APEX 2020 Grand Award Winners

The APEX Awards attract many outstanding entries. Of the nearly 1,200 entries in APEX 2020, just 100 Grand Award Winners were selected. Judges' comments (and URLs where available) for many of the 100 Grand Award-winning entries are shown here.

Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we'll try to link to the organization's main website and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change (or deletion) by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.

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Jorge Gomez
Kathy Cho
Todd Winking
FLI Insider
First Liberty Institute
Plano, TX
“This was an easy choice in the “Most Improved Newsletter” category.  The number and quality of the changes made are staggering, implemented over a 2-year span.  Incorporating six core changes – rebranding, shifting  messaging, style and tone, transforming from stock-driven to original visual brand, creating excellent interactive/relational content, developing the e-newsletter into a consistent driver of donations and using it to increase website traffic – this entrant succeeded in all fronts at creating a vibrant, informative and multi-use newsletter.”

Marcia Ennis
Randy Hawke
Joyce Thomas
HealthConnection Spring 2019:  Women’s Musculoskeletal Health
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY
“For a 12-page hospital newsletter, this sure has a wealth of information both for women athletes, an women non-athletes.  Information on recovering from sports injuries and preventing ACL tears are supplemented by the causes and possible treatments for knee pain, what women of all ages need to know about bone health and all of the programs and resources available through the hospital.  All of this is presented in a visually attractive way with 4-color photography and step-by-step guidelines.  Worth checking into!”

Valerie Canady
Gary Enos
Douglas Devaux
Mental Health Weekly
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Hoboken, NJ
“The most important benefit a newsletter can provide is news!  In the mental health field, providing up-to-date news is even more important and this entry achieves that goal.  The samples provided in support of this entry included articles on critical issues as pre-teen and teen suicidal behavior;  an analysis of the effort to close the treatment gap in New York City; ‘intentional forgetting’; the effect of unpopular housing policies on mental illness; and the high burden of mental health conditions among transgender patients.  Simply put – if you are in any field related to mental health, you need to subscribe to this newsletter.”

Kenneth Dotson
Kathleen Jordan
1 Amazing Newsletter,
2 Amazing People,
3 Amazing Examples

Lincoln Central Association
Chicago, IL
“The most striking element of this entry is that it is produced by two volunteers – one over 80 years old and the other with multiple other responsibilities!  The two are responsible for conceiving the ideas, performing any research necessary and networking with local officials.  The old saying ‘if you want something done, give it to the busiest person,’ is present in spades here!  They have achieved such recognition and praise that even politicians who do not normally attend most association neighborhood events make it a point to attend Lincoln Central’s.  Oh, by the way, the newsletter itself is wonderfully written and designed with an attractive green-and-gold motif.”

Tony Lee
All Things Work
Alexandria, VA
“Distributed to nearly a half-million HR professionals and other ‘people managers’ every Saturday, this newsletter has covered several topical issues such as creating smarter immigration policies, combatting ageism in the workplace and justifying a sustainable office environment.   With the rapidly changing nature of work and the workplace, this easy read is a valuable tool for all those responsible for participating this change.”



Karla Monterrosa-Yancey
Stephanie Trejos
June-August 2019
Miami, FL
“This publication is targeted to those in the anti-money laundering field.  Few crimes are as despicable as financial abuse of the elderly and this entry’s cover issue is about that topic.  With the digital age in full swing, the elderly have become even more susceptible to those crimes.  To make matters worse, the victims are often embarrassed that they have fallen prey to their vile offenders.  This is the focal point of the issue, but the other topics of how to distinguish counterfeit jewelry and the future of corporate liability for economic crimes just to name two, push this entry into the special category of ‘Grand Award” winner.”

Lisa Pampillonia
ACR Bulletin, October 2019 – Word of Mouth
American College of Radiology
Reston, VA
“When an entry is submitted in the ‘Design and Layout” category of Magazines, it is usually imperative that the cover page is significant.  The cover of this issue is thoughtfully created, well-designed and perfectly tied in to the topic of the cover story.  Once into the magazine, each page is perfectly constructed with an excellent balance of copy, illustrations and photographs.  “The use of sub-heads in the longer articles make it an even easier read.”

Jessica Hein
Jody Johnson
Fort Worth, TX
“This judge was just floored by the beautiful photography encountered with virtually every page turn.  While not aware of (or not having a particular interest in) the American Paint Horse Association, the quality and breadth of both the writing and the photographs simply cannot be ignored.  The issue presented focused on five intriguing topics and wove all of them into the subject matter of the magazine – Spirit, Culture, Attitude, Place and Journey.  The creators of this beautiful magazine may just have gained another fan!”

Lucy Robertson
Educational Leadership, April 2019 “Separate and Still Unequal: Race in America’s Schools”
Alexandria, VA
“This well-respected in its field publication took advantage of the 65th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision to dedicate its 100-page April 2019 issue to point out inequities that still exist in today’s school and offer ideas and solutions to address them.  This special issue presents eleven articles – all thought-provoking and stimulating, written by prominent voices in the education field, all affected in some way or other by the Brown decision. Wonderfully written and illustrated, this is one issue that must be kept within easy reach for every education professional.”

Tom Schuman
Tony Spataro
Symone Skrzycki
Indiana Workforce Recovery
Indianapolis, IN
“The entrant submitted three magazines to support this entry, and any one of them could have been considered for a Grand Award.  The three that were submitted made it easier to move this entry into ‘Grand Award’ territory.  The November/December 2018 issue highlights ‘second chances’ and proves there is a light at the end of the addiction tunnel.  The Jan/Feb 2019 issue featured a captivating story on an Indiana mayor’s painful battle as a parent of two opioid-addicted daughters which cannot be described – it has to be read.  The March/April issue cover story “Tackling the Drug Challenge” is a must-read for all companies.”     

Judy Benson
Maxine Marcy
Wrack Lines Spring/Summer 2019 – “Making Connections:  As the Climate Changes, People and Nature Intertwine in New Ways”
Connecticut Sea Grant
Groton, CT
“While the title of this publication may sound rather ‘technical,’ the issue submitted provides a wonderful array of human interest, science, technology and our interaction with nature.  Each of the five main articles in the issue looks at challenges and stories facing coastlines throughout the world, written and photographed in such a way as to make them not only informative, but very entertaining.”

Jennifer Nevans
Sharon Laidlaw
Allison Williams
Milk Producer – May 2019
Dairy Farmers of Ontario
Mississauga, ON
“APEX judges have always appreciated the efforts of small magazine publishers as they face all sorts of challenges unique to their situations.  The perfect example is this wonderfully photographed and written issue.  You would not think  that a magazine with this title would have such informative and valuable articles on the availability of mental health resources, e-learning tools to foster agri-food education, preparing for emergency situations and developing effective lobbying tools and techniques.  Just a wonderful example at how a small publisher can make large contributions.”

Stephen Dujack
Rose Edmonds
Anna Beeman
The Environmental Forum
Environmental Law Institute
Charlottesville, VA
“OK, so we know that all law journals are mice-type, no-illustration, impossible to read publications.   Except this one.  Beginning with a cartoon cover spinning a well-known reality show under the backdrop ‘Legal Idol’ feature with three ‘performers’ on stage, this issue captures the attention immediately.  Once inside the pages, the reader sees cutting-edge stories and articles on current environmental challenges and topics.  Particularly interesting as an every-issue feature entitled ‘Debate in Print’.  Here, four industry experts cover all sides of a topic so that readers can form their own opinion.  Excellent work.”

Phil Kitchel
Laurie Quay
Chuck Jarrell
The Teacher Advocate
Kappa Delta Pi
Indianapolis, IN
“Just a look at the cover page listing the 12 articles included in the magazine made this judge take note.  ‘Creating Strong Writing Assignments… Where Motivation and Learning Began… It All Starts with a Smile… These and several other articles included in this Spring 2020 special double-issue definitely address the stated mission of the entrant: ‘Informing and Inspiring New Teachers’.  It is likely that the word ‘New’ can be replaced by the word ‘All’!  Every single article has simple suggestions to improve the quality of the classroom experience for both teachers and students.”

Maryellen Weimer
Jon Crylen
The Teaching Professor (September 2019)
Magna Publications
Madison, WI
“15 articles … headlines like ‘Students Can Write Good Exam Questions’… ‘Want to Be a Better Instructor?  Teach Something You Don’t Know’… ‘Connecting with Students in an Online Class’… ‘Critical Thinking:  As a Course Goal and in Assignments’… and ‘Ten Productivity Strategies Online Instructors Can Borrow from Entrepreneurs.”  All well-written, with valuable suggestions and techniques to help educators educate.  There’s a wealth of information in just this one issue.”

Michele Kho
ISCA Journal
Mediacorp Pte Ltd
“This association publication concentrates on being visually appealing as well as informative.  The content stays true to the journal’s purpose of providing step-by-step guidance and thought leadership to a wide spectrum of finance-related and accountancy specific-articles aimed at helping members do their jobs better.  The cover story to the issue submitted with this entry is titled ‘The Productivity Myth’, and discusses how the traditional ways of evaluating productivity may not be the right measurement for today’s knowledge work.  That article alone should be read by business owners and managers in every field – not just Finance and Accounting.”

William Ng
Lifewise Oct.-Dec.  (Grow & Glow)
National Healthcare Group
“Beginning with a cute and captivating cover photo of four young children, this issue addresses the all-important theme of the incredible, life-changing experience of parenting – especially for first-time parents.  This magazine takes the unique approach of reporting the valuable experiences of three staff members on topics such as ‘Making the Early Years Count,’ ‘Powering Through Pregnancy’ and ‘The Big Picture’ – how to make best use of Mother AND Father parental leave.  All of the topics echo the obvious, but often overlooked mantra:  ‘Healthy Habits Start Young’.”

Caitlyn Allen
Regina Hoffman
A new viewpoint, a new name for PSA’s peer-reviewed journal
Patient Safety Authority
Harrisburg, PA
“It takes courage for an already successful magazine to go through a redesign.  This peer-reviewed journal, with its stated mission of improving the quality of healthcare in Pennsylvania, built a base of 4,500 readers in 44 countries and 48 states!  Seeing this potential, the publisher reimagined its journal as a print an online publications with an even stronger patient voice.  Specifically, patients regularly review manuscripts and each issue features a patient commentary.  As ‘they’ say, the proof is in the pudding.  Online readership for the first issue surpassed 14,000 people across 137 countries and every state in the U.S.  How can this not be a ‘Grand Award’ winner in the ‘Most Improved’ category?”

Robert Ayres
West End Living Fall 2019
Publication Design, Inc.
Zionsville, PA
“This entry captivated the judges right from the cover and its mixture of cute photographs surrounding a colorful drawing of a globe all contributing to the issue theme ‘West End World of Food Festival’.  A look inside the pages reveals everything going on in the arts, restaurant news, the introduction of a mobile education lab and other pieces of information about this quaint Pennsylvania region.  One of the higher-quality regional magazines  that has been part of the APEX Awards over the years.”

Bernard Chia
Wah Chuen Kok
Sherlyn Quek
She’s A Soldier (PIONEER Mar. 2019)
So Drama! Entertainment
“This wonderfully illustrated and written issue examines a very simple question:  ‘What is it like to be a woman in the military?’  As with most questions, there is no one easy answer.  So the feature article in this issue introduces six women, who are part of about 1,500 women serving a variety of roles in the Singapore Armed Forces.  In an easy-to-read ‘Q & A’ format, the reader learns about the motivations, family reactions and achievements of these amazing soldiers.”

Anne Perusek
SWE Magazine, Fall 2019
Society of Women Engineers
Cleveland Heights, OH
“This is just a jam-packed issue that makes it difficult for the reader to determine which article to read first.  Starting with a striking cover illustration to promote the lead story of the issue, the issue begins with a News & Advocacy piece entitled ‘Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’ and the contributions of society members to the space race.  The reader is then treated to a wonderful human-interest article with examples of how women engineers have dealt with several ‘weird’ challenges, then the fabulous cover story titled ‘Constructive Voices in Turbulent Times’ along with the normal popular features.  High-quality writing, illustrations, photography, design and layout – just a Grand Award winning issue.”

J. Scott Hinkle
Catherine Clifton
Gretchen C. Porter
The Professional Counselor – Volume 9, Issue 4
The Professional Counselor
Greensboro, NC
“This peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to research on topics relevant to professional counseling.  A look at the table of contents for this particular issue made this judge appreciate the breadth of topics covered.  Even the layperson will be able to understand the content on such a wide variety of important topics such as compassion fatigue…the relationship between vicarious trauma (VT) and PTSD…high school counselors and predictors of college enrollment…and, the effects of labels on counselor attitudes and empathy.  Any form of patient care is a huge challenge, but mental illness and its lack of easily-identifiable symptoms makes this journal extremely relevant.”

Beth Johnson
Edda Pacifico
Karen Moeller
Thrive, the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center
University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center
Ann Arbor, MI
“The ‘c’ word still invokes fear for anyone who is so afflicted.  This publication, created as a lifestyle magazine for patience of a cancer center, brilliantly achieves is stated goal of ‘providing a 100% patient-focused publication…’  The Spring 2019 issue focused on sharing common themes that the editor has experienced that help and inspire patients the most.  The Fall 2019 issue addressed such vital topics as how cancer patients should evaluate five popular diets, managing scan anxiety and how to focus on ‘life,’ not ‘cancer’.”



William Maroni
Micharl Quigley
TRANSFORMING MOBILITY:  Connecting People, Places & Possibilities” – American Public Transportation Association /Annual Report 2019
American Public Transportation Association
Washington, DC
“The first impression one receives rather quickly is the clean and professional design, photography and layout of this report with the very strategic use of white space.  This is NOT just a presentation of facts and figures – although those are all presented clearly.  The reader is able to focus on how this association identified four strategic goals and how the APTA accomplished these goals.  This entrant is a repeat Grand Award winner, and continually represents the ‘best practice’ in the media they use.”

Stephen M. Monroe
Ben Swett
The Senior Care Acquisition Report
Irving Levin Associates
Norwalk, CT
“As America ages, there is an increasing need for data on senior care.  In its 24th year, this is the preeminent industry report covering the senior care acquisition market.  Broken into two separate reports for the first time, one provides the results of the firm’s annual survey of acquisition trends in the skilled nursing facility arena and the other in seniors housing.  Every possible statistic is reported with more than 70 graphs and charts detailing the history over the past several years in these areas.  The split into two reports allowed analysis in even more depth.  A valuable addition to the 2019 report – directories of all of the brokerage firms, lenders, private equity firms, REITs and operating companies actively involved in the seniors housing and skilled nursing industries.  Easily the most complete senior care report available in the market.”



Jodi Lipson
Michael Miller
My TV for Grownups
Washington, DC
“Many seniors grew up with CBS, NBC, ABC and maybe a local independent channel on a sunny day.  Today, there are hundreds of broadcast, cable, satellite and streaming channels and services along with an unbelievable increase in technology of TVs themselves.  This 350+ page book begins with advice on choosing the right TV, travels through the process of getting cable and satellite TV and streaming media devices and covers the ‘big 3’ streaming services.  Each and every section is written in easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion so that even the most inexperienced users can access any services they choose.”

Melissa Stanton
Patricia Oh
Mimi Park
Washington, DC
AARP Rural Livability Workshop Report
AARP Livable Communities
“Sub-titled ‘How and why small towns and remote communities are working to become more livable for older adults and people of all ages,’ this 56-page guide is the perfect reference for all seniors considering a rural location among their retirement-living options.  It is the result of a three-day workshop attended by AARP staff, volunteers and ‘livability practitioners’ representing a wide range of specialties and organizations.  With the percentage of Americans over 65 that live in small towns and rural communities increasing, this report details the information to consider regarding housing, transportation, outdoor spaces and public places, community connections and more.” 

Cheri Davidson
Ashley Locke
Katie Kelly
Kawartha Lakes 2020 Municipal Calendar
City of Kawartha Lakes
Lindsay, ON
“Of course, every calendar – and there are tons of them – provide 12 months and 365 (or 366) days.  Most also feature special event days and holidays.  Few provide the breadth of information that this one does.  With breathtaking photography as a beautiful backdrop, every page flip focuses on an environmental issue that may explain a challenge, describe a solution and/or information normally restricted to the back pages and, therefore, rarely seen.  In addition, eight new dedicates URLs were created to point residents exactly to where they need to go to find the right content instead of just sending them to a home page.  The topper is that the creators of this calendar were able to save $9,000 while improving quality.  Congratulations on a job well done!”

Gary Null
Curing the Incurable
Gary Null Associates
New York, NY
“How can anyone just see the title of this book without checking it out before moving on with their day?  But this highly informative book is much more than just a recipe book.  Sure, those fans of natural foods can thumb through 219 vegan, vegetarian and raw food recipes.  Now, more than ever, people are award of the relationship between what they eat and how they feel.  The author provides readers with the benefit of his 35 years in the field of health and nutrition and first-hand experience in conducting over 40 clinical trials involving approximately 20,000 participants.  The biggest takeaway from this book is definitely the fact that you CAN satisfy your desire for tasty foods while at the same time eating healthy.”

Diane Thorne
Choices 2020 – Active & Retiree
NYS Dept. of Civil Service, NYSHIP
Albany, NY
“There’s no getting around the amount of detail necessary to provide all the information needed when selecting the right health plan.  All one can ask for is step-by-step instructions and guidelines, provided in easy-to-read language and typefaces that result in a minimum of angst.  With Q&A sections and helpful hints scattered throughout the piece, these two publications should be used as a template for other similar documents.  Excellent layout and design contribute to the quality of the publications.”

Ray Pool
Marc Pierce
Matthew Kesser
Coordinator’s Guide to SoonerSave
Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System
Oklahoma City, OK
“There are many retirement plans that, even though they may be very successful,  that contain verbiage that can be misleading, hard-to-understand and, at worst, confusing.  The goal of this guide is to provide a summary of the provisions in this plan, written in layperson’s terms.  The authors of the guide tried to use a minimum of technical terms and avoid the formal language part of most similar literature.  From a description of the plan’s history … enrolling guidelines … tax issues…  etc., this convenient guide enables the reader to understand the options available and be better-able to speak with a finance professional for guidance.  I’d love to have this “translation” to some of MY financial plans!"


Steven Sacks
The New Fundamentals:  Practical Guidance for Today’s Accounting Firms
Solutions to Results, LLC
Mahwah, NJ
“Change is inevitable.  ‘Tried and true’ approaches sometimes need to be replaced by the new need for ‘bigger, better and faster’.  That is the premise of this important reference guide designed for accounting professionals.  While most definitely a ‘book,’ what makes it unique is that it is really 76 chapters that, in and of themselves, offer guidelines and answers to questions that all accounting (and other?) firms should be asking themselves.  Organized into five main sections:  The Workpace,  Leadership and Governance, Communication, Operations and Business Development, this is a working guide that should be kept within arm’s reach for all those involved in the accounting profession.”



AAMI Staff
An HTM Meam’s ‘Trial by Fire’
Arlington, VA
“For many of us, the November 2019 California wildfire was something we saw in the media.  Others experienced directly the sixth-deadliest U.S. wildfire in history, which did not reach 100% containment for 17 days.  The video in this entry captures a hospital’s healthcare management team’s quick action and tells the story of how they banded together to save patients and support the community – all while the fire raged around them.  Watching the video leads the viewer to believe this is a Hollywood film… but this was real life.  Real heroes.  Real emotion.”

Mary Koik
Jeff Griffith
Shane Seley
Brothers in Valor
American Battlefield Trust
Washington, DC
“This is quite simply an AMAZING multi-media presentation involving three main components all addressing the overall theme of three modern recipients of the Medal of Honor – representing WWII, Vietnam and the War on Terror – visiting the spot on a Civil War battlefield where an earlier warrior received that same honor under parallel circumstances.  Their reflections are profound, emotional and intense.  The website and trailer video by themselves are award-winning.  The page portraying a map of 1,522 Civil War Medal of Honor recipients and links to the biographic details of each one offers the reader an invaluable history lesson and even the opportunity to perform ancestral research if desired.  Easily one of the premier Grand Award entries.”

Clair Saxton
Kim Thiboldeaux
Linda Bohannon
Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Metastatic Breast Cancer Book
Cancer Support Community
Washington, DC
“There’s simply no avoiding the fear and stress of being told you have cancer.  Information – accurate information – provided by healthcare practitioners and patients alike go a long way to helping to deal with that fear and stress.  This newly-updated resource, fully reviewed by a comprehensive advisory board, helps to demystify both the physical and emotional  issues raised during all stages of this long journey.  It also features a “Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit” worksheet which is so valuable when it comes to voicing concerns and discussing treatment goals.  A must-have for anyone with or who knows someone with breast cancer.”

Bill Johnson
Special Needs Dance 2020 hosted by Kennesaw Mountain High School
Cobb County School District
Austell, GA
“ ‘Kids today’ frequently have to put up with the label of being self-centered, addicted to their smartphones, and otherwise uncaring.  So, it is simply wonderful to review an entry such as this where an entire high school population devotes their time along with incredible effort to make special needs children smile.  The video submitted will bring a tear to the eye of the most stolid individual and provides hope to those who do believe that ‘kids today’ are not all uncaring!”

Maura Webber Sadovi
Paula Seligson
Maria Chutchian
Bitter Harvest: Debt and the Bankrupting of the American Family Farm
New York, NY
“A little-known chapter of the US Bankruptcy code – Chapter 12, available only to family farmers, the focus of this entry.  This groundbreaking reporting includes a proprietary dataset created by the entrant company, categorizing all Chapter 12 filings during 2018, when they realized that no such data existed!  Followed by a podcast featuring several industry experts, an interview with a U.S. Senator, phone calls lawyers involved in all 474 cases led to findings that have been cited by numerous agricultural industry publications and the acquisition of several personal stories which ultimately led to the introduction of a Congressional bill to modernize Chapter just weeks after this piece was published.”

Karen Pomazal
Dave Bartlett
Focus on the Future Kickoff Video
First American Equipment Finance
Naperville, IL
“Results normally determine success or failure.  In November of every year, this company hosts an off-site ‘kickoff’ meeting to plan for the upcoming year.  Those responsible for planning this event create an opening video that sets the tone and theme for the entire meeting.  This entry’s theme was “Focus on the Future” and encouraged employees to try new things with snipped from business legends to help reinforce that message.  All employees in the video are volunteers who spoke – unscripted – about ‘focus’.  Surveys sent to employees after the meeting earned the highest positive feedback in company history, which, not surprisingly, resulted in the most successful first quarter in the company’s 25-year history.  You can’t argue with those results!”

Focus EduVation
Learning Program Design
Focus EduVation
Woburn, MA
“What do you do when you have a low budget with a demanding client?  This entrant faced the task of converting on-campus three-credit courses to an online format.  The content needed to include online lecture materials, discussions, assignment, projects and assessments for eight weeks.  The company created one-hour lecture material for all eight weeks and one simulation/branching scenario for the entire course.   Paper-based exercises are provided to students, who are provided up to three tips to solve problems.  Interestingly, some of the tips are provided by peers, and could be correct or incorrect, challenging the students to find the solutions themselves.   Through this process, students can evaluate their learning and practice the skills they learned.  This entry proves that ‘low-budget’ does not have to translate to ‘low quality’.”

Jill Neinhiser
TB False Positives Training
Mind & Media Inc.
Alexandria, VA
“This program provides five guided, interactive TB laboratory case scenarios for mycobacteriology  lab personnel but is also valuable to other healthcare professionals.  The ‘course’ is a step-by-step process that provides excellent guidelines for investigating cases where false-positives might occur.  More importantly – the healthcare professional leaves the course with strategies to minimize the occurrence of false-positive results, and spare patients from needless stress and worry.”

Ginny Van Cura
Arlington Heights, IL
“This four-minute video traces the experiences that all those involved in a serious hemophilia case endure during the treatment process.  Due to the dedication of all those involved, daily infusions …. acquiring and tracking supplies … constant setbacks and infections were all replaced by a once every-other-week, self-administered medication.  The emotions apparent in this video, expressed by the healthcare team, come through loud and clear and provide needed hope to those in similar situations and their loved ones.”

Andrew Snyder
Choose Health Magazine – Augmented Reality Edition
Orlando Health
Orlando, FL
“The concept of ‘augmented reality’ is eloquently displayed in this issue of Orlando Health.  Through a specially developed app, readers are able to access an additional layer of digital content connected to several articles in the magazine.  The pages literally come to life and provide a truly fascinating experience.  Just one particular standout piece – a clinician explains how she helped a young man about to jump off a bridge.  By using the app, readers can open the video showing bodycam footage as deputies approached the scene.  This entry receives a Grand Award for both the technology AND the way it was implemented in the issue!”



Stacey Brooks
Erica Roth
Coleen Kitaguchi
I Spy Physiology Blog
American Physiological Society
Rockville, MD
“This blog launched in 2015 as a tool to relate physiology to everyday life and health issues.  Targeted to the general public, posts of about 400 words are written on a middle school level, so that even children can benefit from the information.  This wide-ranging attraction as let to an increase in the member-contributor rate from 40% to 77%.  Over 42,000 visited the blog in2019 with nearly 56,000 views.  Technological and strategic advancements have improved the quality and made the content even more valuable.  It’s not possible to visit this site, scroll through the blogs, and not find something of interest to you!”

Jennifer Loftus
Cassandra Carver
Astronology® - Nonprofit Employee Compensation:  Understanding the Essentials
Astron Solutions
New York, NY
“An opening statement such as:  ‘Strategic employee compensation is an essential ingredient of success for any organization’ was enough for this judge to want to read further into this blog post.  The uniqueness of this post is that it specifically addresses that topic in nonprofit organizations, traditionally a struggle for executives.  This well-written and informative blog post breaks the topic into four specific segments and is an important resource for all those involved in the profession.  Not surprisingly, it also has information valuable to all organizations in the area of understanding the issues surrounding employee compensate.  Well done!”

Kathleen Brunet
Allison Ognibene
Student Success Tips
County College of Morris
Randolph, NJ
“This is an excellent series of 15 weekly blog posts designed to help college students ‘start right and finish strong’.  Each topic addresses a key concern of all students including developing leadership skills, mastering challenging classes, perfecting study habits, becoming part of the campus community, making the most of meeting with your academic advisor and balancing work and personal goals just to name a few.  One would hope that every student would subscribe to this blog because it definitely has a lot to offer!”

Darrick Jurst
Meagan Brace
Valerie Alba
Sandia Labs' 70th Anniversary
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM
“ In 1969, a well-respected industry publication titled Sandia Labs as “The Super Lab that Nobody Knows.”  Well, 51 years later – and 70 years since the formation of the company – Sandia’s digital communications team decided to use social media to not only share history, but to improve public relations, recruiting and education efforts.  The campaign focused on three of the seven platforms, ran the campaign from May 13th – the 60th anniversary of a relevant letter from President Truman – through November 1st – the day in 1949 that Sandia became its own entity.   They combined that effort with a dedicated website featuring ’70 Ways Sandia had Changed the Nation.’   The wildly successful results of the social media campaign?  106 posts across 4 social media channels yielded over one million impressions!”



Arunima Majumdar
SO LMS Implementation for People with Intellectual Disabilities
G-Cube Webwide Software Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
“This easy-to-use-and-learn app was created to train sports coaches and a wide range of healthcare professionals involved with the Special Olympics, an organization consisting of over 7,000 athletes from over 170 countries.  Prior to the creation of this app, there was no centralized e-learning platform and no automated process for end-to-end learning workflows.  The new learning platform resulted in meeting 100% compliance for mandatory and non-mandatory training programs.  The robust Learning Portal translated training content in nine languages and was available to users in 170 countries.  Most assuredly, a monumental achievement for a worthwhile cause.”



Margi Mannix
Washington, DC
“With an overhauled homepage that grew traffic by 30%, and new features such as a daily mobile video called ‘The AARP Minute’, the premier website covering topics of important to Americans age 50-plus shone brighter than ever in 2019.  The standouts included an August package on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, including six videos, an October feature marking the first anniversary of the deadliest wildfire in California history that told an inspiring story of revival and the launching of a weekly video series called ‘AARP Top Tips’ providing answers to many of seniors’ FAQs.”  If you are 50 – and even if you’re not – you can spend hours on this website.”

Tanima Roy
Content Strategy and Refurbishment for Websites of a Leading Visa and Consular Services Company
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Kolkata, West Bengal
“The entrant was tasked with relaunching 1,300 websites on a brand new platform for a major client.  After dividing the timeline into for specific, defined phases, the entrant performed a comprehensive, qualitative audit of all existing websites and created a new and unified content architecture which married the content with the brand’s voice.  As a result of the entrant’s work, the client now was able to offer end-users the ability to easily navigate through meticulously re-designed webpages and click the appropriate call-to-action buttons required to complete their visit.”

Kevin Campbell
Town of Milton connects with its growing, vibrant community with new, responsive web presence
eSolutions Group
Waterloo, ON
“Beginning with detailed focus group sessions, the town set about conducting research to determine how to take advantage of modernized digital engagement strategies to properly showcase its features and improve town efficiencies.  The result is an attractive, user-friendly website that fosters effective communication between Town staff and its citizens.  With a form building tool that can collect payments using eCommerce, an integrated mobile app, a news and alerts manager and an intuitive community calendar, Town staff can easily receive feedback from stakeholders, provide resources at the touch of a button and keep stakeholders informed of current news.”

Lois Bowers
John O'Connor
Mark Speakman
McKnight’s Senior Living
North Olmstead, OH
“This website offers a comprehensive look at all facets of the senior living industry.  Among the breaking news stories and ongoing coverage this year were articles about what the Justice Department has described as its ‘largest healthcare fraud scheme ever charged’, a lawsuit against the largest senior living company in the country, and the restructuring of the relationship between a large senior living company and a financial partner.  Those stories, combined with the launch of an awards program to honor women in long-term care, the site’s many interactive components and the feature of a live feed from the brand’s Twitter account.  Amazingly, the site was built and is maintained by just the editor.”

Matthew Collis
Steve Bronstein
Todd Leach
Ontario College of Pharmacists’ Website Re-Design
Ontario College of Pharmacists
Toronto, ON
“This entrant was aware that its website had several problems – hard-to-find information, outdated look and feel and a poor homepage that made it difficult to promote important College information.  Once the decision was made to initiate a re-design,  research began  that included a survey completed by 1,000 patients/members of the public, weighted by age gender and region as well as two focus groups, an online discussion board and consultation with the Patient Relations Committee.  The final re-design led to an increased number of sessions, with the key victory being the ability for users to find content easier and ensuring the content presented is relevant and engaging to visitors.  Perfect result for a re-design!



Jessica Cogan
Bernie Knobbe
Sheilesha Willis
AECOM Global Well-Being Month
Blue Communications
Hollywood, CA
“There are scores of articles, books and campaigns addressing ‘wellness’.  This one is notable because it expanded a ‘Global Well-Being Week” into a “Global Well-Being Month” in 2019, involving  the company’s entire 70,000 person workforce.  This well-planned initiative began with preview emails to key personnel advising them of planned activities … identified senior leaders in 27 countries who provided videos or written testimonials explaining the importance of ‘well-being’…and established a fully-integrated web and social media presence that resulted in nearly 135,000 points of contact.”

Julie Voyzey
Shaker 365 Marketing Campaign
City of Shaker Heights
Shaker Heights, OH
“With the opening of a much-lauded $100 million mixed-use development, this city was entering a vibrant period with a new generation of homeowners entering the city bringing with it a business boom and a renaissance in nearby downtown Cleveland.  It was the perfect time to launch a new marketing campaign to both draw new residents to the community and remind current residents of all the city has to offer.  The entrants did a masterful job, developing ads that appeared in local media, Cleveland-area billboards, public transit, and social media just to name a few.  The innovative ‘365’ campaign featured ‘day 1’ through ‘day 365’, with each ad  highlighting a feature of the town.  Unique, attractive and just plain fun!”

Ann Elliott
Contra Costa County Deferred Compensation Plan Transition Communications Campaign
Contra Costa County
Martinez, CA
“Plan transitions can be confusing for participants.  The key is to minimize disruption and ensure that employees understand what is happening.  This transition went as well as any can go, and better than most, because of the attention to every detail large and small.  The company implemented a six-pronged informational campaign using email, in-person and online transition meetings, web announcements and a printed confirmation card send to participants for those without email addresses.  The data acquired confirmed a high level of engagement from those involved.“

Alex Mortensen
Tonnia Shearhart
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Retirement Plan Custom Transition to Empower Retirement
Empower Retirement
Overland Park, KS
“When corporate benefit plans change, there’s always a certain amount of stress involved and usually a load of questions.  The only way a transition can be smooth is with understandable, well-communicated directions and information on what employees needs to do and when they need to do it.  This entry provides a ‘best practice’ model on how to accomplish those goals.  From the initial announcement presentation to the final ‘Go Live’ postcard, all information is clearly explained with a minimum of confusion and indecision.”

Giuseppe Barone
IMA Integrated Marketing & Communications Campaign
IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
Montvale, NJ
“The goal of this campaign was to highlight the value of pursuing CMA certification for accounting and finance professionals in order to enhance their value as strategic business partners and trusted advisors.  The creators approached this challenge effectively by first establishing core messaging on threats and opportunities in the profession, the new skills needed, and the path by which these skills could be obtained.  They then designed an integrated media campaign to highlight that messaging.  The results exceed corporate expectations, with the landmark achievement being a 10% year-to-year increase in new U.S. CMA candidates.”

Kate Squires
Samson Reiny
Theo Stein
Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and eXperiment-Air Quality (FIREX-AQ) Campaign
Logical Innovations Inc. at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
Edwards, CA
“Once a fire is out and the smoke clears, all is well, isn’t it?  This comprehensive campaign sets – and achieves – a goal of proving the answer to that question is a resounding ‘NO’.  With the focus placed on smoke generated from western U.S. wildfires and southern U.S. agricultural fires, this campaign meticulously delves into the science of the lasting effects of these blazes and provides in-depth and fascinating conclusions that benefit public health and emergency response officials and enable them to improve future response to such conditions.  Quite simply – this campaign will save lives.”

Lily Mundy, M.D.
Rajiv Parikh, M.D.
Kyle Sanniec, M.D.
PRS Journal Club
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dallas, TX
“There are a huge number of training programs in all fields, with the medical field among the largest contributors.  Few are as clearly presented and thorough as the PRS Journal Club.  They fulfill their mission of being a teaching reference for plastic surgery residents who represent the future of the field by providing a multi-pronged, multi-platform online program that offers four ways for those residents to “join the club’ every month – ‘Read and Watch’ (a series of three current articles and related videos); ‘Listen and Learn’ (a monthly podcast); ‘Discuss’ (live Facebook discussions on one Sunday each month); and ‘Follow-Up’ (a monthly summary of all of the above).  Comprehensive, informative and effective.”

Caitlin Marcus
Cindy Szumski
Elana Conover
AICPA Group Variable Univerasl Life (GVUL) Insurance:  8/10/2019 “Last Chance” Campaign
Roseland, NJ
“Consumers are inundated with ‘last chance’ promotional efforts to the point where we become inured to just the term ‘last chance’!  So when there is a legitimate ‘last chance’ campaign, it takes yeoman effort to convince the prospect that this one is meaningful and real!  This campaign goes beyond that effort with a multi-channel campaign that conveyed both the benefit AND the time urgency of a huge benefit to association members.  The results speak for themselves with over a 100% increase in applications from the targeted audience.”

Jennifer Lankford
Stephanie Sulmer
Kiryako Sharikas
Power to Overcome Gala & 130th Anniversary Celebration
Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers
Glen Allen, VA
“No stone is left unturned in this tribute to the successes and influence this facility has on both its patients and its employees.  The event brings together patients, family members, friends, caregivers and all others related to Sheltering Arms.  As special features for the 130th anniversary, planners created a special historical video, keynote speakers told their stories and a performance of the choir was broadcast live to nearly 1,000 people via Facebook.  Although this facility has been around a long time, the creators of this campaign certainly are current with using new technology, social media and creativity to put together a truly inspiring program – which, by the way, raised well over $100,000.”

Michael Bruckler
BeCounted on Giving Tuesday
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
St. Mary's City, MD
“Simply put – there’s no easy way to successfully raise funds.  It takes imagination, creativity and determination.  Those qualities are very evident in this entry which involved designing graphically exciting mailings, posters, sweatshirts, on-campus signage and fun giveaways combined with using the web and social media outlets to the fullest, including a live Facebook event.  Handwritten ‘thank you’ cards delivered to EVERY donor and personalized emails sent to larger donors were perfect techniques to conclude a campaign in which both the number of alumni and student donations increased and the amount donated garnered a 32% increased.  Hard work yields great results!”

Heather Hyde
Invest Saugeen Shores
Town of Saugeen Shores
Port Elgin, ON
“Here is a multi-faceted campaign designed to promote economic development in the town, ranked ‘one of the best places to live in Canada’.  A two-and-a-half minute video adequately covers all the information needed for anyone interested in visiting, living in, or investing in the community.  That video is supported by a visually captivating 32-page booklet covering the History, People, Small Business, Tourism, Lifestyle and Labour Force of the town.”  Excellent information ... excellent design and photography … the complete package.”



Steve Casey
Bruce Howard
Dealing With Outrageous Drug Prices
3550 Magazine
Portland, OR
“These writers, in clear and numbing simplicity, lay all the drug issues out using a unique ‘courtroom’ technique.  The article identifies the possible suspects, the ‘crimes’ they are ‘on trial’ for and their possible ‘defenses’ for those ‘crimes.’  Rather than rely on hyperbole and editorial opinion, readers see the FACTS, well-explained with sources to consult so that they can come to their own conclusions.  Definitely one to keep in the ‘personal medical file’.”

Priscilla Cowell
Portrait of a Second Grade Pen Pal
3550 Magazine
Portland, OR
“This article successfully shows how age is no barrier to friendship. Priscilla Cowell, 78, struck up a correspondence with a girl of 8 and wrote with style and grace about the commonality they found and the friendship that shrunk their 70-year age gap. Whether discussing favorite colors, activities or books these new friends discovered shared interests, and demonstrated a true desire to get to know each other. The short article is written with humor and conveys how multi-generational friendships can benefit participants of all ages.”

Aluko Hope
Cindy Munro
Katie Spiller
Clinical Pearls
Aliso Viejo, CA
“In clear and precise language, these two articles summarize clinically useful material from the full-length issue articles. Highlighting issues such as music therapy, post intensive care syndrome, pressure injuries, and home care for infants with congenital heart disease, the writing effectively communicates procedures and processes vital to the critical care nurse. First, each well-written/edited headline is precise and accurately reflects article contents. The synopses are succinct, using bullet points to identify main findings and themes. This makes it easy for time-crunched clinical nurses to easily locate information on topics relevant to their specialties—and leads them to articles for further guidance.”

Allison Evans
Dermatology World: Disaster strikes. Are you prepared?
American Academy of Dermatology
Rosemont, IL
“With vivid written imagery of Hurricane Katrina—showing how natural disasters can change everything in the blink of an eye—the authors set the stage for offering a list of vetted best practices. Delineating a clear 8-step plan for patients and practices, the writers offer a well-constructed emergency proposal for natural disasters, including patient record availability, patient consultations, communication strategies, managing perishables, backups, and insurance needs. Effectively interspersed within the article are boxes with expert advice from doctors, who use real-world scenarios and cases to illustrate the importance of planning. Although aimed at dermatologists, the implications are valid for all in the medical profession. The authors persuasively underscore the implications for dermatology in disaster planning, and propose an interdisciplinary approach that includes implications for the skin, as well as dermatology’s role in identifying and treating public health trends.”

Jennifer Adams
Members in Motion: Offering a Helping Hand
American Association for Justice
Washington, DC
“Kimberly Valentine became homeless at age 14, entered the foster care system, joined the military and earned her law degree—all before founding the nonprofit Operation Helping Hands So Cal, which assists the homeless and works to engage and empower local youth. The writing pulls at our heartstrings without preaching—it elucidates with emotion how Kimberly’s own struggle with homelessness, as well as her desire as an adult to teach her own children about social responsibility, sparked the organization’s mission.  More than telling us that Kimberly received the AAJ Trial Lawyers Care Award, the article eloquently shows how she saw a need and acted to meet that need. It reveals how her mission has grown to change many lives—compelling the readers to think of how one small act can make a difference.”  

Bethany Bray
Jonathan Rollins
Dealing with the realities of dementia
American Counseling Association/Counseling Today
Alexandria, VA
“Drawing on interviews with four licensed professional counselors, this ACA article helps to dispel some of the misinformation associated with dementia and offers practical strategies for caregivers and counselors in handling the progressive stages of dementia. Unlike dry, clinical pieces, the writing here is informative, yet lively. The tone is educational, yet approachable—the author writes in a conversational tone that includes the personal experiences of the counselors (with their clients and their own family members). The article offers sage advice, from the value of empathetic listening to the importance of making the patient feel calm/safe. It does this while sensitively acknowledging the sense of loss/grief for the care-giving family as well as the individual dementia patient.”

Mark Barna
Programs work from within to prevent black maternal deaths: Workers targeting root cause — Racism
American Public Health Association
Washington, DC
“Effectively using statistics and first-hand accounts, the author cogently documents the issue of unintentional, institutional racism as a contributing factor in the high rate of death from pregnancy-related complications for black women, who experience maternal death rates at three to four times higher than white women. The writer graphically shows the positive outcomes of cultural championing in reproductive care for black women and their babies. Coming full circle, the author substantiates the premise by indicating the numerous hospitals and health care systems that are adopting new patient safety protocols to reduce the risk of maternal complications.”

Angie Chatman
Joanne Lozar Glenn
Karen Craddock
Beyond Diversity and Inclusion Towards Cultural Competency and Fluency
Watertown, MA
“This piece addresses one of the glaring needs of today’s world – cross-cultural competence, which the article defines as  ‘the ability to operate with sensitivity in other cultural settings.’  According to the writer, this ability is one of the top 10 skills for the 21st century workforce.  The article poses an obvious, but vitally important question:  If educators are ineffective … how will students learn it?  It then provides in great detail, with clear objectives, how educators can successfully address the issue.”

Krystie Dovenmuehler
Changing the Face of Construction: Heather Ferrier Laminack Advocates of Women in Construction
E&M Consulting
Chaska, MN
“Rosie the Riveter comes of age in the 21st century!  Although the stereotype of male construction workers still exists, the author proves how women are beginning to transform the construction business. The social construct that only men can work in construction is belied by the first female president of the Greater Fort Worth BA, Heather Ferrier Laminack. This easy-to-read profile takes the reader through Ferrier Laminack’s journey to create a business centered on building more sustainable environments, using energy efficient construction…and then parlaying her success into supporting women in the community.”

Katherine Bortz
Nonmedical vaccine exemptions ‘violate’ a ‘fundamental right’ of children
Infectious Diseases in Children
Thorofare, NJ
““Sometimes an article seems especially prescient—and this one surely has the reader analyzing how issues with the measles vaccine might be applied to future concerns with pandemic vaccines. The author deftly weaves a convincing argument against nonmedical vaccine exemptions, using examples of community spread, data from hotspots and possible loss of herd immunity as evidence. The analytical writing traces measles outbreaks to anti-vaccination sentiment that is strongly embedded in communities—often backed by legislation—showing how nonmedical vaccine exemptions are leaving children vulnerable to terrible but preventable diseases. Backed by reviewed studies, journal articles and government policies (e.g., CDC),  this data-driven, meticulously written article explores the populations most at risk, and the role of physicians in improving vaccination rates and educating the public about the value of immunizations.”

Mario Medina
Paula Felps
"Public Health Enemy No. 1: Loneliness," Heartbeat, Nov-Dec 2019
madison/miles media
Arlington, TX
“Particularly relevant due to the 2020 worldwide pandemic, this article details how loneliness has become one of the greatest modern threats to heart health. Social isolation is as risky as high blood pressure, obesity and even smoking. The informative article uses clear and precise language to credibly demonstrate the increased risk of heart disease and stroke for those experiencing chronic loneliness. Included is a valuable a box of recommendations, “If You Know Someone Who’s Lonely,” that perfectly complements this well-researched article.”

Danielle Brown
James M. Berklan
CMS red icon controversy
McKnight’s Long-Term Care News
Northbrook, IL
“These three articles are taken from a series of in-depth stories covering the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enacting a nursing home “warning” program on its consumer web page. This included placing an open-palm red (stop) icon next to facilities cited with certain infractions during the prior 12 or 24 months. In crystal-clear detail, the articles chronicle the efforts of a campaign to have the federal government reevaluate the symbol. The authors show they were out in front, covering each development every step of the way which, ultimately, compelled change. (Regulators retained the logo, but added lines of clarifying language to soften the impact of the icon and what it conveys.)  The writing fairly covers both sides of the hot-button issue, bringing clarity to a complex debate.”

Joanne Glenn
Free Online Resources: Is Your School's and Your Students' Data Safe?
Alexandria, VA
“Especially as more schools opt for forms of remote learning and move away from textbooks, keeping students’ data safe is becoming an increasingly difficult job in education. This article deftly guides readers through the complex web of security concerns in using free and paid-for digital learning classroom resources. The author offers real-world cases, meticulously identifying problems with popular free and paid programs that are frequently used in schools, but doesn’t stop with citing the problems. The thoroughly researched article offers prudent precautions that schools and individual educators should take to ensure that apps and programs meet best practice standards. As a bonus, it lists comprehensive resources to aid schools in making sure their systems and students are safe online – all of this presented in an instructive, logical voice that will make implementation straightforward.”  

Dr. Melisa Pereira
Marspoles Media and Communications
Ironic India-Enhancing awareness about childhood anaemia among pediatricians and parents
Royal Exports Enterprises
Mumbai, Maharashtra
“This parent-focused article, combined with the graphic charts, sheds light on the prevalence of iron deficiency and anemia in India. The author succinctly sounds the alarm, noting health and social consequences such as impaired brain development, growth and immunity, as well as, the increased risk of mortality in children. Describing anemia in direct and simple terms, the article is easy for parents to understand—especially important for those with lower educational/economic status, whose children are most at risk. The author shares a simple plan with practical ways to help eradicate this widespread problem. The easy-to-understand charts are perfect for displaying throughout communities—in schools, community centers and health clinics.”

Dana Wilkie
The Employer vs. New Grad Disconnect
Alexandria, VA
“This comprehensive five-part series elucidates the growing disconnect between what college professors teach and what first-time employers expect. The author examines college degree-holders' readiness for work, what universities are teaching their students and whether employers want too much from the newest workers. The writer precisely identifies business leaders’ dissatisfaction with students’ soft skills, such as critical/creative thinking, collaboration, and interpersonal skills (including speaking and writing). On the opposing side, employers also want more hard skills such as technological expertise and practical aptitude. These dichotomies lead the author to question the four-year degree model and detail how business leaders are now collaborating with schools to develop curriculum.”

Troy Eller English
"Somehow, I Participated in That": Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Mission
Society of Women Engineers 
Cleveland Heights, NJ
“While giving us a rarely seen glimpse into the archives of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the author/archivist spotlights poignant excerpts from Profiles of SWE Oral History Project. The author effectively contrasts the men who worked out front with the women engineers, mathematicians and scientists who worked behind the scenes to help humankind reach the moon.  Particularly astute is the comparison of female engineers to the sailmakers for the explorers—but in this case it was the exploration of space. Although this article zeroes in on four women, links to a two-episode podcast and the full oral history interviews give the reader access to additional primary source material.”

Shannon McIntire
#EndTheStreakTx Press Event
Austin, TX
“This conference speech had us hooked after the first few lines: “Today, Nov. 7, 2019, is truly a sad anniversary for Texas. Today represents the 19th anniversary of the last deathless day on Texas roads.” Stark facts such as “more than 90% of lives lost were preventable,” cause the reader/listener to sit up a bit straighter and concentrate a little more. Next came the avoidable causes of road death in Texas: impaired driving, cell phone use, distracted driving, speeding and unbuckled seatbelts. As for the idea that 0 road deaths may seem like an impossibly lofty goal,  this speaker/writer powerfully invokes JFK by saying that landing a man on the moon was also thought an impossible goal—and “the goal was chosen not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

Dawn Antoine-Wang
Dr. Kimberly Chernoby
Dr. Jeremy Faust
ACEP Now—Resident Voice
Hoboken, NJ
“Using her first-person experience as an intern dealing with a minor in severe labor pain at an Indiana county hospital, the author proves that one person can be the conduit for political changes. After being told that the 17-year-old patient could not have certain helpful treatment because she was a minor, the author embarked on a campaign to change the law. In arresting detail, the article skillfully documents the lengthy process to change minds—and the stumbling blocks encountered along the way. With her powerful voice, the author recounts how she was able to get a law passed, allowing 16-17-year-olds the legal right and ability to consent to their own medical care. The writing is compelling and true-to-life—it has the reader cheering on the young  resident as she tries to improve the health and well-being of patients.”

Donna Talarico
Joan Hope
Halley Sutton
Old, incorrect, and obsolete: Why out-of-date content hurts your website; Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners
Lancaster, PA
“Is your website full of ‘ROT’? This article effectively uses an acronym to help colleges/universities that are redeveloping their websites determine what content is ‘Redundant, Out-of-date, and Trivial’. The writing is smart and to-the-point, offering timely strategies to prevent ‘ROT’ and pointing out how websites become cluttered in the first place.  The author adds a clever touch of humor at the end, editing her own article down to size!”

Fay Ellis
Gina Shaw
Neurology Today: A Major Hospital Announces It Is Closing
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA
"The closing of a hospital, especially in a city such as Philadelphia, can have devastating effects on residents and patients. This powerfully written article enumerates the complex difficulties in placing neurology residents and finding community outpatient/inpatient care.  It emphasizes how the camaraderie among what are normally competing hospitals helped place neurology residents and fill the void left by the shuttered hospital. The author carefully unveils the heartbreak and stress felt throughout the hospital community. This insightful article struck a chord, highlighting problems in our often complicated and fragile healthcare system.”

Pam Tarapchak
George Sledge, Jr., MD
Oncology Times: “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA
“This riveting column first grabs our attention by quoting catchy lyrics from the standard ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’.  It uses this intro to deftly shift the topic to the California wildfires and their resultant health and climate consequences.  As he paints vivid pictures of the landscape and assails our mouths with the taste of the smoke, the author next skillfully turns the focus to the effects of smoking.  This engrossing writing expertly winds its way through cataclysmic events such as volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes and our current misuse of the planet’s resources. As it winds down, this gripping column brings us back to the fires and the long-term effects for firefighters. Throughout, the author nimbly peppers the column with personal observation and opinion without sounding self-righteous.”



Scott A. Davis
Amy Shroads
Remembering D-Day
AARP Bulletin
Washington, DC
“The adage ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ was never truer than in this award-winning photograph.  An elderly veteran, three medals pinned to his breast pocket, ribbon around his neck, cane in hand, furtively looking skyward as he pushes a curtain aside where he appears to be walking on to a stage.  You can look into those eyes and see both happiness and sadness, but most of all pride.  From this judge:  ‘Thank you so much for your service to our country’.”

Claire Novo
Kevin Taylor
Shannon Thompson
Opiods – A Prescription for Change – Inside Dentistry, September 2019
Aegis Dental Network
Newtown, PA
“A striking cover, pure and simple.  A capsule filled with skulls to depict all the lives lose to the opioid epidemic.  There’s no way dentists can look at this cover and not want to get inside to see what role they can play in dealing with this pervasive issue.  Isn’t that what a magazine cover is supposed to do? This one does it unquestionably.”

Jolene Kremer
AAOMS Infographic Series
American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Rosemont, IL
“This is a wonderful, informative series that addresses a wide-range of dental and oral surgery issues.  Valuable to the consumer as well as the AAOMS members, content ranges from preventative guidelines (mouth guards and how to conduct a self-exam for oral cancer) to surgery for dental implants and other procedures related to the face, mouth, teeth and jaw.  The ’First Aid 101 for Head, Neck and Face Injuries’ and 'wisdom teeth management’ infographics alone are wonderful resources for those with pain in those areas.  This series takes a stressful topic and provides comfort and knowledge to those experiencing and treating all sorts of oral maladies.”

Christina Capobianco
Lynn, MA
“The 2020 Masters may have been delayed, but when golf fans get their hands on the breathtaking photography in this journal, they’ll feel like they’re home again.  Fans are treated to reliving some of the greatest tournaments in the 83-year history of this legendary competition.  The hardcore fans can ‘play’ Augusta in all its glory, hole-by-hole by paging through a captivating photo essay.  Also, the readers can get an inside look at how the pros handle their practice rounds – maybe pick up a few pointers?” 

Marketing and Design Teams
Ellen Hosafros
Keiren Dunfee
Modern and Fun Voluntary Benefits SmartGuide
Corporate Synergies
Camden, NJ
“While this company took the initiative in addressing their clients’ and prospects’ interest in voluntary benefits several years ago, the resulting book was heavy with copy, and, since it was a hard-copy resource, it was unable to include new benefits that would enter the marketplace on a regular basis and content became outdated.  Most importantly, customers expressed a desire for online content.  This company took the initiative again, revamping the content, producing a new design that was inviting and easy to navigate. In the process, they reduced the page count from 40 to 25, offering clients better information in less time.”

Tracy Nguyen
CNB Treasury Portfolio
Harland Clarke
Las Vegas, NV
“This uniquely designed ‘portfolio’  is really just a tri-fold 8½ x 11 piece with a slide-in pocket inside that easily fits nearly a dozen inserts.  The copy and design on the inserts is colorful, easy-to-read, and strategically uses enough, but not too much, white space to make the pieces attractive.   A very effective marketing piece overall.”

Tracy Nguyen
CNB Window Cling_Stars
Harland Clarke
Las Vegas, NV
“One of the standouts in the ‘Posters, Displays and Calendars’ category, this has a ‘Van-Gogh’ like look about it that immediately catches the eye, with a headline that perfectly fits in:  ‘Reach for the stars.  Find your constellation’.  The bottom of the piece finishes it perfectly:  ‘Let us help you create a masterpiece’.  Brilliantly conceived and executed, and an easy choice for a Grand Award.”

Brian Hulten
NAM Self Mailer
Urbandale, IA
“Sometimes ‘simple and to the point’ works just as well – or even better – than ‘lavish and complicated’.  This self mailer advertises a health plan option for companies and, due to the design and layout of the piece, conveys its message easily and effectively.  A short catchy headline, three simple photographs that provide necessary illustration and  a few separate boxes conveying the necessary messaging are all displayed in a simple postcard format.  Really, nothing further is needed to advertise the benefits of calling for additional information.”

Leslie Khamsivone
2019 Day of Caring Shirt Design
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative
Manassas, VA
“The logo for this event is well-conceived, well-designed and very imaginative.  No fewer than 50 different tools and other D-I-Y products are all organized in the shape of a heart.  So creative!!!  Any volunteer who participated in that event should wear that t-shirt with pride not only because they volunteered, but because it’s just a fabulous-looking shirt!  Congratulations for the idea, the implementation and the result!”

Jamie Mitchell
Kerri Carpenter
The Leader – Autumn 2019
Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association
Falls Church, VA
“Fabulous cover.  Chaotic drawing of what is obviously a hurricane that has taken the magazine title and rearranged the letters, depicting the catastrophic result with some letters right-side-up, others lying on their side, and others upside-down.  Within the lines of the hurricane is the theme of the issue:  ‘Natural Disasters & Emergency Preparedness’.  Think that will encourage a few page turns?”

Nursing Management Editorial Team
Michael Trinsey
Nursing Management
Wolters Kluwer
Philadelphia, PA 
“When a magazine has been around long enough to celebrate a 50th anniversary, it should celebrate with a standout issue that offers a long look at the last 50 years and has a ‘look’ that truly jumps out at the reader.  Well, this judge believed that the cover – a brilliantly conceived ‘fireworks’ display with a huge ‘50’ in the center, and simple copy in the middle of the ‘0’ – ‘Celebrating 50 years …’  Throughout the Special Anniversary section, the reader is treated to an easy-to-read, two-column layout interspersed with attractive graphics and historical photographs that bring a smile to those who were around 50 years ago!”



Miles Smith
Shauna Jones
Tim Bugh
Solar Farm Feasibility Study
Highlands Ranch, CO
“As part of a reconfiguration master plan, planners and engineers were tasked with analyzing a site to determine whether it was suitable for a solar-energy based complex.  This major undertaking was excellently divided into 4 phases, all thoroughly thought out and recorded.  After the initial assessment, energy use and cost analysis, system plan and overall comprehensive financial analysis – roughly 70 total pages of information – the team completed its study in just six weeks.  A huge project, done perfectly and timely.”

David Stephens
100 Years In the Making
Greenwell Chisholm
Owensboro, KY
“A centennial anniversary is always something special.  This company turned 100 in 2019 and commemorated the occasion with a beautiful timeline book showing both the highlights of the company and the city where it’s located.  The ‘special touch’ the moved this particular entry into Grand Award status is the excellent integration of national events that occurred throughout to give a wider perspective of each decade.  The embossed cover, the fabulous photography and the printing of the book on Soft Touch card stock complete the high quality of this publication.  Another one for the 125th?”

Karen Rhea
Beth Roussel
Tyndall Air Force Base Performance Standards
Jacobs Engineering Inc.
Mankato, KS
“When a Category 5 hurricane hit Tyndall Air Force Base in the fall of 2018, every one of the more than base’s 200 buildings were so damaged that there were unsalvageable.  So, the disaster presented an opportunity to implement several long-range planning and rebuild objectives.  This 30-page guide was designed to provide a high-level look at the resiliency and sustainability goals that drive the Rebuild program.  Given the impact of the hurricane, the guide needed to incorporate those goals in all aspects of the rebuilding efforts – and it did so with flying colors.  It is painstakingly thorough and will serve as the definitive source for not only undoing the damage, but creating the ‘Installation of the Future’.”

Christina Capobianco
Lynn, MA
“Here are nearly 300 pages of anything anyone wants to know about the 53-year history of the Super Bowl and the 54th annual event that has come as close to possible to being a national holiday!  The combination of colorful photography, action photos that put the reader in the middle of the game, and highlights of the most unexpected, unusual and iconic Super Bowl moments are just a pleasure to relive.  Add the boxscores and recaps of all the previous Super Bowls, more stats than any of the most ardent fans would ever need, and article after article revealing some of the fascinating background stories associated with the event, and you’ve got a real keeper for all the football aficionados out there.”

Shannon Sonnett
Brittney Drakeford
Remix the Block Youth Urban Planning Activity Book
Prince George’s Planning Dept., M-NCPPC
Upper Marlboro, MD
“This is a wonderful ‘imagine’ gamebook that lets urban children ‘play’ their way to planning improvements and changes in their neighborhoods.  Activity 1, ‘Capture the Block’ asks 30 questions that help them look at their neighborhood like never before.  Activity 2, ‘Draw the Block’ is a fun way for the child to observe how things look.  Activity 3, ‘Walk the Block’ asks the child to complete an easy questionnaire which finally leads to four simple questions in Activity 4, ‘Remix the Block’.  Finally, Activity 5, ‘Practice What You’ve Learned’ is a fun crossword puzzle that reinforces what the child has learned.  Just a wonderful educational piece that children won’t even know is educational – it’s just fun!”

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