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Taking Care, December 2013

Optum, Vienna, VA

"Very cutting-edge 60's retro design — from the housewife touting a new avocado fridge to the illustrated spreads using sepia toned photos of TVs and bikes from the period — really captures your imagination. Crisp typography, tightly written, 'chunked' copy lets readers quickly and easily grasp key points. (Numbered text elements and frequent sidebars also help busy readers.) The advice is simple but solid. All in all, an excellent, quick reading newsletter."



Publicitas Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore

"This one's a keeper. A clean, bold, contemporary design, with striking, dynamic spreads (each different, yet with a unifying theme pulling the issue together), creative photo crops and a lively headline schedule — all combine to create an interesting visual backdrop for the crisp, succinctly written copy, with a nice mix of short items and tightly edited features. A first rate publication."


Mental Health Weekly - April 22, 2013

Valerie Canady, Managing Editor, Gary Enos, Contributing Editor, Douglas Devaux, Production Editor, Wiley, San Francisco, CA

"This is a well put together newsletter — well crafted and well written. The design is crisp and clean, quite attractive, yet not distracting from the content. The copy is concise and obviously well researched. Presentation is brisk, and makes it easy for a busy professional to stay current with key topics in the field."


Fine Book Notes

Kimberly Draper, Associate Publisher, Rebecca Rego Barry, Editor, Rosie Haller, Art Director, Fine Books & Collections, Chapel Hill, NC

"This clean, elegant layout is packed, yet uncluttered -- quite a feat. The illustrations, typography and photography all telegraph quality, while the content is well written, and, for a book lover, quite fascinating. A definite must for your e-newsletter reading list."


Sustainable Leadership

Kristin Clarke, Editor, ASAE : The Center for Association Leadership, Dunn Loring, VA

"Editorial focus is the key here, with the editors delivering news on just a few key topics, in a very concise, almost clipped format, with a limited but well chosen selection of links for follow up information. Nicely done. A very readable 'executive brief'. Just what an online eLetter should be."



Devin Mackinder, CIO, Mary Beth Block, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Portage, Portage, MI

"This city government e-newsletter has a lot of appeal. An inviting layout -- nicely 'chunked' and illustrated -- holds tightly written, interesting and very readable short articles. Bold heads and liberal use of sidebars all contribute to the easy reading nature of the newsletter. A very functional, effective effort."


Farewell to 59th Street

Ann Cony, Public Information Specialist, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento, CA

"A warm, thoroughly entertaining and very readable story about much more than just an office move. It is about a move to a new, larger and more practical location, but it's also about change, and about the history that a place develops, and what that history — and the changes that decades have brought — mean to the people who work there. Very well done. This is a story with layers."


"Olympic Engineering," 

'Engineering, Go For It!' Teacher's Newsletter, January 2014

Mary Lord, Deputy Editor, American Society for Engineering Education, Washington, DC

"Interesting, well thought out and well written lesson plans provide rich resources teachers can use to motivate and involve their K-12 students. Each lesson plan is a gem, and together, they'll go a long way toward motivating young people to explore careers in engineering."


Stellar SOFIA X-Press

Jacobs Technology/NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA

"Blockbuster visuals, including some superb photography, and a compelling story, compellingly told, make this an impressive newsletter issue. There is much technical detail for aeronautics aficionados, but quite a lot that will interest a lay audience as well. The feature articles are exceptionally well written and well targeted to the intended audience. They synch smoothly with the photo spreads, which feature very readable, functional, detailed captions. In all, a very clean, effective communications effort."



Magazines, Journals & Tabloids

CSC World Magazine

Patricia Brown, Editorial Director, Jeff Caruso, Senior Managing Editor, Chris Sapardanis, Senior Editor, CSC, Falls Church, VA

"Thoughtful, perceptive and obviously well-researched features are the editorial keys to the kingdom here, with crisp, interesting copywriting focused on cutting edge topics, from health services and apps to cloud computing and cybersecurity."


The Conference Board Review
Matthew Budman, Vadim Liberman, GLC Custom Media, Northbrook, IL
"Just a very in-depth, content rich and elegantly designed experience. A quality periodical."

American Spirit, November-December 2013
Jamie Roberts, Managing Editor, Hammock Inc., Nashville, TN
"This is a magazine that never fails to appeal. The design and layout are richly stunning, but the editorial well is the tour de force here. Features are thoroughly researched and presented in a lively and engaging manner. You find yourself reading each to the end, even when the topic is one you didn't think would particularly interest you. Top drawer in every respect."

The Hospitalist

Jason Carris, Editor, Wiley Inc., Hoboken, NJ

"A crisp, very contemporary, very legible design with appealing spreads, effective use of sidebars, numbered lists and a bold headline schedule -- all combining to complement the well written copy, which is informative and clearly well researched. The Obamacare special report insert is particularly informative and well designed."


Senior Living Executive
Assisted Living Federation of America, Alexandria, VA
"A very readable magazine, and one that is very well designed, with attractive, appealing spreads and a crisp, intelligent layout. Functional subheads, callouts, sidebars, decks and charts all make their contribution, while the feature articles are well focused to the intended audience. They're interesting and they provide a wealth of actionable information. A first rate effort."


Global Connectivity: Aviation Solutions

Karen Kramer, Creative Director, Warren Miller, Editor, Berger Group of Companies, Morristown, NJ

“Interesting spreads and a clear writing style are the key components to this magazine’s success. Each spread features a unique design, while still maintaining a level of consistency through the entire issue. The layout keeps the reader’s attention with appealing visuals, clean, readable type, useful sidebars and excellent placement of informative captions. Small staff but a top drawer magazine.”


New York Methodist Health (Thrive - Winter 2014)

Lyn Hill, VP of Communications and External Affairs, New York Methodist, Brooklyn, NY

"This is a genuinely visual magazine, with dramatic spreads, lots of bold infographics, enormous variety in the typography and 'look' from spread to spread, nicely 'chunked', short copy for easy reading, and a quick, almost brisk writing style that gets your attention, makes its points, and then stops — as it should."


Upstate Health magazine

Amber Smith, Editor, Susan Keeter, Designer, Upstate Health magazine, produced by  Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

"This magazine series truly is a labor of love, and it shows. Striking covers, inviting contents pages, clean, legible spreads (each different yet part of the whole), deftly illustrated with well chosen photos, and with succinct, interesting, well written features. It's a very engaging, very readable magazine."


FDU Magazine - Summer/Fall 2013

Rebecca Maxon, Editor, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ

"Exceptional, high quality copy from cover to cover. Content is uniformly well written, from the briefest short to the longest feature. The focus is on Fairleigh Dickinson faculty, students and alums, but, through their experiences, the magazine manages to take in wide ranging events and achievements on a national and international scale."


Principal Leadership Magazine - March 2014

Lisa Schnabel, Designer, Jan Umphrey, Editor, Michelle McKinley, Managing Editor, NASSP, Reston, VA

"A very professional, very attractive and very appealing 'clean' design that dots all the i's and crosses all the t's, but the core of this periodical is the incredible depth and richness of the editorial content. Feature articles are well researched, well written, useful to the primary audience, and interesting. Further, the copy isn't 'dumbed down' or abbreviated until it's pablum. The editors rightly assume their audience of educated professionals can, and will, read the features, and the more, the better — provided, of course that the content is rich in new ideas and practical techniques. It is."


UMass Lowell Alumni Magazine - 100 Things 

Paul Shilale, Designer, Sarah McAdams Corbett, Editor, Uni versity of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

"You just know it will be a 'keeper' with a quick glance at the cover. Very appealing, contemporary design, with crisp, lively spreads, elegant typography and headline schedule, and fully captioned, well chosen photos — including some striking photo spreads. The '100 Things We Like about Lowell' theme unifies the issue, while keeping copy concise and readable.


Engineering Inc. - May/June 2013

Andrea Keeney, Director, Staff Editor,  Engineering Inc., Alan D. Crockett, Director, Public Relations and Communications

American Council of Engineering Companies

Washington, DC

"Striking spreads, crisp, interesting copy (the annual convention copy, in particular, is both readable and concise, a deft achievement), and appealing photos combine to make this a magazine that industry professionals will actually read."

Hallowed Ground - Gettysburg 2013

Mary Koik, Editor, Jeff Griffith, Creative Director, Civil War Trust, Washington, DC
"The issue is a work of art, using new and archival photos and detailed battlefield maps to give the reader a real sense of what happened, and how the work of preservation continues. Bold pull quotes, dramatic spreads and the use of powerful photographs with interesting perspectives combine to make a first rate design framework for the issue's editorial content. Feature articles are exceptionally well written, covering actual battle histories and preservation campaigns. They capture -- and keep -- the reader's attention."


International Educator - September/October 2013

Christopher Murphy, Senior Director, Communications & Publisher, Elaina Loveland, Editor-in-Chief, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Washington, DC

"The design, layout and typography have an appealing flair, but the copywriting — both features and shorts — are top notch. They're crisp, lively, inviting and well researched. The copy keeps you reading, and, most important, you come away very well informed on the specific topics."


Ruffed Grouse Society - Summer, Fall, Winter 2013

Matt Soberg, Editor, Patrick Iten, Art Direction - Winter, Brittney LaCoste, Art Direction - Summer, Fall, Ruffed Grouse Society, Baxter, MN

“These are ‘Grouse’ guys (and gals). Once you understand that, all becomes clear. We think. We're speaking now as non-Grouse guys and gals. Wouldn’t know a Grouse from a Goose. That said, this series of issues is a thing of beauty, a work of art. The type schedule is perfectly chosen, illustrations and photography are superb, and the features fully engage the reader’s attention with first rate copywriting. Even the technical bits can hold a non-enthusiast’s attention.”


SWE, Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers, Fall 2013

Anne Perusek, Director of Editorial and Publications, Society of Women Engineers, Cleveland Heights, OH

"An absolutely top-drawer magazine, from the clean, inviting contents pages, to the lively, interesting and compelling features — thoroughly researched, appealingly and functionally illustrated — this magazine is a keeper. All photos are extensively captioned (a plus), each department offers concise, informative news and advice, while main feature articles often show a passion for the subject matter, which makes them all the more persuasive."


World Wildlife Magazine - Launch Issue

Alex MacLennan, Editorial Director, Sarah Forrest, Managing Editor, Carla Delgado, Designer, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC.

"Nice launch! Layout and design are superb, as are the the wonderful wildlife action photography and the top drawer illustrations and cartography. All frame the inviting and interesting feature articles, which tell their stories while deftly weaving in the 'buy in' for the organization's key mission."


Annual Reports

Journeys 2012/2013
MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Singapore
"Annual reports — or, in this case, corporate yearbooks — can be deadly dull. This one isn't, thanks to a very appealing, engaging design. the layout is quite crisp and professional, but still makes room for some stunning design spreads, starting with the Contents spread, beautifully illustrated, but with a very readable copy flow. Photography and illustration are both first rate, while the layouts manage to be greatly varied, yet maintaining the central design theme throughout the report. Pull quotes, sidebars and decks are deftly presented to reinforce the whole. The result is an exceptionally impressive publication."


2012 Stewardship Report: CONNECTED

Otter Tail Power Company, Fergus Falls, MN

"This is a well-designed and invitingly written (with almost a 'one neighbor to another' tone) annual report — but not an expensively produced or overly elaborate one. These are practical management people, who take their stewardship role seriously. Nice to see. (After all, what you want from your utility company is predictable, reliable and reasonably priced energy — without a lot of paid staff conventions in Vegas. :-) The Environmental Stewardship section is especially interesting, describing what the company has done, and is planning, to reduce emissions while increasing efficiency and energy conservation. Again, a very practical, and a very effective approach."


2013 Annual Report: The Promise of Leadership

Reece Qui�ones, Senior Art Director, Greer Wymond, Senior Graphic Designer, Lindsey Smith, Graphic Designer, ASCD Creative Services, Alexandria, VA

"It's not your father's annual report. No hierarchical navigation here. As you click on section links, you 'flow' through the report to reach them. And if you scroll through the report, elements are in motion. Mouse over an item and it changes size and shape. A very interesting effect, which, because of its novelty, keeps your attention — always a good thing when designing annual reports. Design is cutting edge, copy is crisp, tight, well written. The narrative gets its points across quite well, but this is a very visual report. Top drawer."


Report to the Community

Megan Schade, Assistant Director, New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

"Design and layout -- visuals, photography and illustrations -- are first rate, but the keys to this annual report are the patient 'success' stories, each a window on the medical resources and new technologies on offer at Methodist. A very powerful and very effective communications vehicle."


Mission in Action - 2012 Phi Kappa Phi Annual Report

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Baton Rouge, LA

“A clean, simple, elegant design packed with usefully captioned photos, easily digested 'chunked' copy segments, and unusually intricate, varied spreads — all combining to hold viewers' attention and get them reading, which is, after all, the whole point of the design exercise. Add to that, the short items and copy 'nuggets', which are interesting and keep you moving along, until, presto, you reach the donor lists and financial statement. Very deftly handled."



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