APEX 2018 Grand Award Winners, part two

APEX 2018

The APEX Awards attract many outstanding entries. Of the more than 1,400 entries in APEX 2018, just 100 Grand Award Winners were selected. Judges' comments (and URLs where available) for many of the 100 Grand Award-winning entries will soon be shown here.

Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll try to link to the organization's main website and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change (or deletion) by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

Note: A few of the links will prompt you to allow Flash. We've checked the links using Flash, and they link to the entries listed as of the date checked, but whether you wish to use Flash or not is your choice.

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App for Firefighter Cancer Support Network
911MEDIA, a division of Trade News International, Inc.
Burbank, CA
“Giving back to those who risk their lives on a daily basis is an act that is always necessary and appreciated.  This app provides users with valuable information regarding firefighter cancer-prevention and awareness.  Additionally, it gives those firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer the ability to connect with someone in their state for assistance.  A truly helpful app for those who give so much and are facing the ultimate challenge.”

Arunima Majumdar
SBI Card mGurukul
Noida, India
“Tackling the issue of training a client’s geographically diverse staff, G-Cube successfully developed a mobile learning app enabling employees to access content regardless of their location. Its highly unique blend of audio, visual and animation techniques captivated its users.  Not only did it reach out to the audience, it provided a more interactive learning experience which led to improved efficiency and – the most important result – a significant increase in sales.”



Kate Young, Larry Price
ABA Bank Marketing.com
American Bankers Association
Washington, DC
“This is a clean, professional, graphically interesting website.  There are 9 selections on the navigation bar, each leading to well-laid out and easy-to-read content.  The sidebar on the right-hand side provides quick links that make it easy to stroll around the website and get a ton of information.  It is colorful, informative and well-constructed – just a pleasurable experience that provides useful content in a user-friendly environment.”

Dawn Coyne, Melissa Anzman, Nancy Watts
Conduent Annual Enrollment Microsite
Blackstone, MA
“The most important question relative to the success of a web site is simply ‘how easy is it for the user to get information?”  Here is where this site excels.  The home page offers four simple options along with five clear choices on the navigation bar.  Then, each click brings the user to another well-constructed, simple to navigate screen.  Information pertinent to the topic is easily found, quickly loaded and easy-to-read, with judicious use of white space, readable type and graphics.  If only all sites were this well laid out!” 

Institutional Real Estate, Inc.'s New Website
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.
San Ramon, CA
“Like a direct mail package needs an outer envelope to entice the recipient to get inside, a website needs a home page that is easy-to-read and makes the user want to delve deeper into the site.  The use of color, the simplicity of the layout and the main content all place just the right emphasis on the various segments of the page.  The two-tiered navigation bar is effective and allows a larger type size for easy reading.  The wide range of subject matter offers something valuable to anyone in the industry looking for information.”

The Financial Freedom Studio - Financial Website
Denver, CO
“The topic of financing one’s future sparks panic in many people.  Enter the ‘Financial Freedom Studio’ website.  Retirement planning … saving and investing … working with an advisor … all these major topics are present and discussed by a diverse array of influencers.  Launched in mid-2017, site traffic increased by 107%, and the high percentage of new visitors (88%) is evidence of the awareness of this site among an increasingly broad online audience.”

Jeannette Modic, Daniel Pindell, Kenneth Mason
St. Mary's College Website Homepage
St. Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's City, MD
“Here’s a home page that takes the visitor on a visually engaging, storytelling experience.   Vivid photography is present throughout the page.  The top image slider along with bold titles, simple patterns all augment a grid section that effectively walks one through a virtual tour of student pastimes and academic opportunities.  The bottom of the page finishes a wonderful look at the St. Mary’s college story, with pertinent statistics, ‘next steps’ and a simple interactive discovery tool outlining news, events and basic location information for visiting the college.”

Vanguard Services & Solutions
Malvern, PA
“Providing an effective website that serves very different audiences within the same industry is a difficult endeavor.  This site deals with that challenge through a fluid grid structure, and the intelligent use of white space and a bright color palette.  Throughout the site are relevant calls to action that provide clear ‘next steps’ to visitors.  Both professionals and consumers will benefit greatly from a tour through this very thorough and informative site.”



Bridges to Better Health Conference
American Specialty Health
San Diego, CA
“This fully-integrated campaign could serve as a primer for anyone who needs help planning an event.  The association took advantage of every opportunity to promote this conference from designing a simple yet effective logo, to a video-embedded email, to full use of social media – even a “what to pack” segment of one email.  Wonderfully planned and well-executed, this judge wished he was in the medical profession so he could have attended!”

The City of Port St. Lucie's NICE Program Marketing Campaign
The City of Port St. Lucie's Communications Department
Port St. Lucie, FL
“Just a fabulous program that gives residents a chance to name their own neighborhoods and establish pride as well as gaining a united voice when working with city government on important issues.  The real kicker?  This program was completely funded by recycling revenue!  Take a look at the website and you’ll see a beautifully designed, well laid-out presentation with excellent content and user-friendly screens.”

Retire On Purpose Campaign
Jackson National Life
Denver, CO

Kenneth Dotson, Kathleen Jordan, Kelly Smith Dotson
Lincoln Central Heart of the Neighborhood Event Campaign
Lincoln Central
Chicago, IL
“There is no greater power than the power of volunteers on a mission.  If only every community could accomplish what Lincoln Central did with this fabulous ‘Heart of the Neighborhood’ campaign!  Supporting a neighborhood of 22,000 residents, all of the marketing, events and communications are performed by unpaid volunteers.  All the events take place in local parks, have activities for ‘children of all ages’ and involve local merchants to encourage neighbors to patronize the neighborhood establishments.  Very impressive!

Rhonda Newman, Shawn Coons, Shanna Kafoglis
Honda Connect 2018 Benefit Changes Education and Enrollment
Dallas, TX
“Change of any kind is often difficult.  Implementing a major change in healthcare in a large multi-national company is a project of epic proportion.  It requires effective and timely communications that can be easily understood by employees at every level.  With the material provided for this entry, it is obvious that great care and attention to detail accompanied every step of the process.  Throughout each phase … explanation of options ...  decision support … enrollment … and user support, a huge change in benefits was implemented successfully with all the involved parties communicating well and keeping the concern of all employees strictly at the forefront.”

Donna McCaskill, Communications Department Staff
Multimedia Campaign Highlighting NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserves
NOAA Office for Coastal Management
Charleston, SC
“From social media efforts that garnered over 200,000 impressions and nearly 3,000 engaged users …. to heartwarming stories about the rescue of wildlife prior to a hurricane … from informative research reserve handouts … to online, printable peer-to-peer cast studies … this is a fascinating environmental campaign.  With a wonderfully illustrated, photo-filled 68-page guidebook featuring each of the 29 U.S. reserves, this is a vast resource for those interested in science and nature .”

Priya Bates
ONA Human Rights and Equity Vignettes 2017
Ontario Nurses' Association
Toronto, ON
“5 vignettes, each about 1 minute long, that are as powerful as they are brief.  These episodes illustrate the painful stereotyping of association members because of race, sexual orientation, age, disability or heritage.  Workplace discrimination is, unfortunately, a fact of life, and this entry tackles it head-on.  This is a valuable tool that helps address workplace inequity by helping to build relationships and encourage action.”

Pacific Life RSD Marketing
Enhanced Income Select Campaign
Pacific Life Insurance
Newport Beach, CA
“The success of any marketing campaign lies in the results.  This entry consisted of digital advertising on several financial websites that, when clicked on, led financial advisors to a special landing page. Once there, the user has access to a video and 2 key brochures that focus on educating the advisors on how the company compares to others in the marketplace.  The results?  2-5 additional leads for the sales team and  the birth of a variety of new opportunities for the wholesaling team.”

Steven Robinson, Laura Huggins, Jody Grab
Success Starts Here Public Awareness Campaign
PA School Boards Association
Mechanicsburg, PA
“The ‘Success Starts Here’ campaign is a multi-year statewide effort to share the positive news about public education through advertising, web, social media, traditional media and word-of-mouth with the goal of raising understanding of the value of public education in Pennsylvania.  The dedication of the association members managing this campaign led to a program that stretched its ad budget of $100K to more than $1 million worth of radio and TV ads.”

Diana Hancock, Mindy Jasmund, Hannah McArthy
Purdue University's Dawn or Doom Conference
Purdue University - Information Technology
West Lafayette, IN
“This entry would have won an award for the ‘best name of a conference’ with its intriguing ‘Dawn or Doom’ moniker.  So as not to keep one in suspense, the topic of this conference was the consideration of the potential risks and rewards posed by emerging technologies.  The well-constructed, integrated campaign included a 7-part print campaign multi-faceted social media effort and a large number of conference materials, all with interesting, thought-provoking graphics.”

Bonnie Graham Gonzalez, Jason Howard, Michael O'Malley
Ascensus Launch
Scantron Corporation
Eagan, MN
“When a company is making changes to its flagship, the risk is monumental.  (Remember ‘new Coke?’)  Scantron made the decision to move away from ‘marketing to the ‘head’’ and toward ‘marketing to the heart.’’  This well-thought-out campaign employed full-page print ads, banner ads, new landing pages, social media, direct mail, video and emails, leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to revitalize the marketing of its education assessment and accountability system.”

4th District IBEW Health Fund HEALTHY LIFE Program Launch
The Segal Group
New York, NY

Stephanie Sulmer, Marna Bunger, Robert Moss
A Celebration of the Power to Overcome (P2O Gala)
Sheltering Arms
Mechanicsville, VA
“When life deals you a glancing blow, it takes all one has inside to fight.  Watching the video that is the cornerstone of this entry, showing the journey of three victims of life-changing health problems, should be a requirement for anyone who thinks that ‘mind over matter’ is just a foolish adage.  Inspirational without being maudlin, this is an impressive presentation from a facility that truly appreciates its patients and its donors.”

Daniel Douglas
Choose Stockton
Stockton University
Galloway, NJ
“Choosing a college is one of those ‘life’ decisions that is usually a difficult process.  Stockton created a wonderful marketing/public relations campaign using a theme of ‘choose to…’   followed by at least ten ‘options.’  Emphasizing the message that students could benefit from real-life experiences in addition to classroom studies, the campaign included TV commercials, videos of student profiles on the website, web advertising, social media and even outdoor advertising – all carefully designed to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout.  Attention to analytics allowed for real-time editing on all electronic formats, making this as close to a 'live" campaign as it could get!"

Jessica Linthorne
Corporate Communications Strategy
Town of Saugeen Shores
Port Elgin, ON
Here’s an interesting look at how a town government that REALLY cares about its residents seeks to engage them in two-way communications.  First, the town council developed a strategy through research with staff through surveys and focus groups, along with extensive external research involving the community and businesses.  The result was an unbelievably thorough and itemized list of challenges/objectives and solutions to each that would be addressed over a 3-year period.  Kudos for a truly comprehensive public service campaign!”   

Pirates and Pearls-It's VIA's 30th Year of Voyage!
VIA Marketing
Merrillville, IN
“The 30th anniversary of a marketing company offers a time to reminisce, and this look back is truly a celebration of achievement and just plain fun!  ‘Pirates and Pearls’ is an imaginative digital campaign celebrating the agency’s vast accomplishments and the expertise acquired over those 30 years.  30 ‘pearls of marketing wisdom,’ (one for each year) were placed on a treasure map using social media, videos and a contest that one could enter to win a 'pirate treasure.'  So unique, it is an excellent public relations piece for a truly innovative marketing company.”



Michael Hedges, Neil Wertheimer
How to Stop Fraud
The AARP Bulletin
Washington, DC
 “There are crimes…and then there are heinous crimes.  Gutless thieves that prey on the elderly are part of society, so this entry, which arms AARP members of all ages, is one that should be ‘at the ready’ for everyone.  Telephone scams … online scams … mail scams … vacationer scams … credit card scams … all these are inflicted upon the innocent in huge numbers, and the writers in this issue take great pains to provide as much guidance as possible to help people to avoid being the next fraud statistic.  This judge decided to keep a copy.”

Victoria Houghton
Answers in Practice
American Academy of Dermatology
Washington, DC
“The 3 articles submitted are all excellent in that they embody the title of this regular column in Dermatology World – ‘Answers in Practice.’  Providing tips on integrating social media into a practice ...  Suggestions on how to manage high patient volume … and Getting patients’ treatment plans approved by insurance companies all provide immediately useful information.  Presented in an easy-to-follow Q&A format, this is definitely a ‘must-read’ every month.”

Kerri Reeves
Redesigning Care: Emory University Creates a Unique Consultative Environment
to Deepen Radiology’s Role in the Provision of Patient-Centered Cancer Care

American College of Radiology
Reston, VA
“The role of the radiologist in patient care is one that is usually restricted to interpretation of medical tests.  This well-written, informative article describes an initiative to establish communication directly between the patient and the radiologist.  The challenges faced and benefits gained are laid out in an easy-to-read format that leads to the conclusion that 93% of patients in the program wanted to review future test results directly with the radiologist.  A thought-provoking piece.”

Michael Sekeres, MD, MS
ASH Clinical News - Contract Research Agonizations
American Society of Hematology
Washington, DC
“There are very few medical articles that include phrases like ‘the lotharios of labs …’, … ‘are an invasive weed – an administrative kudzu …’ or ‘…as the troglodytes of trial torture!’  However, this is an impassioned, extremely well-constructed and, at times, unfortunately humorous editorial, written by a physician truly concerned about patient care and the red tape that compromises it at times.  The opinion of the writer with regard to the truly nonsensical protocol is very convincing, and elicited an impassioned response, including a reader from France whose letter included 80 signatories to express their support.  This article truly made a difference.”

Elizabeth Rennie
Truckers Shine Light on a Hidden Crime
Chicago, IL
“One would not expect a ‘trade magazine’ about supply chain management to include an intense, hard-hitting interview about a topic as sensitive as human trafficking.  However, this entry shines with how it deals with this upsetting topic.  Truckers are on the road ALL the time, and, when the FBI revealed a statistic that women and children were being forced into prostitution at truck stops, the subject of this interview acted.  Through diligence, the creation of a national hotline and just plain hard work, this individual initiated a program that has resulted in over 1,800 calls, resulting in more than 500 cases involving close to 1,000 victims.  A riveting interview that shows one person CAN make a difference.”

Tom Schuman
Recovery Force Series
Indianapolis, IN
“This is a fascinating 6-part series, published over the course of a year, documenting the challenges and opportunities of growing an innovation-based business.  In this particular case, the NIH termed the technology developed by this company as ‘a marvel in engineering.’  The series dives into the steps taken that brought this business from the idea stage to the implementation stage.  Starting with a company overview, and progressing through the process of assembling a team, financing, dealing with regulatory requirements, the role of outside advisors and what lies ahead, the series captivates the reader and leaves one with the belief that anything is possible if you work for it.”

JoAnn Grif Alspach, Rebecka Wulf, Michael Muscat
Because Women's Lives Matter, We Need to Eliminate Gender Bias
Critical Care Nurse
Aliso Viejo, CA
 “The prominent belief in health care is that all patients, regardless of gender, are treated equally, based on their condition.  This editorial challenges that belief with convincing data as well as personal experience.  Surprising though it may be, the writer proves that gender bias is real and concludes her editorial with an excellent ‘bullet-point’ summary of how to eliminate this bias.  This should be required reading for all medical practitioners.” 

Lisa Hoffman, Jackie Lam
Emergency Medicine News
Emergency Medicine News
New York, NY
“Whether or not to speak out when one recognizes wrongdoing in a company or industry – ‘whistle-blowing’ – is always a difficult decision to make.  But when the ‘company’ is a medical facility, it takes on a whole new meaning.  The writer of this regular column expresses the angst involved in making the decision to right the wrongs that could affect the quality of patient care, at the risk of losing one’s job.  It is a powerful column that definitely leaves a lasting impression on its readers.”

Mike Consol
Real Assets Adviser August Cover Profile
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.
San Ramon, CA
“There is no dearth of stories of wealthy financial professionals and the corruption associated with them.  Not this story.  It is refreshing to read about the CEO of a financial company that truly understands that there are those much less fortunate.  Even more refreshing to read about how that individual has a strong desired to help them.  As one reads this interview and sees comments like ‘Treat everyone from top to bottom the same way,’ and ‘I really do care about making a big and positive impact,’ one is left with a feeling of thanks that there still are good people with strong moral character among the financially elite.”

Janet Skidmore
World Sight Day Op-Ed: Have Regular Eye Exams to Preserve Vision
Janet Skidmore Communications LLC
Dresher, PA
“This entry was an op-ed piece that appeared on World Sight Day in October.  It is a sobering reminder to the more than 30 million adults who are at high risk for vision-related disease have not had a comprehensive eye exam in over a year.  That fact. combined with the statistic that 8 million people (double the amount today) will have some form of eye disease by 2050 AND the fact that 80% of blindness and visual impairment can be cured resulted in this judge making an eye-care appointment immediately after reading this piece.”

madison/miles media
Arlington, TX
“The ‘teaser’ sidebar to this informative article states ‘How dare my insurance company have someone who doesn’t know me just look at my chart and deny coverage?’  The reader is then led through the perilous and complex world of approval processes.  Rather than do nothing because of feeling powerless, the reader learns what can be done individually and collectively to deal with the problem.  An important resource for those facing this growing problem.”

Leslie Suhr
May 2017 Borough News - Drug Addiction: Not So Black and White
PA State Association of Boroughs
Harrisburg, PA
“Stories of drug addiction – what leads to it and the end result – are particularly hard-hitting.  What sets this one apart from many is how even ‘good people’ can fall victim to the grips of addiction, and the unbelievable statistics – such as that fact that more Pennsylvanians (3,500) died from drug overdoses in one year than from vehicle crashes.  The long road to sobriety --and the benefits from dedicating one’s life to traveling down that road – is described in great detail with great passion.”

Bryn Nelzom, Dr. David Kaminsky, Linda Kosoff
Hoboken, NJ
“While recent years have led to a greater understanding of the mental and emotional impact one experiences when told he/she has cancer, this series explains that more progress needs to be made.  The reader is led through a well-organized presentation starting with the difference between ‘em’pathy and ‘sym’pathy, the clinical importance of communication between doctor and patient, and steps currently being taken to increase medical practitioner empathy without the age-old fear of getting ‘too close’ to the patient.”

Pamela Tarapchak, Valerie Neff Newitt
Oncology Times, “CAR T-Cell Therapy: The New Frontier of Hope”
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA
“Here’s a fascinating account of the first child with a particular form of cancer to be treated with her own immune cells, leading to full remission.  It also highlights all the physicians and researchers who followed her on this journey, and who have shaped the future of cancer treatment.  While the article details the clinical aspects of the treatment, it also provides a vivid and personal story of the impact of this disease on both the child and her family.  An inspiring piece.”



Super Bowl LII Program
Lynn, MA
“When you hear of a movement to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a “national day off,” you begin to understand the immensity of the event.  Therefore, the official program needs to reflect the size and scope of the game, particularly in its design, graphics and layout.  One look at the rich, simple but striking cover is proof enough that those involved knew how to make sure a lavish, impressive guide to the game.   The anticipated high-quality player photos are sprinkled throughout in a layout that makes it an easy to either thumb through casually, or delve into to win the net Super Bowl Trivia contest!”

Creative Power Cards
Harland Clarke
San Antonio, TX
“The idea of hiding cards strategically around a conference is an innovative idea … but this entry takes the concept to another level.  Beautifully illustrated, the company seizes the ‘super-hero’ technique with colorful, vibrant design and imaginative copy.  This judge particularly liked ‘the Razor,’ who ‘cuts through mailbox and inbox clutter’ and ‘rips into new projects …’  Extremely clever project that is sure to evoke positive results.”

Janet Dudar, Jessica Welsh, Mahta Moghaddam
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine
IEEE Publishing Operations
Piscataway, NJ
“A truly super-natural illustration, this cover page is an artist’s rendition of a scenario where an antenna for a Mars rover has direct-to-Earth communication capability.  The imagination and creative design of the cover compels the reader to delve into the story, and what more can a cover do than to do just that?  Particularly notable is the way the designer combined two different images for the astronaut in the picture – the thought of an astronaut holding an iPad on Mars … well … what will they think of next?”

Heartbeat May/June 2017
madison/miles media
Arlington, TX
“Picture this:  A magazine cover showing a young lad, between 5 and 8 years old, in business suit garb, ripping open his pressed white shirt to reveal a long scar that is the result of open-heart surgery.  Think that would make you curious to see what this was all about?  Well, this is the lead-in to a section entitled ‘Mended Little Hearts,' which annually hosts the ‘#RockYourScar’ photo contest.  This great contest allows those living with congenital heart disease to submit pictures of themselves living their lives and embracing their condition. 800 photos were submitted and 800 lives were enriched.”

Cathy Morrison
Dramatic Driving in the Dark
Missouri Department of Transportation
Jefferson City, MO
“This photo was featured in a DOT ‘Buckle Up/Phone Down’ pledge campaign.  It was used as the basis for an 11/17-inch poster as well as a 3x5 inch leave-behind piece, and presents a unique perspective as it is taken from inside the vehicle.  With bright, polychromatic lights giving the viewer a sends of being pulled forward, it offers an ‘amusement-park ride’ effect that certainly makes an impact – so much so that nearly 300 business and over 1,800 people have signed up and taken the pledge.”

Anna Johnson, Catherine Doyle
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Fiscal Year 2016 Awards Infographic
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Washington, DC
“This entry addresses the age-old problem of how to present important statistics so that the majority of people will find them interesting enough to review.  It is a visually compelling infographic that combined brief text with eye-catching images.  Operating effectively as a stand-alone piece, it was posted to the website and also used on social media platforms.  The effective use of white space and a grid-like layout make it much less imposing to review and, more importantly, retain the key takeaway points.”

Nurse.com Team
Huggies - 1 in 3 U.S. Families are in Diaper Need
OnCourse Learning
Brookfield, W
“Here’s an informative advertorial that serves both the client and its target market equally well.  It is an educational piece for nurses on how they can help families get the resources they need to keep their baby dry and healthy.  The modern page design includes an interactive slideshare on diaper facts and a callout to a companion blog post that uses animation to slide onto the page. The design works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop.  The fact that this advertorial was in the top ten of 2017 in the digital edition testifies to its usefulness.  Great reference for those in healthcare to advise patients who may not be as fortunate as others.”

Jason Vargas, Theresa Houck
The Journal from Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork
Putman Media Inc.
Schaumburg, IL
“There are few topics in today’s world more discussed and debated than cyber-security and that is this particular issue’s main focus.  The cover image immediately conveys the reality that cyber attackers are out there and the harm that they can inflict can be immeasurable on many levels.  Using cover stock art for the main image, the art director very imaginatively placed part of the image behind the masthead to complement the stealth of the attacker.  The image combined with the ominous headline and shadowing effect completes a wonderfully designed and unique cover.”

Bernard Chia, Angelina Low, Kok Wah Chuen
Finding Your Role in Total Defence (PIONEER Feb. 2018)
So Drama! Entertainment & Ministry of Defence Singapore
“This judge cannot conceive of how many hours it took to imagine, design and create this wonderful cover page.  Using the front and back covers as one united piece, the incredibly colorful, unbelievable detailed and numerous scenes appearing throughout, the piece screams out expressing the diversity of the population and how each individual plays a role in defending his/her nation.  This is a cover that one can look at hundreds of times and notice something different each time.  Bravo!”

Vida Skilandziunas
OCA Camps Guide 2017
Vida Skilandziunas, Graphic Design
Kleinburg, ON
“While this is quite simply a directory of available camps, its quality surpasses most directories in design and layout.  First, there is no page absent of a fun-evoking photo that has to put a smile on the reader’s face.  Second, the open design and liberal use of white space enable one to enjoy thumbing through this guide as opposed to squinting to be able to read the details.  The color-coded guide in the first few pages further simplifies the process of selecting candidate camps for one’s child to attend.  A pleasurable read for a pleasurable activity!”



Judy Clement Wall, Allison Janse, Jodi Lipson
Mindful Living: Creative Coloring to Relax, Recharge and Renew
Washington, DC
“During a period in our history where ‘multi-tasking’ is not a luxury, but a necessity, this entry provides a valuable piece of calm.  The ability to step away from social media, digital devices and smartphones, just to name a few, is difficult to achieve.  Here is a wonderful 76-page book filled with over 30 insightful quotations and a wealth of opportunities to simply color.  One can reconnect with their creative, playful side… free the mind of worries…and just plain relax and have fun.  Where do I sign?”

Kim Thiboldeaux, Linda House, Claire Saxton
Immunotherapy & Me
Cancer Support Community
Washington, DC
“One phrase that no one ever wants to hear is ‘you have cancer.’  The one-of-a-kind publication series that provides help for those using immunotherapy as treatment.  This is definitely an ‘all-in-one’ support guide, including a welcome packet that outlines the potential side effects and CSC (Cancer Support Community) resources … a side effects journal (available either online or in hard copy) for the patient to use as a tracking method … and a pocket guide for the patient to carry around.  There is just a ton of information in this series that can help those who choose this form of treatment make the long journey less terrifying.  Great job.”

Scott Carter, Carrie Price, Carol Montgomery
Central Valley Flood Protection Plan 2017 Update
Sacramento, CA
“Most government-issued documents are not very ‘user-friendly’ to read, but are not meant to be read like a novel.  This entry is an extremely well-crafted document that includes 2 brief, informative and graphically appealing booklets that summarize the investment strategy highlights and the operational highlights of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.  For those interested in the details, there is a full 210-page document – also very easy-to-review and partitioned in such a way that it is easy for one to focus on their particular area of interest.  It’s the graphics, the layout and the efficient organization that sets this apart from most government communications efforts.” 

Live Safe, End Abuse
Legal Services Society
Vancouver, BC
“This is a free legal-aid publication that can be worth everything to those in need of its content.  It simply covers all types and levels of abuse and provides guidance to those who are desperate.  The breadth of coverage is quite impressive:  Women Abused by Their Partners … Keeping Your Children Safe … Protection Orders … What to Do About Money … Safety Planning …  it is all there.  If I knew of someone in an abusive relationship, I would make sure to get them a copy of this guide.”

Connecting with AAPIs About Dementia: An Action Guide for Service Providers
National Asian Pacific Center on Aging & UW Healthy Brain Research Network Coordinating Center
Seattle, WA
“Although this guide to providing for those with dementia in the Asian/American community, it’s content is really valuable to all who find themselves in the position to care for someone affected.  To achieve its goal, the guide includes three recommendations to help public health and aging service providers improve their care of adults from its core audience.  The resources and references provided offer a one-stop location for needed advice for both Asian/Americans and others.”

Richard Kolb, Robert Widener
Brutal Battles of Vietnam
VFW Magazine
Kansas City, MO
“Some 'coffee table' books gather dust.  This is not one of them.  A massive, thoroughly researched effort, this is a pure and simple combat history -- told through the eyes of the fighting troops on the ground, the grunts.  The book focuses on the deadliest battles during the 1965 - 1972 period, and there are many.  It is a superb record of the achievements of those who fought, covering the well-known battles and those virtually unknown.  Photos are compelling, very well chosen and reinforced with excellent, in-depth captions.  The photography frames the exceptionally well-written narratives -- each a powerful example of the storyteller's art.  If you weren't there, this surely is the next best thing.”



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See top award-winning APEX entries below.

The Truth About Money TV Website -- Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services LLC, Fairfax, VA ... "Funny, interesting, well researched and scripted, this site is packed with useful, informative, personal finance videos. Definitely worth bookmarking."

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