APEX 2015 Grand Award Winners, part two


APEX 2015 APEX 2015 APEX 2015 APEX 2015

The APEX Awards attract many outstanding entries. Of the nearly 1,900 entries in APEX 2015, just 82 Grand Award Winners were selected. In the days ahead, we'll post judges' comments (and URLs where available) for each of the 82 Grand Award-winning entries.

Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll try to link to the organization's main website and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change (or deletion) by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

Please check back often. (NOTE! If you can provide a direct URL to your Grand Award listed among the 82 Grand Award winners here, please e-mail it to us. Thank you!)

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Special Publications

Wyoming Retirement System - Sonja Meets Her Future Self 
Great-West Financial, Greenwood Village, CO
"A charming and quite cleverly done childrens' booklet starts early in presenting the importance of saving for purchases and for retirement. The booklet employs very appealing illustrations and well-targeted copy to get its points across, not least by using the 'skateboarding to the future' technique, so that the child Sonja meets her older self at 18, during middle age and in retirement. True, we've seen the method used in 'The Ghost of Christmas Past' and other media, but the authors here employ it quite deftly. Children — and their parents — will benefit from reading it."
Augusta National Golf Club/H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA
"This truly is a unique publication, part magazine, part journal, and part program. The stories are wonderfully written, and keep you reading. The design, the layout, the use of color, type and white space are truly superb. Photography is exceptional, with one masterpiece after another. The publication is packed with interesting features and clearly presented data, while the archival pieces add a compelling touch. Finally, the 'tour' of the 18 holes, each with a full spread, stats and narrative, make it seem like you're there."
MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Singapore
"It's all about water — conserving it, keeping it clean, managing it. You wouldn't think that water could be an interesting topic, but this publication's creators make it so with lively, cutting edge design, packed, dynamic spreads, extensive use of infographics, and well written, insightful articles that are long enough to cover the subject matter, but short enough to make for easy reading. It's really an exceptionally clever tutorial disguised as a magazine, and one that leaves readers much better informed."
Lyn Hill, VP for Communication and External Affairs, New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
"Short, punchy features are attention getting, interesting and crisply written. They're displayed in dynamic, varied spreads with bright, appealing designs, contemporary typography, and every tool in the designer's arsenal to break up the text into easily digestible chunks. Definitely worth reading."
NYP Choices 2014
Publicitas Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore
"This exceptionally well designed and written publication displays an excellent understanding of its target audience, secondary school students — never an easy group to reach. The publication offers very well illustrated, interesting spreads with just the right amount of copy to pull this target audience in and keep them turning the page. The use of captions, infographics and visuals is very effective in reinforcing the succinct editorial content. An absolutely first-rate product."
SPARK Publications, Charlotte, NC
"Edgy, edgy, edgy. From the manifesto (what publication has a manifesto?) to the dynamic design, with its interesting and varied spreads, to the stories you wouldn't have thought of, and truly penetrating profiles, this is one edgy and very well done publication. Definitely worth a read."
America's Most Highly Decorated Heroes
Robert Widener, VFW Magazine, Kansas City, MO
"A clean, appealing, and very readable layout invites the reader, who stays for the incredibly powerful narrative, reinforced by superb photography and offering dramatic and very well researched stories of true heroism. This unique publication does an exceptional job of tracing our combat history from the founding of the republic to the present day. It's a keeper and a must read."
Jay Levine, X-Press Editor, Christian Gelzer, NASA Armstrong Historian, Jacobs Technology/NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA
"This special issue, focused entirely on the 50 year history
Of the Neal Armstrong flight research Center, carries a lot of appeal. Interesting spreads, dramatic, well-chosen photos, in-depth captions — and writers and editors who know how to convey often complex technical and engineering subject matter in a very interesting and engaging way — make it a keeper."
Rick O'Sullivan, Society for Technical Communication, Fairfax, VA
"You can tell a story with data. This database does, and it tells it very, very well. An enormous amount of raw data is compiled, organized, evaluated and analyzed to extract the key data points that readers need. If you want macro information, it's here. If you want to drill down for the most specific micro information, it also is here. The clarity and visual communication of the data is exceptional. If your quest is salary information in the technical communication field, this is your bible."




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