I won an APEX Award. Can I use the APEX logo in my print or Web publications or on my website, blog, Facebook page or other social media?


Award-winners receive a printed logo stat with their award(s).

If you need an electronic GIF version of the APEX 2021 logo (or earlier versions) to post on your Web or intranet site, here's how to download it.

How to download the logo:
Place your mouse cursor (pointer) over this logo, click (Macintosh) or right-click (PC) and hold down until a dialog box appears. Then choose the "Download Image to Disk" or "Save picture (or image) as..." option, to save the GIF file to your computer.

Depending on your computer and/or browser, simply clicking or double-clicking on the desired file may open it. You can then drag the logo to your desktop. If you use the APEX logo online or on your website, we'd appreciate a link to the APEX website:


You can simply copy and paste this html code into your website to link to our site:

<a href=http://www.apexawards.com>http://www.apexawards.com</a>

Trademark notice

The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence logo is a registered trademark owned by Communications Concepts, Inc.

The website, www.apexawards.com, is a registered website owned by Communications Concepts, Inc.

Permission is hereby given to winners in APEX 2021 and all previous years to display electronic and print versions of the APEX logo in their winning print and electronic publications, and online, on their sites and social media.

APEX Award Winners also may display the logo when referencing their winning entries -- for example, when mentioning a winning blog or magazine entry in their annual report, or a winning brochure or communications campaign on their website, Facebook, or other social media page.

Only APEX Winners may display the APEX Winner Logo

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Best of luck in APEX 2021!

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• Award winners may download the APEX logo to display on their websites and in their publications.

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