APEX 2019 Grand Award Winners

The APEX Awards attract many outstanding entries. Of the nearly 1,300 entries in APEX 2019, just 100 Grand Award Winners were selected. Judges' comments (and URLs where available) for many of the 100 Grand Award-winning entries will soon be shown here.

Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll try to link to the organization's main website and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change (or deletion) by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

Note: A few of the links will prompt you to allow Flash. We've checked the links using Flash, and they link to the entries listed as of the date checked, but whether you wish to use Flash or not is your choice.

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Dian Holton
The Girlfriend.com Newsletter
Washington, DC
"There is an overused adage ‘Keep it simple.’  That strategy is exactly what the designers implemented in this very clean and colorful website.  Every single screen is laid out with the viewer in mind – headlines large enough to read … no confusing links … just the right amount of animation … simply a joy to page through."

Helene Waihee
October Ulupono 2018
Adventist Health Castle
Kailua, HI
“Achieving the goals of a newsletter – with content about awards received by staffers, survey results, news about programs and new employees and feature that provide useful information for the reader – and doing all that with limited resources is an admirable feat.  This entry checks all those boxes and adds an attractive mix of color, layout and design making this a quick, comfortable read.”

Operation: Newsletter
American College of Surgeons with Weber Shandwick
Chicago, IL
“Hardly a day goes by where there is not a story about opioid addiction or overuse.  The writer here provides a wealth of information in just 2 pages that summarizes research done on this national malady.The excellent balance of data-supported conclusions led to this entry to merit Grand Award status.”

Felipe Leon
Laura Spofford
Stefan Lipsky
IMF Research Perspectives
International Monetary Fund
Washington, DC
“One has to go no further than the cover page to see the improved look of this newsletter.  The new design focuses on one topic, and does so with an imaginative and attractive graphic.  As readers page through the publication, they are treated to much more open and readable articles with new photography and illustrations not present in the prior rendition.  An excellent redesign!”

Tony Lombardo
Kevin Lilley
Kaitlin Lathrop
The MOAA Newsletter
Alexandria, VA
Created in 2018, this newsletter combines the most popular topics of Advocacy, Finance and Healthcare with the often stressful activity for military spouses and service members transitioning to civilian life.  The simple design and easy-to-navigate layout enhance the ability of this e-newsletter to provide vital information to troops, veterans and their families.

Joyce Pfeffer
NVSS (Northern Virginia Senior Softball)
Reston, VA
When the word ‘softball’ is mentioned to many, their thoughts go to coolers filled with beer and out-of-shape ‘athletes’ one step away from injury.  The organization responsible for publishing this newsletter is simply amazing, as is its publication.  It provides not only game recaps, scores and standings of its many divisions, but a calendar of upcoming events, financial statements and community news – all packed within 36 visually pleasing pages.  One of the more unique and interesting entries submitted to APEX 2019!

Anne Walters
Alison Knopf
Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter
Hoboken, NJ
It’s the vital and important topics that appeared in every issue of this entry that made this judge appreciate the value of this newsletter.  Understanding the needs of students in poverty …  Loss of control eating … diagnosing psychotic depression … Link between bullying and carrying weapons to school … Dealing with pediatric OCD … Updated research on children with ADHD.  Literally every issue includes multiple articles that should be required reading for all those dealing with children and adolescents.


Scott A. Davis
AARP The Magazine: December 2018/January 2019
AARP The Magazine
Washington, CD
Always a good read, this particular issue stood out in the eyes of this judge because of the diversity of articles.  More than just a ‘holiday issue,’ the reader was presented with information on avoiding travel fees, how technology is changing lives, Motown celebrating its 60th anniversary, and stories of heroism sharing the pages with tree-trimming and a Guinness pot pie recipe.  Very enjoyable!

AAOMS Today: The Member Magazine for the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Rosemont, IL
The 2014 version of this journal offered what you would expect from a trade publication – useful information presented in an unexciting, somewhat randomly laid-out format.  The 2018 version is anything but that.  Colorful, easy-to-read, and with graphics and photography not seen in many b-to-b journals, this re-design left no stone unturned and the results are more than notable.

Nicole Racadag
Lyndsee Cordes
Population Health Management Special Issue
American College of Radiology
Reston, VA
As recently as 2000, no one was familiar with the term “population health management.”  In addition to defining and explaining the importance and challenges to implementing ‘PHM,’ this special issue focuses on the deceivingly important role of its readers – radiologists – in patient and family centered care. As an added feature that really cemented the decision to present a Grand Award here, the issue also contains a short but powerful article on the increasing role of radiologists in the opioid epidemic.

Ton La, Jr.
Rachel Shenoi
The New Physician – Winter 2018
American Medical Student Association
Sterling, VA
The uniqueness of this journal is captured in the fact the much of the editorial deals with often unasked questions in medicine.  This is not a “how-to” medical issue.  Instead, it focuses on marginalized groups in medicine.  Medical students are often exposed to religious and racial minorities, sexual minorities, refugees and immigrants, and other groups who do not receive the care they require. This issue asks readers to ponder our own identities and to understand how they relate to marginalized groups throughout the U.S. healthcare system – truly a valuable step in the education of a medical student.

Mark Tarallo
Teresa Anderson
Megan Gates
Security Management Magazine
ASIS International
Washington, DC
There is definitely a challenge in making a magazine about ‘security management’ a pleasurable enough read to communicate information.  While written for security professionals, this publication seeks to make the editorial understandable to a general business audience, and succeeds mightily in doing so.  In today’s environment, it satisfies a critically important need by providing timely information on emerging security threats and practical solutions, enabling readers to protect people, property and information.

Sara Smith
Martin Cabral
Construction Equipment Distribution
Associated Equipment Distributors
Schaumburg, IL
This special issue celebrates the 100th anniversary of an industry that effectively built America.  It is a look back at each of the decades from the 1920’s to the 2010’s and offers not only a history of equipment distribution (as one would imagine) but a look back at the achievements and challenges very man and woman faced in those times.  Wonderfully photographed and written in non-technical language so that it is easy-to-read, this issue offers a heartfelt look at how America has evolved over the last 100 years.

Shuan Butcher
Challenge Magazine
Disabled Sports USA
Rockville, MD
This entry reminds this judge of a line uttered by a football player paralyzed by an injury:  ‘I ain’t dead, coach.  I’m hurt.”  The members of this organization have made the decision to continue living and enjoying what life has to offer despite their injuries.  The magazine serving this organization provides all the information they need to do that.  Articles on snowboarding, yoga, running, soccer, swimming, sailing, basketball, skiing, sled hockey just to name a few, offer information on programs and events that help athletes not only survive, but thrive.

All Animals Sep./Oct. 2018
The Humane Society of the United States
Gaithersburg, MD
Obviously, the mission of this organization and its publication is to bring to the forefront the horrible examples of cruelty to animals.  This particular issue, while graphically troubling in some cases, does what is needed to be done to address their cause.  To their credit, the editors warn the reader before turning the page where a graphic image may appear.  They do not want to sensationalize … they want to inform.  That goal is achieved with a combination of heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories.  Well done."

Value & Outcomes Spotlight
ISPOR – The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Lawrenceville, NJ
This was a publication that begged for a redesign.  The previous version was difficult to read – small type, cramped and very busy.  The new publication features covers that provide a more contemporary look and feel…an uncluttered table of contents…and, thankfully, more “white space” to improve readability.  The editors also added a feature article (accompanied by unique infographics of facts and figures) in each issue that addresses a hot topic in the field.

Johnson Matthey Technology Review
Johnson Matthey Plc
Royston, ENG
United Kingdom
“Each issue of this journal has a particular theme of relevance to the industrial R&D community and academic researches.  The October 2018 issue submitted had a theme of “Clean Air and Clean Water,” offering technical guidelines and recommendations to its highly-skilled audience of scientists and engineers.  The issue provides a wide range of topics keeping within the theme and the read is made easier by the use of color and larger type among the many charts provided.  Important data for an important cause.

James Braibish
Michael O’Dell, MD
Kansas City Medicine
KansasCity Medical Society
Kansas City, MO
The two issues submitted for evaluation each focused on a particularly significant and current medical malady – the opioid crisis and reducing disparities in maternal and child healthcare.  In each case, seven separate articles provide an in-depth look at all difference aspects of each topic.  One can only hope that this vital and valuable information reaches more than the 3,000 members of the Medical Society.  Patients in the areas of Missouri and Kansas served by this journal are most likely the main beneficiaries of the information provided to the society members.

Mary-Beth Selby
Marlene McAuley
LIMRA MarketFacts
LL Global, Inc.
Windsor, CT
This is a high-powered issue featuring interviews from two industry CEOs as well as two commentaries addressing fraud – a key subject for this audience.  An up-front section on Workplace Benefits and a key article on the forces of change in workplace retirement added to the relevance of this issue.  The use of color along with a well-laid out, open design provides a wonderful environment for the important information provided.

Thomas Martinelli
Lisa Ballard
Greg Cohane
2018 New York By Rail
Martinelli Custom Publishing
Wappingers Falls, NY 
“Simply put – if you plan on travelling in New York State into Canada by train, you need this publication.  It’s got everything from “Hottest Spots in the Big Apple” to “Sampling Lake George” to “New York’s Family Bucket List.”  Amtrak route maps … a Station ServiceGuide … a list of special offers for seniors, children, students … this is truly stop hard-copy guide that the traveler should pore over before the trip and stuff in the bag to refer to during the trip.”

J. Scott Hinkle
Catherine Clifton
Kristin Rairden
Rachel P. Sommers
The Professional Counselor – Volume 8, Issue 1
The National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. and Affiliates
Greensboro, NC
For an online journal to be effective, it’s critically important to choose a typeface and type size that makes it comfortable for the reader to navigate through its pages.  This is a copy-heavy tome, but the editors have accomplished the goal of easy navigation.  The table of contents reveals a wide range of topics that are vitally important to counselors, mental health practitioners and all others related to or interested in the field.

Lifewise March/April 2018 – Are We Ready for Battle?
National Healthcare Group
“15 years prior to this issue, Singapore was hit by a disease that, in three months, infected 238 people, killing 33.  This is a powerful ‘15th anniversary’ issue the highlights the valiant efforts of healthcare professionals who dealt first-hand with this battle – 5 of whom were among the 33 who died.  The cost in lives was matched by a drop of economic growth – certainly not as traumatic, but, nevertheless, significant in the effect it had on the population.  In addition, this issue covers the challenges to tuberculosis control, the impact of stigma on the HIV epidemics, and the need for adult vaccination.  A truly thorough and impactful issue.”

David Muhlhausen
Barry Bratburd
Lee Mockensturm
National Institute of Justice Journal:  How Forensic Science is Transforming Criminal Justice
Washington, DC
“This judge has lost count of the number of television shows dealing with the role of forensic science in criminal investigations.  With the plethora of fictional stories in the marketplace, this particular themed issue of the NIJ Justice Journals is a welcome resource.  There are 7 fascinating and informative articles on the topic that are readable to anyone with even just a passing interest in the topic -- one of those entries that this judge read throughout because the articles grab you and force you to read them!”

ThinkFarm Pte Ltd
“Those with perfect or close-to-perfect vision tend to take it for granted.  This entry provides a thorough and informative analysis of the surprisingly common and debilitating disease of AMD (age-related macular degeneration).  Types of AMD, screening, statistics, treatment methods – in a 40-page magazine, readers receive all the basic information they need to know about this condition.  Also included is an article on “Living Well with Low Vision” – proof that big things can come in small packages!

Rebekah Tilley
The Williams McBride Group
2018 Exchange Magazine
University of Iowa Tippie College of Business
Iowa City, IA
“It take courage for an editor and staff to recognize that improvements need to be made on a publication near and dear to them.  This group recognized that the “look and feel” of their publication fell short of their brand standards, and that they needed a clear messaging strategy.  ALSO, they were courageous enough to acknowledge that they had to accomplish these goals knowing that the reader did a “quick flip-through” of the magazine more often than not.  So, they designed a plan that not only resulted in very positive feedback from their readers, but also reduced the close.  Well done!”

Teri Stubblefield
World Literature Today
World Literature Today
Norman, OK
“Here’s a real treat for those who like to lose themselves in great writing.  The theme of this issue – “5 Writers Who Dwell in Possibility” – is certainly enough to make readers want to turn the page.  When they do, they are not disappointed in the 5 articles!  Beyond the specific theme, there are a dozen other pieces – crime & mystery, poetry, a tribute, creative nonfiction, essays – all of which keep the readers’ interest and, with this magazine in hand, would make a dreary, rainy day enjoyable!”


Amy Green
Making an Impact: CAHEC at Work
Raleigh, NC
“Annual reports are frequently unimaginative, statistic-filled trials to read and review.  This entry is anything but.  The electronic format allows the entrant to introduce the reader to color, easy navigation and information beyond just the statistics.  The home page has 15 large icons divided into background information, “the numbers,” how to learn more about the company and the highlights of the past year, all in a large type, easy-to-read format.  Perfect sample for others to follow.”

Judy Benson
Karen Ward
Connecticut Sea Grant Annual Report 2018
Connecticut Sea Grant
Groton, CT
“In just eight colorfully illustrated pages, this annual report provides a bulleted summary of achievements, a simple financial report providing all the pertinent information along with program priorities, 2018 highlights and other significant pieces of research and problem-solving.  It is definitely a rare treat to be able to get all that information from an annual report in such an easy-to-read, open and well laid-out document.”

Magellan Rx Medical Pharmacy Trend Report – 2018 Ninth Edition
Magellan Rx Management
Scottsdale, AZ
“The pharmaceutical market has never been more ‘in the news’ than in recent years.  That is why a report such as this is of utmost value.  First, the subject matter is comprehensive – trend drivers … medical benefit categories … legislative and regulatory updates … the drug pipeline .. to name a few.  Second, the color, graphics, charts and layout all contribute to allowing the data to be easily read and understood.  Even the 27-page appendix features extensive color with 57 tables and charts that provide the reader with an unbelievable amount of information in a very readable format.”

Andrew Christ
Lisa Baldwin
2018 State of Education Report
Pennsylvania School Boards Association
Mechanicsburg, PA
“This is an amazingly comprehensive, information-packed document that encourages the reader to literally refer to it page by page.  The infographics, charts and other illustrations enhance the publication and make it an easy read.  As far as the subject matter – EVERY state should look at the massive amount of information presented and look to compile a similar document for state of education in their locale.  Amazing how 2 people were able to put this all together.  Congratulations!”


Andrew Goldberg
Suzette Espinosa
Priyanka Sinha
Fall Brochure
Adrienne Arsht Center
Miami, FL
“Competition for the entertainment dollar is always intense.  So it is imperative to have excellent marketing to generate interest.  While many regional theaters offer a wide range of entertainment options, this brochure presents their Broadway, classical music, jazz, theater, dance and special event information in a wildly colorful and well laid-out format.  This judge challenges anyone with an interest in any of the genres presented to NOT buy a ticket!”

Otsego County Lure Travel Guide
BBG&G Advertising
Campbell Hall, NY
“While the main ‘lure’ to Otsego County is the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, it’s easy to think that there is no other reason to visit!  After looking at this 11-page guide, one quickly realizes that nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a colorful and informative guide that has a list of ‘must see & do’s” that are really ‘must see and do’s!’  A region filled with history (and just plain fun!) is extremely well presented.”

The Squirrel Manifesto by Ric Edelman and Jean Edelman
Edelman Financial Engines
Sunnyvale, CA
“The title alone was enough to attract attention to this entry!  Beyond that, this is a ‘financial planning’ book like no other because it is written for children ages 4 to 8.  It operates under the very valid assumption that financial habits form at very early ages, and it is vitally important for parents to teach their children healthy money habits.  This imaginative and informative book should be required reading for every parent AND every child!”

For Your Protection booklet – English & Languages Other Than English
Legal Services Society
Vancouver, BC
“Here is a vitally important 25-page guide that addresses the sensitive issue of dealing with family violence in a realistic and helpful way.  It serves as an information source for those who feel they have nowhere to turn, and can literally save lives or, at the very least, allow someone experiencing this malady to regain a quality of life that is lost.  All options are thoroughly described in a matter-of-fact way – with phone numbers, websites and a glossary of legal terms that will empower the individual.”

Choices 2019 – Active & Retiree
NYS Dept. of Civil Service
Albany, NY
“The benefit maze can truly be intimidating.  Many brochures and descriptions can be confusing, leading to employees and retirees making the wrong choices.  It is therefore encouraging to see New York State prepare a true step-by-step guide to choices.  Every paragraph is simple and clear.  Every option is presented with easy-to-understand infographics so that readers knows exactly what their best choices are.”

Anna Johnson
Catherine Doyle
Lou Ann Holland
A Law Enforcement Guide on International Parental Kidnapping
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Washington, DC
“Few situations are as harrowing and upsetting as those involving parental kidnapping, particularly outside the U.S.  This guide was developed to help local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities investigate international parental kidnapping cases.  Its goal is to provide law enforcement the necessary tools to protect children from the dangers of international parental child kidnapping, reunite victims with their families, and bring offenders to justice.  Perhaps most important is that it is available at NO CHARGE online, in print, and disseminated at events, such as the National Missing Children’s Day ceremony.  100 pages of extremely valuable information.”


Diane Trommer
Lynn Torrel
Supply Chain Navigator Demonstrates Avnet’s Commitment to End-to-End B2B Supply Chain Excellence
West Islip. NY
“Staying ahead of the competition is not a luxury in today’s business world – it’s necessary for survival.  In this easy-to-navigate electronic magazine, the mid- to executive-level professional responsible for managing all aspects of the global economic supply chain is provided with in-depth articles, executive commentaries, best practice/case study stories that go beyond the ‘mainstream’ business media and enhance the opportunity for success.”

Slide Show modeled along an interactive website
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Kolkata, WES
“Here’s a unique Powerpoint presentation that has been designed to mimic the basic layout and interactivities of a web page.  Tabs at the top of the page enable the user to navigate to the primary sections of the presentation.  Accordion style panels expand when clicked on and sample screen shots expand when an “Example” button is clicked.  The user is treated to an innovative and practical way to obtain the information contained in the presentation.”


Stephanie Conner
Kiddos Cook
Active Voice Communications
Chandler, AZ

Jennifer Loftus
Cassandra Carver
Michael Maciekowich
Astron's Yearly Compensation Review:
Parts I - III

Astron Solutions
New York, NY

Derrick Hurst
Valerie Alba
Meagan Brace
Sandia Labs' Social Networks
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM

Cynthia Warger
Dear Diary, What Should I Be for Halloween?
Warger, Eavy & Associates
Reston, VA


Arunima Majumdar
Amway India Augmented Reality Mobile App
G-Cube Webwide Software Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, UTT

Jackson’s Digital Advisor Success Hub -
Purpose Meets Planning Tool

Jackson National Life
Nashville, TN


Kate Sigety
American Academy of Otolaryngology-
  Head and Neck Surgery
Alexandria, VA

Jackie Patel
GRS Marketing and Communications Team
Financial Wellness Centre
Desjardins Insurance - Group Retirement Savings
Montreal, QC

Allison Cann
Energy+ Website Project Team
eSolutions Group
Energy+ Website
Energy+ Inc.
Cambridge, ON

Andrew Snyder
Pulse Disaster Response
Orlando Health
Orlando, FL

Craig Moore
WorldSkills USA Microsite
Leesburg, VA

Lindsay Bizzari
Vanguard product details experience
Malvern, PA


Jocelyn Pysarchuk
Massage Therapy as an Alternative
  to Opioids Advocacy Campaign

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Evanston, IL

Clifton Barnes
Kay Kyser Marker Dedication/Celebration
CB3 Media
Cary, NC
“Just a fascinating, well-constructed campaign about the life and times of Kay Kyser.  From a great, “teasing” opening line, the reader can’t help but want to delve into this multi-media presentation filled with unique and interesting facts about a man who, one would think by his accomplishments, would be much more revered and remembered.  Rife with links to pdf files, You-Tube videos, and a Power Point presentation, the creators left no stone-unturned in this wonderful tribute.  BRAVO!”

IMA Integrated Marketing & Communications Campaign
IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
Montvale, NJ

Matt Kamlet
Quiet Supersonic Flights 2018 Campaign
Logical Innovations Inc. at NASA Armstrong
  Flight Research Center
Edwards, CA

Carmondy Breaux-Burns
Empower Retirement
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  Transition Communications Campaign

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Scott Cahill
Serving Military Families with Free Financial Education
Pioneer Services
Kansas City, MO

Meghan Hammond
Meg Shearer
2018 How America Saves
The Vanguard Group
Wayne, PA

Lexi Scott
Brooke Meyer
Lory Curtis
2018 Vision Conference
The Vanguard Group
Wayne, PA


Ed Parker
Steve Casey
Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest
3550 Magazine
Portland, OR
“This is a true success story that proves what can happen just from sheer determination and hard work.  The authors sifted through over 1,600 pages of a tedious report on climate change, released on the “dead news” day of the Friday after Thanksgiving, did further research, and created a readable, interesting article on the applications of that report to their local area of the Pacific Northwest.  Simply put – if you live in Oregon or Washington State you must read this article.”

Ben Williams
M. Carolyn Miller
Quantum Networking
Lakewood, CO“ ‘More than ever, competition for employees, customers and ways to be heard above the noise of social media are everywhere.’  So says the author of this article who very methodically and eloquently provides a strategic approach for building and using your network.  Clearly laid out in a 5-step process, readers receive valuable hints and techniques that help build a better network and use it more effectively.”

Gavin Stern
Thinking Big for the Smallest Patients:  Innovation in Pediatric Technology
Arlington, VA
“Not surprisingly, when it comes to medical technology, most attention is focused on how innovation can help adult patients.   This article addresses the difficulties inherent in using technology specifically to address pediatric patients and how to deal with those difficulties.  Beyond that, however, the author talks about the human side of dealing with these ‘smallest’ patients, providing valuable advice on how to get the best possible outcome.  This holistic approach pushed this entry into Grand Award territory.” 

Doug Shadel
Neil Wertheimer
Inside the Dark Web
The AARP Bulletin
Washington, DC
“At this point, identity fraud and criminality on the internet is a well-known malady.  The statistics quoted in this piece are staggering – reliable sources indicate the facts that there were over 800 data breaches in the U.S alone exposing over 2 billion individual records … nearly 17 million Americans losing $17 billion in 2017 alone .. and on and on.  This necessary and invaluable order explains how criminals inflict this pain, and what users need to do to protect themselves.  No doubt, a “must read.”

Karla Monterrosa-Yancey
Lydia Cacho: The Defender of Human Rights
Miami, FL
“This interview left this judge open-mouthed.  Human trafficking is the kind of topic that many don’t like to talk about, but it is VERY real.  The subject of this interview has devoted her life to creating shelters for women and children and victims of gender violence, sexual violence and human trafficking.  She is an author of 12 books, published in 9 languages and has taught workshops for police, members of the judicial system and intelligence specialists.  After a person completes reading this interview, his/her thoughts about the horror of this topic are forever changed.”

Harold Fernandez
Thoughts on the Immigration Debate and Health Care:
  A Personal Story (American Journal of Critical Care)

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)
Aliso Viejo, CA

David Riddy
Susan Berlin
Mitchell Wood
ConnecTech Briefs:  Collision Avoidance Systems Provide Enhanced
  Situational Awareness, Passenger Transport, Februrary 26, 2018

American Public Transportation Association
Washington, DC

Laurie Meyers
Could toxic workplaces be killing your clients?
Counseling Today, American Counseling Association
Alexandria, VA

Dori Meinart
Indecent Behavior
HR Magazine
Alexandria, VA

Janet Dudar
Karen Panetta
IEEE Women In Engineering Magazine
Piscataway, NJ

Kenneth Dotson
Exploring The Heart of a Volcano:
  The Day We Met a Hawaiian Prince

Lincoln Central Association
Chicago, IL

John O'Connor
The Big Picture
McKnight's Long-Term Care News
Northbrook, IL

Lela Garlington
Brian McDonnell
Testing Your Water For Lead
Memphis Light, Gas and Water
Memphis, TN

Susan Courtney
Cover Story:  Finding Direction when Newly Diagnosed
(in the Winter/Spring 2018 Edition of The Motivator)

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
Cherry Hill, NJ

Joanne Glenn
"Suicide Prevention:  The Moment You Save a Life"
Alexandria, VA

Michael Tooke
Scott Shnurman
Best Friends
North American MGA Register
Santa Paula, CA

Laurainne Ojo-Ohikuare
"Dropped onto the Processing Table:  A CIA Cover-Up"
Society of American Archivists
Chicago, IL

UT Southwestern Med - 75th Anniversary
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

Dave Spiva
Earning American Citizenship the Hard Way
VFW Magazine
Kansas City, MO

Kevin Klauer
Nancy Calaway
Dawn Antoine-Wang
ACEP Now: Two Accounts of Vegas Mass Shooting
Hoboken, NJ

Jan Enger
Dave Grossman
Kristine Paulsen, MEd
JAAPA:  On media violence and aggression
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA

Cynthia Laufenberg
Anna Freeman, MPH, RN
Nursing 2019:  "Care in Crises:  Nursing and Humanitarian Aid"
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA


Jane Clark
Scott A. Davis
Todd Albertson
Personal Best: Pat Eberly
AARP The Magazine
Washington, DC
“When you can put a big smile on this judge’s face, you’ve accomplished something.  A look at this photo – of an 82-year-old woman in full baseball catcher’s gear, standing amidst a group of 7 young ballplayers – you just cannot help but smile!  The photo supports a series entitled “50 Reasons to Love Being 50+” and tells a short heartwarming story about love, baseball and how they were intertwined in the life of this lovely “catcher!”

ABA Bank Compliance
American Bankers Association
Washington, DC

Lynn, MA

Pauline Hudel Smith
The Hermit
Hudel Smith Design
Dallas, TX

Rachel Barth
Military Officer - 100 Veterans
The Military Officers Association of America
Alexandria, VA

Lynn, MA

Ellen Erico
2018 Out of Reach Report
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Washington, DC

Andrew Edelman
Christopher Frankie
Women in Healthcare Infographic
Woodbridge, NJ

San Joaquin County Employees' Retirement Association
San Joaquin County Employees' Retirement Association
Stockton, CA

JoAnn Dickey
SWE Magazine, Fall 2018
Society of Women Engineers
Chicago, IL


Lila Ivey
Hospice of Marion County:  A History of Innovation,
  A Mission of Caring, A Legacy of Excellence

Hospice of Marion County
Ocala, FL

Andrew Snyder
Arnold Palmer Invitational
  Choose Health Magazine Special Edition

Orlando Health
Orlando, FL

Chua Ee-Kiam
Flying Sleeves - The Grandeur of Chinese Opera
Simply Green
“This entry was unquestionably appropriate for the “One-of-a-Kind” category.  Each of the 200 pages and 360 breath-taking images is exquisitely presented.  The photography is simply brilliant and as I leafed through this wonderful volume several times, there were more and more pages that caught my attention until I realized that I was attracted to the entire publication.  A true work of art.”

Robert Black
Stacie Harrison
Cybersecurity Career Guide
Start Engineering
Washington, DC

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Great-West Retirement Services Participant Website Redesign Kedra Hood, Great-West, Greenwood Village, CO "These folks know their audience -- employees with at least some computer literacy. The website's home page has an iPad/apps look to it -- very effective, very well organized. The site is rich in in-depth content, well illustrated and clearly written -- with extensive 'help' sections to advise on financial planning, portfolio construction, retirement goals, and much more. It's a top-notch site, whose redesign is superb.

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