, this is a very viewable and very readable anniversary issue. Walt would have been pleased."

PhotoMedia - Spring/Summer 2012:  25 Years of PhotoMedia
Gary Halpern, Publisher, Randall Woods, Editor, Richard Huston, Creative Director, The PhotoMedia Group, Inc., Seattle, WA
"Anniversary issues can be tricky. Easy to lose sight of the reader while journeying down memory lane. But this top-drawer magazine has much to remember in its 25 years, and the presentation is reader-focused, starting with the stunning cover and carrying through with spectacular photos -- each taken by a renowned, world class photographer -- and compelling, in-depth feature articles. The individual parts of this issue are exceptional, but when you put them all together, the result is a marvelous creative synergy."

Ticker Tape Magazine
T3 Publishing, Woodinville, WA
"Well written and thoroughly researched actionable advice, presented in beautiful spreads with stunning, functional illustrations and crisp, legible type. An excellent magazine -- and an exceptionally helpful one for investors."

Voices of Darfur
Kirk Kroeker, Head of Publications, African Union - United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), El Fasher (Darfur, Sudan)
"Stunning photos and spreads, clean, crisp layout and a warm, inviting look, all serve to frame powerful, persuasive features that are interesting, well written and compelling. It's quite clear that presenting this magazine's urgent message, through both copy and art, is much more than a 9 to 5 job."

Janice Fink, Editor, Alabama Alumni Publications, Tuscaloosa, AL
"Gripping, crisply told features pack this appealingly designed issue. The spreads are dynamic, interesting and take full advantage of the photographic opportunities -- from cover to cover. Topics are wide-ranging and thought provoking, with each a profile of successful alums. While the focus is on the school's alumni, this magazine's content could credibly run in any major national publication."  

Hallowed Ground
Mary Koik, Editor, Civil War Trust, Washington DC
"While the previous version was hard to quarrel with, the new magazine is a triumph of design and editorial. From the minimalist contents page -- compelling with its sparing use of powerful photos -- to the 'From the Trenches' shorts, and on to the featured 'Success Stories' and full length historical features, each issue is a fascinating look back at our past and a look ahead to current conservation projects."
Go Teach - November/December 2012
Erin Young, Editor, Phi Delta Kappa International, Bloomington, IN
"It's obvious from this issue that the editors have their target audience -- future educators -- clearly in their crosshairs. The features and shorts -- from college admission tips to adjusting to life on campus -- are fast-paced, but offer an extensive range of focused and valuable advice for the reader."
Just Thinking
Danielle DuRant, Editor, RZIM, Norcross, GA
"Stunning layout, design, typography and photos. Features are well written and informative, with plenty of decks, sidebars and callouts. A very persuasive magazine."


Magapapers & Newspapers

Machinery & Equipment MRO - September 2012     
Bill Roebuck, Editor and Ellie Robinson, Art Director, Machinery & Equipment MRO, Oakville, ON, Canada
"Makes excellent use of the small newspaper format. A bold headline schedule, clear, legible type, imaginative use of captioned photo layouts, sidebars, subheads and bulleted and numbered text -- all combine  to create an appealing backdrop to the editorial well, where crisply written, interesting features keep readers involved and up to date on current trends."

Emergency Medicine News - Nov 2012
Lisa Hoffman, Editor, Wolters Kluwer Health, Ambler, PA
"Who knew that hospital emergency department care '…accounts for only two to four percent of total U.S. medical expenditures.'? That and many other insights -- plus in-depth, focused features -- await in this well researched and invitingly written magapaper. It has a clean, readable design, but the accent is -- as it should be -- on the editorial content, and it shows."
CardioSource WorldNews - January 2013
Eric Raible, Managing Editor, American Medical Communications, Manalapan, NJ
"Starting from a good base, the new CardioSource WorldNews displays improved flow, appealing spreads, improved readability, and very effective 'chunked' copy and on-point infographics -- all of which combine to deliver useful editorial content in a quick-reading, easy-to-grasp format. In particular, the infographics, sidebars and shorts make their points with a minimum of wasted time. Very well done."
Sandia Lab News - December 14, 2012
Sandia Lab News Team, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
"A warm, inviting employee newspaper, with a blend of columns written in an appealing, personal style, balanced with numerous, well illustrated features describing Sandia's programs and services. A very readable publication, the whole point of a newspaper for employees."


Annual Reports

2012 Walmart Annual Report     
Josh Dempsey, Executive Vice President, Corporate Reports, Inc., Atlanta, GA
"An extensive, but exceptionally well-planned online report, packed with informative videos from key managers, each reinforcing the report's main themes -- economic growth, service to customers and community involvement. Navigation, copy and visuals are first rate. The financials are well handled, and the '50 Year History' segments are very well done, with clear infographics and clever use of archival photos and short, chunked text. There's even a scannable download for the Investor Relations App. A very well put together annual report."

Vision 2011: Aviation Leadership Focuses on the Future of Our Region
The Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York, NY
"This annual report offers a different, horizontal look, with a clean layout, and lots of interesting short items, each with photos, and each well written, to keep readers' attention, and keep them moving through the publication. Lots of vignettes, clearly presented stats, and everything reinforcing the 'Future' themes -- leadership, the airports, the accomplishments, the data. In particular, the authors deftly integrate the agency's managers into the report in a lively, interesting way."

ASCD 2011 - Creating Revolution
Gary Bloom, Creative Director, ASCD, Alexandria, VA
"The design of this annual report takes full advantage of the Web. Each spread is heavily visual, with appealing, captioned, 'building block' illustrations -- all with clickable links to more detailed (but still concise) text, audios or videos. Very intelligent use of online technology, and a very enjoyable experience."
InFact Booklet: Colorado State University by the Numbers
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
"Stunning photo spreads, with superb infographics everywhere to explain key data points throughout the report, and lively, inviting copy. It just makes for a very inviting, appealing and easy to read annual report."
ALL MEANS ALL: Director's 2012 Report to the Community
Terry Simzer, Director of Communications, Upper Canada District School Board, Brockville, ON, Canada
"This wonderfully involving, visual report to the community is distributed in eight chunks -- each a separate video clip. Each is interesting, well done, and focuses on telling the story through students and teachers. An exceptionally effective use of media."


Brochures, Manuals & Reports

2013 EXCELLENCE Associate Handbook
Jennifer Poindexter, Communication Specialist, BB&T, Winston-Salem, NC 
"Lengthy but very well organized, and written in a helpful, matter-of-fact way. It not only presents the SOP's and rules, but explains the reasoning behind them. The result is an unusually useful, common sense guide."
Why Is The Recovery Taking So Long? 
SIDES & Associates, Lafayette, LA
"A striking, fold-out brochure uses bold typography and an extremely effective, timeline visual to clearly demonstrate why it takes so long to rebuild after a natural disaster. The visual and related text describe a detailed building process, but present the data in easily grasped, illustrated segments. An exceptional effort at making a complex topic clear."
2013 Benefits & Retirement Reference Guide
Aflac, Columbus, GA
"Such guides are all the same -- lots of information, dense copy, complex jargon and poor to mediocre organization. But this one's not. A bright, attractive, eye-catching design -- starting with the appealing, and very clever, cover design -- offers a clear, well organized layout, with concise copy in readable 'chunks', with lots of bulleted text, callouts, and easy to understand graphs. It's a thoughtful, intelligent presentation."
Back of the Line
Alan Bell, Art Director, BLK, Los Angeles, CA
"Impressive design, photography, and content, from the evocative cover title -- which surely has instant meaning to all, but especially its target audience -- to the thoroughly researched, powerful, persuasive, message. The whole of this special report is greater than the sum of its parts."
Adult Fitness Examination 
American Physical Therapy Association, Alexandria, VA
"A well thought out and clearly presented book that takes a step-by-step approach to the subject, with crisp, concise copy, and extensive use of well prepared charts and forms. It is an excellent manual, and one precisely focused on the needs of its intended audience."
State Report Card
Military Officers Association of America, Alexandria, VA
"Very clear, simple visuals make this an effective communications piece. Presenting information via charts can sometimes verge on mind-numbing, but here, they've pulled off a rather clever, functional chart that viewers will easily grasp. Nicely done."
Maya's Secrets
Len Boswell, Director, Book Publishing, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, GA
"Beautiful design, layout and photography in this cookbook for healthy Latin dishes. A clean layout, crisp copy and appealing visuals make the cookbook a 'keeper' for any at-home cook."
2013 Campaign Plan 
Together We Do Extraordinary Things
Seth J. Katzen, CEO, Wendy J. Berger, Development Director, Jewish Federation of Delaware, Wilmington, DE  
"An exceptionally well-organized campaign and manual. The written materials present a persuasive case for participation, the marketing communications plan is both practical and clear, and the manual also includes an excellent range of background articles on everything from fundraising techniques to campaign planning."


Electronic Media

Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2013
EY, Secaucus, New York, NY
"Impressive as always. It's a massive, thoroughly researched and totally complete, current tax guide. Tax law is the murkiest of subjects, yet this guide speaks with great clarity. They claim it's easy to use, and, to our surprise, it actually is. The online guide's navigation is clear, with a functional table of contents, so readers always know where they are. And frequent links within the text, and an extensive index, also aid readers. No, it's not a coffee table book, but if you want the full story on, say, Medicare Taxes on Earned and Investment Income to Apply in 2013, this is your guide. The guide's analysis and recommendations in it's general 'summary for 2013 and beyond' are especially helpful. "

Food Fanatics iPad app
Imagination, Chicago, IL
"The print magazine is a stunning tour de force; the iPad app retains all of that and adds superb utilization of the best epub navigation and presentation. The app's authors provide a quick and intuitive guide on using the app for the novice, and then proceed to wow you with leading edge content, great visuals and lots of links to further resources and topics. First rate translation of the printed magazine to the electronic app medium."

Elite Access - A Tale of Two Rollercoasters
Jackson National Life Insurance,Denver, CO
"Clarity in communication is everything, and this video presentation uses superb action graphs and 'live' illustrations to help make complex financial concepts -- like volatility and risk tolerance -- easy to understand, not only on their own, but in relation to each other. Short, sweet and to the point. An exceptional example of what financial communication should be."

Hanford Story:  River Corridor
Lockheed Martin, Richland, WA
"A remarkable story, superbly told with contemporary and archival video -- and deftly integrated infographics. Very effective job of presenting the massive depth of the clean-up project, and clearly showing all of the many different remediation projects -- but also explaining them, including the complex technical processes, with great clarity. What a video of this kind should be."

Veterans United videos  
Chris Birk, Director of Content Development, Sarah Hill, Chief Storyteller, Scott Schaefer, Photography Director, Veterans United Home Loans, Columbia, MO
"Powerful, moving videos offer superb storytelling and a clear focus on the organization's mission. A lot of YouTube videos are, well, amateurish. These are not. They are exceptionally well done, and they speak from the heart."
Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series 
Irving Levin Associates, Norwalk, CT
"In depth interviews with top professionals in the field provide excellent analysis and actionable advice from these key industry leaders. Audio and visuals work well together to create a valuable learning experience at your desktop. These are thoroughly researched and effectively moderated presentations. Top drawer."
AGD 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibits Promotional Video
Academy of General Dentistry, Chicago, IL
"Remarkably simple, and remarkably effective analogy -- between gifted musicians tuning up their instruments before a performance, and skilled dentists 'tuning' their skills, all presented in a fast paced Annual Meeting YouTube marketing video, with a nice segue from classical to modern to country musical instruments. Nicely done."

ASCO Connection Blog Series: Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP 
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Alexandria, VA 
"Well written. The insights are inspired, and some of the posts are exceptionally powerful, especially 'My Father's Final Lesson', which discussed the final days of the author's father's life."
Kathy Pretz, Editor in Chief, Ania Monaco, Associate Editor, Amanda Davis, Editorial Assistant, IEEE, The Institute, Piscataway, NJ
"A lively, tightly written post -- controversial and hard-hitting -- and one that generated an enormous (and intense) response. Precisely what you want in a blog post."
ICO Blog: Optometry School Survival Kit
Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, IL
"A lively writing style, interesting 'survival' tips in five numbered chunks, each with helpful photos, make this a really useful blog post."


Social Media

T. Rowe Price Investor App
Natalie Widdowson, T. Rowe Price, Owings Mills, MD 
"This top notch financial app offers an excellent online experience. It's packed with useful, well researched and written features and shorts, while the layout is attractive yet functional (infographics are particularly clear, and nicely reinforce the text). But the icing on the cake is the elegant, fluid and effective navigation. Everything is 'touch and tap', optimizing the tablet/smartphone medium. A truly enjoyable experience."

T+D Magazine App
Network Media Partners, Inc., Hunt Valley, MD and the American Society for Training & Development
"Striking spreads, strong content, full use of reinforcing infographics, and exceptionally fluid use of varied multimedia, all combine to make this powerful magazine app much more than the sum of its parts."

Smart Publishing iPad App, Holiday Edition 2012 
Stratton Publishing & Marketing, Alexandria, VA
"The bold striking design is attention getting, good in a crowded online world. But there's a lot of cleverly presented, very useful content here, served up in bite sized, easy reading chunks. Navigation is easy, intuitive and fluid. Everything is buttoned down, from the 'How to use this app' page to the Happy Holidays pull tab at the end. Visuals are first rate, and this app's focus on the Holiday season is quite deft. Lots of good advice, much of it original, all of it helpful. 'Be prepared for small talk.' makes sense, but 'Keep your spouse or guest in check.' is, for us, a new one. In all, a first class effort.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Mobile App
Laura Andrews, Marketing & PR Specialist, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency, Cleveland, OH
"Spectacular app, with superb visuals, exceptionally clear navigation and crisp, interesting content. Clearly, this app is extremely well researched, well organized and well presented. Not a 'park person'? Start using this app and you will be."



CEO Update
Anita Sama, Editor-in-Chief, CEO Update, Washington, DC
"This really marvelous, redesigned website starts at an interesting home page, with main and secondary stories to choose from. The site is state of the art, with useful 'subscribe' and 'job posting' links, as well as nicely integrated LinkedIn and Twitter elements. Navigation is easy, content is extensive and the look and feel of the site is first rate. The old site was solid, the new exceptional. Nothing more to ask for here."

Healio.com Staff, Healio/SLACK Incorporated, Thorofare, NJ
"A massive site -- packed with useful, well researched and well written information, but very well organized, with clear navigation. The site offers all-encompassing resources that are carefully targeted to its audience of health care professionals. Numerous interactive features -- and the ability to customize the site to provide tailored news and data for your specific interests -- are added pluses. It should give Wiki a run for its money, but with fully vetted information." 
James Berklan, Editor, McKnight's Long-Term Care News, Northbrook, IL
"The previous site was quite good. The remake is top notch, starting with the inviting home page, which is much more visually dynamic, and packed with interesting feature blurbs (which link to full stories) and lead-ins. Navigation from the home page to all the elements of this in-depth, content-rich site is fluid and easy. You won't get lost, but you may have a hard time deciding to leave the site. From blogs to special reports to cutting-edge articles and news reports, it's a 'must-read' resource for long-term care professionals."
UBM's Future Cities
UBM's DeusM, New York, NY
"Very cutting edge in design and outlook -- as it should be for a website focusing on future cities. Packed with crisp, lively features and shorts, tons of links, and, in many cases, quite useful reader comments. This is a site that's not afraid of feedback. Clean design, good navigation, and readable. Hard to ask for more."
Stephanie Cajigal, Associate Editor, WebMD/Medscape, New York, NY
"Exceptionally well designed landing page offers clear, pragmatic and often blunt analyses of the impact of the 2012 election on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the work of physicians and healthcare professionals. Simply reading the headings and lead-ins on the landing page gives an immediate grasp of the scope and the issues involved."
Kimberly Draper, Fine Books & Collections Magazine, Chapel Hill, NC
"A strikingly designed, densely packed but very intriguing site. Something for everyone, with feature after feature, and numerous blog posts. All well researched and written to keep the reader involved. Who knew that the Great Gatsby dust jacket is the "…most valuable piece of paper in modern literature."?
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, D.C.
"Impressive depth of well researched content, delivered in a readable, interesting style, effectively arguing for the Endowment's point of view on key topics. Bold visual design, top-notch photograph and easy navigation round out the package."
Kobla Fiagbedzi, Webmaster, Society for Technical Communication, Fairfax, VA
"Just an exceptionally well-prepared, cutting-edge website that offers an appealing design, functional layout and navigation, and extensive, valuable editorial content. It's definitely worth bookmarking if you are a technical communicator -- or even if your interest in the field is more general. It's a professional site for a professional audience."


Campaigns, Programs & Plans

ExxonMobil Culture of Health Manager Toolkit
American Specialty Health, San Diego, CA
"An excellent presentation targeted to company managers. The content and visuals clearly show the benefits to employees participating in the wellness program, outlines the benefits to busy managers who actively lead and support the program, and presents a clear, step-by-step strategy for implementing the initiative and making it a success."

Meet the Cursor
Nadia Keung, Senior Account Director, Ariad Healthcare, Toronto, ON, Canada
"A very clever mailing package. 'Meet the greatest threat to your (medical) brand -- the cursor.' It's where 'Dr. Google' empowers your patients to be 'patient consumers.' It's a concise, clear message with on-point visuals. Quite effective."

Your Retirement Journey
Phillips 66 and Hill, Barolet & Associates LLC, Katy, TX
"This clever narrative uses an animated cartoon medium. Very interesting. Very clear. Very attention getting (and keeping). Very, very effective."

Voicing Our Values 2012 - Ethics Awareness
Lockheed Martin C&SS, Richland, WA
"This exceptionally well done training program offers a clear, well organized and easy reading 'Leader's Guide', while the video is top drawer. Each episode  shows very realistic, complex staff interactions, and does a remarkable job showing what went wrong, how it happened, and what should have happened. It's one of the better training programs we've seen."

Making wise choices as you get ready for retirement
Gregory Spears, Editor, Vanguard, Valley Forge, PA
"A difficult and very complex topic…and one that may people tend to shy away from planning for. But this series of informational booklets does a superb job of outlining the  financial aspects of retirement -- how to invest your retirement savings, how to turn those savings into income, and how to understand, and make decisions about, your retirement health care coverage. The distinct booklets reinforce each other and provide readers with a clear understanding of a broad range of retirement topics. An exceptional resource for retirement planning."
Tips To Weight Loss 
Ashley Miller, VP, Participant Marketing, Debbie Pepmiller, Senior Designer, Glenn Eddie Gill, Senior Copywriter,
Alere Health, McKinney, TX
"Very effective campaign uses postcards, rack cards, table tents and e-letters to make its points. Each message is a single theme -- a specific way to lose weight. Each profiles a different person, and offers their handwritten tip. You can't help reading it. A very clever campaign."
AECOM Open Enrollment 
Blue Communications, Hollywood, CA
"'Less is more' is the theme here, and 'Less', done well, is harder to pull off than 'more'. That's the case here. They've figured out their audience, and the need to quickly and succinctly convey a 'good news' main theme ('Our plan worked, so now we can lower your premium rates.') and several sub-points. They achieve it in a compact little booklet with the obligatory, diverse staff head shots, and short, 'chunked' copy (the online version has highlighted links to more [and equally succinct] info). It works quite well. An excellent example of benefit communications."
Let Your Green Show (Phase 1)
Kevin Carr, Senior Consultant, Marketing, City of Mississauga, Mississauga, ON, Canada
"Appealing illustrations and very readable type provide an inviting backdrop to this 'green' campaign. Like Caesar's Gaul, this campaign is divided into three (well organized) parts -- each with useful information, the What, the Why and the How. It's concise, with just enough numbered list information to get you moving, but links if you want more."
Methodist Leaders in Sports Medicine Print Series
Leslie Briggs, Esther Maldonado, Senior Marketing Specialists, The Methodist Hospital System
"These striking print ads feature athletes in dynamic action shots, but what gets the viewer's attention is the callouts -- captioned visuals showing the underlying bone structure of the joints. A very effective way to show how Methodist Hospital can help you prevent and recover from sports injuries."
Fairfax County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health, Disease Carrying Insects Program, Fairfax, VA
"Cartoons have always been vastly underrated as a communications vehicle. When used skillfully, they can be an excellent medium to convey complex information and advice to people of varying ages and backgrounds. In this case, a county health department cleverly employs cartoon illustrations across a wide range of media to get the word out. There's something for everyone, from calendars to booklets to stick-on 'tattoos' to flyers. We especially liked The Sinister Secret of the Stinky Storm Drain, a booklet that makes kids feel like they're part of the solution, not the problem."
Space Shuttle Retirement Campaign
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Office of Strategic Communications, Edwards, CA
"This impressively in-depth and organized multimedia campaign achieves its goals of increasing public awareness of NASA's missions -- not least, the Space Shuttle Program. The awareness campaign surrounding the Space Shuttle's retirement, the shuttle 'air tour' prior to eventual display at the Smithsonian and other key science centers, was superbly managed, with top drawer publicity and media elements. A first rate campaign."



Life Reimagined
Boe Workman, CEO Communications Director, A. Barry Rand, CEO, AARP, Washington, DC
"A powerful message, persuasively delivered. The script reads well and 'speaks' well. The central message -- repeated throughout -- is consistent, and the speech is crafted to drill the point home. A skillfully prepared presentation."
Before you hire
Sue Wiltz, Editorial Director, Staci Giordullo, Staff Writer, Diana Lamirand, Senior Editor, Angie's List Magazine, Indianapolis, IN
"Thoroughly researched and written in a lively, interesting style, this how-to feature really hits the bullseye when it comes to giving the homeowner audience extremely useful, practical advice on selecting, vetting and working with contractors for home improvements. A must read if you're even thinking about it."
2013 MY Fusion Web-based Training
Katie Peterson, Retailer Education & Training, Ford Motor Company, Troy Michigan
"Geared to an audience of non-technical sales staff, retention is the key for these training modules. Less really is more. In this case, the rewrite covers a lot of ground -- as it must -- but ruthlessly trims the copy, shortens the modules, and gives them a clearer focus based on how sales staff might answer customer questions. Some very competent writing and editing here. Well planned. Well researched. Well written."
Travel Essays: Italy
Josie Fuller, Account Executive, Pace Communications, Greensboro, NC and Justin Catanoso, Director of Journalism, Wake Forest University, Wells Fargo Private Bank and Wells Fargo Advisors, Winston-Salem, NC
"What marvelous short vignettes. These superbly written travel features really make you feel as if you're there. Right there. The details, the background color, the warmth and rhythm of the copy, all contribute to create compelling stories. They make you want to follow in the author's footsteps."
Top 10 Loss Prevention and Claims Questions
Daniel L. Crouch, Communications Manager, CAMICO IMPACT, San Mateo, CA
"Complex subject matter, clearly presented. The writing is interesting, concise and carefully provides thoroughly researched advice."
WriteSteps, Grandville, MI
"An impressive online package -- from the No. 2 pencil logo theme, to the appealing pastel spot colors and screens, and the very attractive, inviting look and feel of the site. It does a remarkable job of harnessing design to reinforce the content, in part by making the target audience (teachers) feel right at home. Speaking of content, the copy is crisply written. It's thoroughly researched, prepared and presented. A flawless 'lesson plan', if you will, by teachers teaching teachers."
Association of Corporate Counsel, Washington, DC
"Good crisp copywriting. Concise, thought-provoking columns on a diverse range of on-point topics. Exceptionally well done!"
Eyes in the Skies
Mike Goldman, Managing Editor, Boys' Life magazine, Irving, TX
"This air marshall profile really clicks with its intended audience. Lively, well prepared copy does a superb job of capturing the action, excitement and challenges of the job -- while presenting a very realistic description of what's required. Top flight!
T.R. Witcher, Contributing Writer, Civil Engineering magazine, Reston, VA
"Concise enough for Web content, this feature still does a superb job of capturing and explaining all the key elements of this urgent news story. The complex (and simple) engineering points are clearly explained, as is the underlying political struggle between the city and the Forest Service -- all in a well written, lively and interesting article."
Crushed Under the Weight of the Regulatory Burden
Joseph M. Kelly, ABA Bank Compliance Magazine, American Bankers Association, Washington, DC
"A serious and rather grim topic, well described with fast paced, crisp copy, but in full detail. The reader is left in no doubt about the problem and the consequences of inaction. A very powerful, very persuasive example of advocacy writing."
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine    
Janet Dudar, Senior Art Director, Peter Corcoran, Editor in Chief, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Craig Causer, IEEE Managing Editor, Kyle Wiens, IEEE, Piscataway, NJ
"An excellent analysis -- clearly presented with tightly written, interesting and persuasive copywriting. The article is well organized and leaves the reader with very clear explanations of the pros and cons of maintenance and repair issues for each of the competing tablets. Nicely done." 
Principal Magazine - Unlocking Autism
Kaylen Tucker, The National Association of Elementary School Principals, Alexandria, VA
"Well researched and very much 'on point', these top drawer feature articles are tightly written, well paced, and interesting. Each focuses on a specific aspect of the condition, and readers come away with useful, actionable information."
Making Diversity a Core Value in Engineering Education 
Sandra Guy, Contributor, Society of Women Engineers, Cleveland Heights, OH
"No short piece, this lengthy feature offers wide ranging, unique and subtle perspectives on the value of diversity in the field. It doesn't 'oversell' the issue, but effectively presents viewpoints of a diverse cross section of leaders in engineering education to make its case."


Design & Illustration

Happy and Healthy New Year
Marc Sirockman, General Manager, Artcraft Health Education, Flemington, NJ
"A stunningly designed, pop-out, fold-out calendar. It opens to form a free standing calendar on your desk. The goal is to move you to get tested for Hepatitis B. Not a pleasant subject, but each panel of the calendar offers a simple, motivating headline at the top, and two or three short, persuasive bullet points to drive it home. It's a very effectively designed piece of communication."
"Back From the Brink" advertorial
Erik Mausser, Creative Director, Custom Publishing, New York, NY
"This impressively researched advertorial does a superb job of outlining how the Japanese agencies and people used what they learned about the Fukushima disaster to rebuild affected areas and employ advanced technology to plan for the future."
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Rockville, MD
"This clean and simple design offers crisp, clear typography (obviously not specified by a designer in love with the 'look' of his or her layout, but rather speced for readability), in a generous size appreciated by older readers. To that, add appealing photos and a functional layout, and you have a winner."
Nonstop by Gulfstream
The Pohly Company, Boston, MA
"Targeting a high-end demographic, this redesign captures the essence of the iconic Gulfstream aircraft and all the elements associated with the luxury travel that it implies. Appealing spreads, gorgeous photo layouts and lively, interesting features complete the very elegant package."
Marc Sirockman, General Manager, Artcraft Health Education, Flemington, NJ
"A stunningly designed, pop-out, fold-out calendar. It opens to form a free standing calendar on your desk. The goal is to move you to get tested for Hepatitis B. Not a pleasant subject, but each panel of the calendar offers a simple, motivating headline at the top, and two or three short, persuasive bullet points to drive it home. It's a very effectively designed piece of communication."
Smart Enterprise Magazine: Vol. 6, No. 3, Fearless: How Security Empowers
David Nicastro, Creative Director, New Media, Giulia Fini-Gulotta, Art Director, Adeline Cannone, Production Manager, UBM Design Central, Manhasset, NY, and CA Technologies, Islandia, NY
"This is an outstanding, eye-catching cover design. It makes you 'read' it and instinctively 'get' the idea of protecting your data -- in this case, behind bubble-like shields. It's an idea that's been around for decades in sci fi movies, and even recent TV series (Under the Dome), but cleverly repositioned and deftly executed here."
Phoenix Forward
Sherri Eisenberg, Director of Web Editorial, Beth Jim, Online Content Manager, Trista Sobeck, Creative Director, Phoenix.edu, University of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ
"The infographics are intelligently positioned -- up front in the article, where they compel reader attention, doing an excellent job of conveying the essence of the feature. The visual/editorial blend is superb."
BergerWorld -- Bridges Around the World
Warren Miller, Editor, Karen Kramer, Graphic Designer, Louis Berger, Morristown, NJ
"Visually interesting spreads display superbly cropped photos, each with lengthy, functional captions -- a proven-effective communications technique. A very smart way to present the data, since people tend to read captions more than they do the body of the text. The photo spreads are themselves a striking arrangement, with each photo and caption creating a self-contained story. The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam adds a special atmosphere. You'll want to be quite sober if you're driving across that bridge at night. :-)"
Journal of School Safety
Lisa Wright, Publisher, Zack R. Mullikin, Art Director, Wright Publishing Group, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL and Mo Canady, Executive Director, Kerri J. Williamson, Training Director, National Association of School Resource Officers, Hoover, AL
"This beautifully and poignantly illustrated cover makes a strong emotional impact. A kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School created a painting, placing 20 hand prints on it to honor the 20 student victims. Six teachers added hand prints to honor the fallen adults. All 26 names are placed inside the heart with a quote written by the kindergarten class…'We promise to live our lives in honor of the beautiful lives lost.'"
Biloxi Blues:  After the Spill
Brenan Sharp, Senior Designer & Visual Web Editor, Kathy Anderson, Photographer, Rachel M. Zahorsky, Reporter, ABA Journal, American Bar Association, Chicago, IL
"World class photos and photo spreads. It's remarkable how the design staff get maximum impact from each photo in such a tight spread. The use of stunning, large frame photos as backdrops to text (and to smaller, captioned photos) is particularly effective."
Gunning for Victory
Military Officers Association of America, Alexandria, VA
"Striking visuals, clever use of archival photos and illustrations, and appealing photo spreads combine to make these wonderful spreads both attention getting and 'reader keeping.'"
REALTOR® Magazine: 2012 Lists
Julie Fournier, Designer, National Association of REALTORS®, Chicago, IL    
"'Four Networks', 'Two Home Redos', 'Three Ways to…'. Well, you get the idea. This superb 'home & design' magazine section offers strikingly illustrated spreads, each packed with numbered lists, readable chunked copy, varied visuals and effective use of clean typography and white space. This is how to do lists."
AAA Destination Wedding and Honeymoons Book
AAA Western & Central New York, Buffalo, NY
"Absolutely gorgeous photo spreads -- each unique, each with its own visual theme and color tones -- featuring succinct copy and crisp, attractive, readable type, all work together to make this booklet strikingly appealing and strikingly effective."
Keeping it in the Family
Robert Cao-Ba, Creative Director, ASU Alumni Association, Tempe, AZ
"Beautiful spreads with superb arrangement and presentation of archival and new photos -- each visually displayed in a form that 'looks and feels just right.' The result is a very evocative, appealing look which captures the reader's attention and keeps it focused where it should be -- on the story line."


Special Publications

2012 US Open Tournament Magazine
USTA/H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA
"A visual and editorial tour de force. The layout is packed with fast-paced, interesting features, framed in beautifully executed spreads -- each strikingly different from the next. Photography and photo spreads are world class. It all combines to create a dynamic and very readable program for the US Open."
East Coast Eats 2013 Calendar
Marilyn Barnett, President/CEO, MARS Advertising, Southfield, MI
"Calendars are done every which way by all kinds of organizations, but this one is marvelously clever, quite helpful, and doubles as an excellent coupon sales vehicle that customers will notice and read because of the useful content. Each month of the calendar profiles an East Coast roadside eatery. By the time you get to May, you're thinking, 'Road Trip'!"
Merrill Lynch Advisor - High Impact Giving - Special Philanthropy Issue 2012
John von Brachel, Editor-in-chief/Director, Content and Delivery, Merrill Lynch
"This magazine special issue starts with a strikingly bold cover, employing a simple graphic theme, which continues throughout the issue. Crisp, legible type, plenty of callouts, decks, subheads and infographics create an easy-reading framework for the interesting and well written features and shorts. Solid information, effortlessly (for the reader) delivered. What more could you ask for?"
"In Your Honor" Veterans Publication
Kelly S. Kuntz, Morgan Hartmoyer, Gisela Kibler, Communications Team, Country Meadows Retirement Communities, Hershey, PA
"This remarkable and unique book offers a series of vignettes -- stories of military veterans from the Greatest Generation, now residents at Country Meadows Retirement Communities. Complete with vintage photos, the stories are compellingly written, fascinating interviews with these vets. To quote one of the interviewees, 'At 21, nothing bothers you.' The book includes a story hotline to call, for those who have not yet been interviewed, in preparation for a future publication. An outstanding and very readable effort."
War in Iraq: Tribute to the Troops 2003-2011
VFW Magazine, Kansas City, MO
"The Veterans of Foreign Wars has a particular talent for magazine special issues. This one, covering the Iraq War, is a world-class example of finely blended layout and content. The spreads and photography are first rate, with no opportunity missed to add functional captions and sidebars. The features are crisp, tightly written and powerful. There really is not much else to ask for."
Publishing Services, Legal Services Society, Vancouver, BC, Canada
"Thoroughly vetted, succinctly written in a very clear, attractive and readable layout, this guide makes its points effectively, with copy that targets its intended audience exceptionally well."


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